Practical Manual for On-Scene Responders

Now in use by over 350 Emergency Management, Fire, Police, and National Guard units and agencies around the country.

World events and the society we live in today have forced First Responder's to deal with the threat and potential use of chemical or biological weapons.

During those initial critical moments of an incident, it will be the local First Responders whose actions will mean the difference between life and death. The ability of the First Responder to assess the situation and take an immediate course of action is vital to the successful management of an incident and prevention of further injury.

The First Responder Chem-Bio Handbook provides all the key information, which is necessary during those first few critical moments. It is presented in an easy to follow format, and is designed to provide the user with information he/she needs to know without being bogged down by complicated technical terminology.

Contained within the First Responder Chem-Bio Handbook is information that provides immediate access to everything from initial event indicators of a chem-bio incident, characteristics of agents, PPE measures, treatment and decontamination procedures, dispersal techniques, and agent technical data. The First Responder Chem-Bio Handbook is designed so that a First Responder can systematically approach a suspected Chem-Bio incident and effectively manage the situation. It is a tool that no responder should be without.

Section A - Actions
    A-1 - Scene Assessment and Control
    A-2 - Indicators of Chem-Bio Attack
    A-3 - Personal Protective Equipment
    A-4 - Protective Levels - PPE

Section B - Biological
    B-1 - Introduction
    B-2 - Bacteria
    B-3 - Toxins
    B-4 - Viruses

Section C - Chemical
    C-1 - Introduction
    C-2 - Nerve Agents
    C-3 - Blister Agents
    C-4 - Choking Agents
    C-5 - Blood Agents
    C-6 - Vomiting Agents

Section D - Decontamination
    D-1 - Introduction
    D-2 - Establishing Decon Zone.
    D-3 - Decon Methods and Solutions.
    D-4 - Decon of Personnel/Walking Wounded, Non-Ambulatory Patients,
    and Mass Decon.
    D-5 - Equipment Decon

Section E - Reference
    E-1 - Chem-Bio Methods of Delivery
    E-2 - Precursors - Dual-Use Chemicals
    E-3 - START Triage System

Designed For:

Law Enforcement Personnel
Security Personnel
Fire Personnel
Emergency Medical Personnel
Volunteer Organizations
Those Who Want To Know


197 pg. 5x6.5 inch format
Oversized type for easier reading.
Color-coded tabs.
Spiral binding so it lays flat.
Common sense flow.
Designed as a tool rather than as a reference work.
Created for the street responder.
Custom options to fit your needs.


Handbook Sections:

Initial Actions
Biological Agents
Chemical Agents

"I found this handbook to be authoritative, easily used in the field under adverse weather and light conditions, and excellent for classroom or exercise use."
                     Bascombe J. Wilson, CEM
                     WMD Preparedness Director
                     DERA International
                     Former Commander, USAF Emergency Services Team

The First Responder Chemical-Biological Handbook is an essential guide for all First Responders who find themselves on the scene of a chem-bio incident whether accidental or intentional. You can find an overview of the handbook by clicking on the "Overview" section on the left. Information is also available on the handbook's table of contents and its authors.

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