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LawMate CMD-BU20 New Generation Covert Video Button Camera Kit

Wide Dynamic Range - 1089p Ready - 2.0 Mega Pixel Sensor!

LawMate CMD-BU20 New Generation Button Camera
With an amazing 2.0 Mega Pixel Sensor, 1089p Ready And Wide Dynamic Range Technology, the bar has been raised again by LawMate for high end covert video button camera kits. This is really three cameras in one! You can use it with the included screw-on buttons for covert video walk around operations. You can also use the screw heads for covert video stationary operations. You can also use this high end camera without the heads by itself. Wide Dynamic Range Technology gives you the automatic clear exposures every time! (see details below) Works with the new generation PV-500EVO2 pocket digital video recorder and and the new generation PV1000Touch Pocket Digital Video Recorder.

Wide Range Of Options: You have a number of button options that screw on to the camera lens so the camera can be used in formal or informal wear. This high grade camera can also be used by itself without the buttons as well as used for placement with screw heads so you'll get both walk around covert video operations as well as stationary covert video camera functions. With it's screw-on tips, it's actually five cameras in one for two different types of covert video operations (stationary or bodywear walk around)

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This new generation product features WDR Technology (Wide Dynamic Range) . It provides lighting enhanced functionality which provides clear images with excessive back light. The new technology will auto-adjust lighting/exposure in the dark and light areas of the image so you always capture the best picture. WDR enables this automatic adjustment to happen automatically in the same frame in a way that gives you the image details you need without over exposure or under exposure so you always obtain the best covert video.

Inside Or Outside, Setting Stationary Or On The Go,
You Will Capture High Grade Covert Video Every Time!

Go ahead and make your day and make your covert video surveillance! Get the latest high end Button Kit Camera invented by LawMate and leave the others in the dust! With Lawmate, you will touch, see, feel and end result the difference!

LawMate CMD-BU20 Covert Video Button Camera Kit - MAP $249.00

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