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LawMate CM-NL10
-Covert Video Necklace Camera
Works With LawMate Grade Pocket DVRs
" Walk Around Covert Video Recording Takes A Giant Leap Forward!"

LawMate CM - NL10
New Generation Walk Around Covert Video Camera
Works With LawMate Grader Pocket DVRs

Innovation from LawMate has done it again! Covert video recording will never be the same again as it's now taken a giant leap forward! This all new generation covert video necklace camera lets you walk around and record all the covert video surveillance you need! With the clip on the bottom, the necklace drop can easily be changed to suite your "style" and you'll be recording your covert video surveillance in style every time. Note- the photo on the right is a closeup of the cross drop that comes with this new LawMate necklace camera but it's very easy to change out the drop so you can always have something new! Innovation and interchangeable!

Go ahead and make your day and make your investigation by stepping up to the all new LawMate Covert Video Necklace Camera! You will be happy you did it we assure you. You'll leave the competition in the dust and get the clear and crisp covert video footage you need every time and bag the evidence you need quickly! Once you use this, and see the amazing high grade results you will get, you will be wondering where this little gem has been all your surveillance life! be sure to consider he extended optional necklace drops that hands you diversification for your covert video operations! From LawMate- the famous name in covert video and audio gear known the world over for Law Enforcement grade investigative products for the legal/investigative collection of evidence!

LawMate CM-NL10 Walk Around Necklace Camera with Cross- MAP $249.00

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