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Professional Confidentiality Agreement Templates
Download and print a professional confidentiality agreement for any occasion!

Highlights of our Confidentiality Agreement Templates:

- Covers all 3 types of confidentiality agreements.
- Includes an entire employment contract.
- Different agreements for subordinates vs. partners.
- Written by lawyers and HR experts.
- Completely customizable in any word processor.
- All of this for only $9.95!


Best of all, there is no waiting!
You can download this file right after purchase and print it out in minutes.

Cofidentiality Agreements are a must for every business.
Whether it's your own employees, contractors, outside vendors, potential business partners or investors, every business needs to protect itself with confidentiality agreements. With a confidentiality agreement in place, you will:

  • protect trade secrets, financials & intellectual property;
  • have formal documentation of non-disclosure promises;
  • show others that you take your business seriously.
  • Even if you currently have employees or partners that have not signed confidentiality agreements, it's not too late to get them to sign one now.

Until now, getting the right agreement was expensive
Paying lawyers to write confidentiality agreements can take weeks and cost thousands of dollars. And many other software packages are either too expensive (hundreds of dollars) or provide only one type of confidentiality agreement. We created our Confidentiality Agreement Templates to avoid high costs and wasted time. Each template contains the most important confidentiality agreement sections, and works with any word processor (including the Mac), so that customizing and printing your agreement is as easy as possible.

We offer three different confidentiality agreements
There are three primary situations when businesses need confidentiality agreements, and our set offers a template for each situation:

1) For Employees:
While an employee confidentiality agreement is a must, it is really only part of the employment contract that every employee should sign. That's why we've included a complete employment contract that includes a confidentiality agreement.

2) For External Contacts:
This agreement is the one that businesses and entrepreneurs should use with contractors, vendors, consultants, potential employees, licensees and anyone else that will have access to your business. You can even have full-time employees sign this agreement, in addition to the employment contract.

3) Mutual Contacts:
This is a "mutual" non-disclosure agreement, which stipulates that both parties (both you, and your contact) will not disclose proprietary information. This is used when talking to an "equal," like a potential partner, investor or even a competitor.

Each template's sections are outlined below:

1. Confidentiality Agreement - Employee Contract
- Dates of Agreement
- Term of Employment
- Office and Duties
- Termination of Employment
- Confidentiality
- Restrictions
- Non-Solicitation
- Severability
- Notices
- Entire Agreement
- Amendments
- General Provisions
- Governing Law

2. Confidentiality Agreement - External Contacts
- Confidential Information
- Recipient's Obligations
- Term
- Other Information
- No License
- No Publicity
- Governing Law & Equitable Relief
- Final Agreement
- Non-Assignment
- Severability
- No Implied Waiver

3. Confidentiality Agreement - Mutual Non-Disclosure
- Receiving Party Agreement
- Disclosing Party Agreement
- Document Return
- Governing Law & Equitable Relief
- Final Agreement

All of this for only $9.95!

With all of the great benefits of our full set of Confidentiality Agreements, there's no reason not to buy it today! So order now and get all the protection and benefits your business deserves!

Professional Confidentiality Agreement Templates

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