ClipIt Laser CamTeK
Hi-Def IR SD/MMC Clip-It Color Camera
You can ClipIt to your pocket or belt. You can clipIt to your purse! You can ClipIt to your visor in your car! You can ClipIt just about anywhere and shoot high res video when you want to with the push on one button and even do it in very low or no light conditions. For security and convenience, this high quality recording device is an excellent choice. You can take 320x240 AVI video clips at any time simply by pushing the record button, switch to the IR camera for low light situations, and record it all with audio. It also features a SD/MMC port letting you have memory of up to 2GB and a rechargeable built in Lithium battery.

• Imaging sensor: 1/3 Inch Omnivision CMOS
• Storage media:
• External: SD/MMC Card (max 2GB)
• Horizontal Definition: 380TV Line

• 45 Deg view. F=6mm
• Focus range:
• Normal: 0.8cm ?Inf.
• Minimum Illumination: 0 Lux
• Movie clips: AVI (320x240) 25fps
• Recording time: 5 hours
• PC interface: USB 1.1
• Power supply: Built in Rechargeable Lithium Battery
• Dimension: 100x48x16mm (LxWxD)

Other Features:
• Select on and off record function. Will record until no more memory
• Full color Video and Audio Capacity
• Infared light switch (video will record in B/W if this is turned on)
• Recharge though USB or wall socket

• User Manual
• Power Adapter

The ClipIt Laser CamTEK is great for police officers, private investigators or anyone needing a portable and easy to use video camera anywhere they go that they can handhold or clipit to just about anything. Since ClipIt has built in IR lights, there is no need to worry about the lighting conditions to get your evidence. Get your ClipIt today and you will never again miss another video evidence capture!


ClipIt Laser CamTeK
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