007 Pro Hawksweep CounterTeK Detector $295.00
With Audio Verification Mode And Eavesdropping Blocking Mode

As the technology of eavesdropping has moved forward and advanced, so has Counter-technology to detect and block it. This new generation bug detector and eavesdropper blocker is a powerful countertek package built into a small light-weight portable unit. This new generation bug detector has new features that renders other detectors ready for Spy Museum display and a thing of the past. With it's wide range and fast sweeping ability, you'll instantly know if eavesdropping is happening! Since today's eavesdroppers often use a cell phone as a bugging devise, this new generation unit has built in power to detect covert cell phone eavesdropping. Many low end bug detectors in the market place today really belong on the shelves of toy stores as they have no way to verify what types of signal you have detected. However, the 007 Pro Hawksweep CounterTeK Detector lets you instantly switch over to audio verification mode to determine if the signal you are detecting is actual eavesdropping. The 007 Pro Hawksweep Countertek Detector not only detects eavesdropping but this advanced unit can instantly locate with precision the exact location of the eavesdropping signal so you can kill it.

1.High precision that detects and locates a wireless signal source.
2. Six types of working modes. ( Silent Mode, Sound Mode, Vibration Mode, Cellphone Locking Mode, Acoustic Mode, Guard Mode )
3.Locking all the phones calling in or calling out or sending SMS.
4.Headphone port design to make the detection in any kind of environment, volume adjustable as required.
5.Highly portable and light weight of 145g.
6.With Internal built-in Li battery last working 1 hour. Easy to change the battery charging while working.

Technical Specification:
Detecting frequency range: 20-5000MHz Detection sensitivity: -70dBm
Dynamic Range: 70dB
Interference frequency: GSM 900/CDMA 850/GSM 1800&1900/3G 2100
Interference Range: 10m
Working Mode: 6 types
Size: 136 X 80 X 25mm
Device weight: 145g
Sensitivity can be adjusted in the range of 60dB, 1dB step
Al level display range 10dB, LED indicator

When it comes to portable bug detection, this new state of the art unit leaves other portable bug detectors in the dust and renders most of them out of date! Step up to the 007 Pro HawkSweep CounterTeK unit and you'll be light years away from those using older equipment which has now been rendered dead.

007 Pro Hawksweep CounterTeK Detector $295.00
With Audio Verification Mode And Eavesdropping Blocking Mode



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