New Generation Countermeasures Invention For 2007!
Better, Smaller And Cheaper!

Nano-Sized CounterTek Bug Tracer 2
Detects Both Analog And Digital Bugs And Eavesdropping
Amazing 1MHz to 6GHz/6000MHz

The new generation nano-sized CounterTek Bug Tracer 2 is a highly advanced keychain sized detector that will scan for bugs and wiretaps in both analog and digital modes. The new generation unit has it's power antenna built inside so there is no need for stuff that sticks up to scan a room! Multiple lights illuminate as you get closer to the hidden camera. Analog (spyfinder) or Digital (Wi-fi) switch allows you to check out the entire room, then \"home-in\" on the bug. On top of all that, this amazing new generation unit will scan from 1MHz to 6GHz/6000MHz and everything in between with no holes or gaps.

• Wide Range Detection: Ranging from 1MHz to 6GHz/6000MHz.
• Automatic scanning mode: one touch leads you to hidden cameras to within 6 - 8 inches.
• Mini, pocket size, small size makes it easily portable. Carry it everywhere.

• Detecting wireless hidden cameras.
• Detecting wireless bugging devices such as telephone transmitter and hidden microphones.
• Detects digital and Wi-fi RF

• Frequency Detection Range: 1MHz~6GHz. .

With it's no outside antenna needed, analog and digital modes, massive sweeping range of 1 Mhz To 6 Ghz with no holes or gaps, nano small size and ease of use, this is the new choice for portable countermeasures sweeping functions! Get your new generation CounterTek Bug Tracer 2 today at a substantially reduced price!

Nano-Sized CounterTek Bug Tracer 2
Detects Both Analog And Digital Bugs And Eavesdropping
Amazing 1MHz to 6GHz/6000MHz
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Substantial Dealer Wholesale Discounts In Lots Of 3, 5, 10 and 20.
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