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CounterTeK Stealth
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CounterTeK Stealth Bug Detector
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The most advanced counter surveillance deviceThe Stealth 1206 can detect typical RF bugs and the modern hidden bugs which use the protocols of WiFi/Bluetooth, GSM and DECT. Such bugs, especially Bluetooth types, are practically undetectable by common RF detectors due to their very low transmitted power and a special type of modulation. The Stealth P-1206i uses a separate channel with a high, (2.44GHz) frequency pre-selector to detect and locate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with a much higher sensitivity. The unit also then processes the demodulated signal in order to identify which protocol has been detected. In addition the unit can detect all ‘classical’ bugs and inspect them for the presence of correlation by sending sound impulses.

- Detection of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DECT and GSM900/1800
- The perfect tool for searching for digital and analogue transmitters
- Frequency range:
• • Main antenna 50-4000 MHz
• • Auxiliary antenna 2.44 GHz
- 16-segment bar graph indicator
- Indication Method: 3 Modes - sound, vibration and mixed
- Discovers FM-transmitters by correlation probing sound
- 2 levels of sensitivity (attenuator)
- Power Source: 2 AAA Bateries
- Durable metallic body
- Microprocessor controlled

• Frequency range
• • Antenna 1: 50-4000 MHz;
• • Antenna 2: 2.44GHz
• Power: Two AAA batteries
• Dimensions: 120 x 70 x 16 mm
• Current consumption : Up to 30 mA
• Operation duration: Up to 20 hours
• Indications

• • Active antenna, Low battery, Mode,
• • Identification, Attenuator, Secondary
• • demodulation


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