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A New Kid On The Block-Forget The Rest And Get The best!

• Use As A Conventional Digital Video Recorder • Use As A Conventional Digital Still Camera • Use As A Conventional Digital Camcorder • Use As A Audio Recorder
• Use As An FM Radio • Use As An MP3 Player • Use As A Digital Video Player
• Up To 14 Hours Video Recording Time In One Small Package!
• World's Slimmest!

PI Black CamTeK Camcorder
A New Revolution In High-End CCD Multi-Function 8 in 1 Camcorder And Tiny DVR! Even Has Remote Control And DVR Functions!

• High End CCD Camcorder • 8 X Zoom
• 11 MP digital still camera • MP3/WMA digital audio player • Voice recorder • SD/MMC card reader • Portable DVR
• Remote Control • 2.5 Inch Swivel Screen
• Tiny! - 4/ 1/4 X 2 1/4 x X 1 inches!

You Got'a See it To Believe It! ......
Digital Camera • Digital Video Camcorder • Audio recorder All Built Into One Mini Unit MSRP $195.00
Limited Time Introductory Price - Your Cost Only $99.50

PockeTeK is a new generation micro digital video camera, digital still camera and audio recorder you will like because of it's size with a PC card slot for expansion memory you will love. It's the world's smallest multifunctional unit of it's kind in the market and your on - the- go super evidence capture unit you can carry in your pocket!

Closeout Special! The Digital Pen Camera
MSRP: $149.95 Closeout Special! Only $69.95
Two For Only $47.50 Each!
Looks like a pen, writes like a pen, but is also a digital color camera. Stores 36 pictures which can be downloaded to your computer via USB cable (included). Great for covert applications. Includes 4 standard "coin cell" batteries, USB cable, software CD, instruction manual, and deluxe hard travel case.
Closeout Special! Zippo Lighter Color Photo Digital Camera
MSRP: $149.95 Cloeout Special! Only $59.95
Buy Two And Get The Third One for Half Price!
3 for $174.85!

This digital camera is built in to a non-functioning cigarette lighter. This unit is equipped witha 64 MB SDRAM memory that stores 104 images (standard 640x480 resolution) or 30 images (High 1280x960 resolution). Images can be easily downloaded to your computer using the USB cable

12 Mega Pixel Digital Camera/Camcorder With Screen
On Sale Now! MSPR $295.00 Your Cost Only $149.95

This little gem started a new revolution last year in higher end tiny digital camera/camcorders. It takes very good pictures and very good videos and you will love it's small size and functions. It's doubled in the number of mega pixels you get from 6.0 to 12.0.

Covert Wrist Watch Digital Camera And Video Camera

Special Pricing Only $69.95
More ways to sneakily take pictures or video of other people is found with the Covert Wrist Watch Digital Camera and Video Camera! It is a wrist watch with a covert digital camera and video camera built-in. It will take up to 312 “full color, excellent resolution” photos or about 10 minutes of video. It comes with a USB dock to contact it to your computer for downloading.
Covert Wrist Watch Digital Camera With Viewing Screen

Special Pricing Only $125.00
More ways to sneakily take pictures or video of other people is found with the Covert Wrist Watch Digital Camera and Video Camera with viewing screen! It is a wrist watch with a covert digital camera and video camera built-in. It will take up to 312 “full color, excellent resolution” photos or about 10 minutes of video. It comes with a USB dock to contact it to your computer for downloading.

Unique 4-in-1 Digital Camera Surveillance Binoculars
Special Pricing Only:$68.95
5 X Surveillance Binoculars • Built-In Digital Camera • Digital Video Camera • PC Camera • For Less Than What You Normally Pay For Good Binoculars
Thinking about being in a position to snap a photo every time you look through a pair of binoculars on a surveillance used to be only a dream but now that dream can come through with modern high tech digital/photo technology.

NEW! Covert Calculator Slim-Line Digital Camera
Great on-the-go tool for all investigators! It's featuring a very slim "card" type calculator and quality digital camera in one "shirt pocket" size unit. High speed transfer of images to your computer via included USB interface cable. 8K internal memory stores 32 images at high resolution (1280 x 960 pixels) and 117 images at standard resolution (640 X 480 pixels).

Micro Portable Nine Hour Digital Video Recorder/Player/Camera

This small compact media player has 512MB of built in memory and a SD slot for expansion. Small in size with the built in 2 x 1 ½ inch TFT color screen make this item perfect for body worn applications. You can download voice, video, songs and pictures in this tiny player.

High Resolution Camera Binoculars
While the market is flooded with cheap copies and imitations, we can supply you with the all new and improved binoculars with integrated digital camera for 2003. Most of the camera binoculars in the market today are 2002 models but if you're looking for next generation in 8X30 300K pixel or 10X25 1.3MP camera binoculars we are your best source. Now with our 1.3MP ViewCapture Binoculars you can view your pictures on your TV. no PC needed.

U-2-It SpyTeK Photo Plane
Remote-Control Spy Pane Can Take Up To 26 Ariel Photos

Simple To Fly By Controlling The Speed Of Two Electric-Ducted Fan Jet Engines
Aerial Spy Camera Simply Detaches From Plane For Easy Downloads To Your Laptop Or PC

Amazing 12 Mega Pixel Micro Digital Camera

You will just love using and shooting with the new generation 12 mega pixel micro digital camera with an amazing 16 X zoom so you can get in close. This new generation digital camera is perfect for investigative photos of all types with amazing features usually only found in digital cameras costing hundreds of dollars more.

Amazing 12 MegaPixel Micro Digital Camcorder

This little baby fits in the palm of your hand and delivers 12 mega pixels of power resolution. The perfect solution for surveillance with it's built-in 8 X powewr zoom lens. Look at these amazing features and specifications.

Amazing Telephoto Surveillance Camera Kit

High quality 35 mm conventional camera with a super zoom telephone lens and unique camera stock trigger mount makes this kit ideal for shooting long range still surveillance photography.

Palm-sized Digital Video Camcorder
The World's Smallest Digital Video Recorder!
This digital video camera is so small, you can almost hide it in the palm of your hand. The perfect video camera for those out-of-the-car surveillance needs. It is very small, it's and it is very light weight! In fact, it's the smallest, and lightest digital video camera in the word and it's at an AMAZING price
PI Blue! A Digital Camera You Can Wear
Look no further for the ultimate in portability. and wearability. miniaturization technology unites incredibly small form with dynamic function in this sleek digital camera. Built for work on the go.Now it's those moments captured that were once missed. Now you can make instant evidence with the PI BLUE.
Ten Mega Pixel Power With 8X Zoom
Digital Camera/Camcorder

Over the last few years, we have reviewed a lot of micro digital cameras for investigative use but nothing like this! This new generation micro digital camera gives you an amazing 10 mega pixels of resolution power with an 8 X zoom! To top that off, it's really small - 3.5 inches long by 2.25 inches wide and only one half inch thick. This is the perfect palm-sized digital camera for investigators who want high resolution in a compact size.

Three In One Covert Digital Spy Camera
This was the first tyoe of really small digital camera to come on to the market and started causing a downward movement of conventional subminiture cameras. The XP Compatible SpyCam is a still camera, camcorder and web-cam all in one tiny unit. You'll love it! 16 MM of memory. Depply discountyed pricing and closeout.

Tiny Slim Cam
This amazing micro digital camera is very slim and about the size of a credit card. With high quality ability to 1.3 mega pixels, this camera gives you amazing resolution! It has many multi-function uses! First, it's the world's smallest digital camera for the amazing resolution you get.

Digital NightVision Viewer/Camera

The Digital NightVision Viewer/Camera is a state-of-the-art digital night vision viewing system. Advanced solid state circuitry provides 24 hour operation in any lighting condition. Using its "fast" f1.2 lens and the latest in high resolution image processing, NiteMax™ produces a bright and clear picture in the darkest environment and displays it on its built-in 2.5? LCD screen. The RCA video output jack allows easy connection to a VCR or Camcorder for image recording.

Access Video Camera From Anywhere Over The Internet!

Turns Your Computer Into A High Tech Video Monitoring Station
You Can Access From Anywhere In The World. Use Your Existing
Cameras Or Obtain Specialized Cameras. Access Video From The Internet. Have System Contact You By Phone, Email, Cell Phone Or PDA When It Detects Motion!

New Generation Cyber-Eye
Digital Surveillance Camera That Senses An Intruder And Automatically Takes Pictures! TheCyberEye-Cam is ready to instantly and silently record up to 680 images in it's own built-in memory. Each image is time, date, and sequence number stamped. Adjustable sensitivity motion activation


CyberEye ECO Motion Activated Auto Dialer
The CyberEye ECO is a motion activated auto-dialer that will notify you via telephone and allow you to listen in and even talk back to intruders. Easy to program, dials up to 5 phone/cell numbers and 1 pager number. Ideal for use in lake houses or vacation homes.

Home Guard Video Capture Unit

This battery operated Home Guard Personal Digital Video Capture Camera has 128 MB ram for fast action snapshots when motion is detected. Simply place the unit in a desired location and turn it on. It is capable of capturing more than 16000 frames. Simple and discrete to use this new item is perfect for home, office or anywhere you need personal protection.

The Camera Clamp
For Cameras, Spotter Scopes, Video Cameras, High Powered Binoculars, Night Vision Scopes And Other Surveillance Optics! Clamps To Almost Anything!


The Jo Mount!
Eliminate Shaky Video with Jo Mount
After twenty years of sitting in cars and conducting surveillance, using cameras with cumbersome tripods, we asked ourself, "Isn't there a better way?". The Jo Mount was born.


The Camera/Camcorder Optics Stock
The Camera /Camcorder Optics Stock was designed to give the user a light weight, portable, quick deployment means of steadying a camera, video camera, or optics such as a telescope or spotting scope. Although not as stable as a tripod, this device will greatly enhance the ease, use, and stability of your optical and camera equipment. The stock can collapse to just 10" in length and weighs only about 9 oz.



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