The Computer As An Evidence
Gathering Place! Digital Evidence Discovery And Recovery


The Digital Detective 2002
The Computer As An Evidence Gathering Place
How To Recover And Discover The Evidence
An Interactive Training CD-Rom With
Techniques And Sources For Software Tools
And Online Aids!
With Over 50 Free Downloadable
Shareware Programs You Can Access!

By Ralph Thomas


The ability to develop needed evidence from digital media is quickly becoming the fastest growing area for investigative work. That's because both the home and business computer has become the major component of business and personal life.In fact, the new political buzzword these days is "the digital divide." It refers to the minority of Americans who do not have or have access to a computer. In the private investigative field, there is quickly becoming another "digital divide" defined another way. Called the "investigative digital divide" it refers to these investigators who know how to recover and discover evidence from digital media and those that don't. That skill is likely to become the most valuable skill for an investigator for the next ten years. To overview this valuable skill, consider these facts:




In Domestic Cases, The Majority Of Infidelity Is Now Starting On The Internet.
Clients Want The Digital Facts And Surveillance Could Become A Secondary Function!

Covert Downloads Of Illegal Graphics Is Occurring On Business Computers By
Employees At An Alarming Rate. Employers Want To Know This Right Away!

Recent National Studies Show That The Average Employee Wastes
Two Hours Per Day On Their Computer. Employers Want Monitoring Of Computers
Which You Could Set Up!

Both Criminal Cases And Civil Cases Are Quickly Turning To Computers As A
Place To Discover Case-Breaking Evidence. Professionals Are Looking For Investigators
Who Can Do This!

A Recent Survey Reveals That Twenty-eight Percent Of Americans Surf Adult Web Sites.

Recently, The New York Times Fired Twenty-Three Employees And Xerox Forty
for "improper" use Of Computer Computers.

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Attorneys, businesses and private individuals are turning to digital detectives to develop information from digital media simply because that's where the evidence is.

This new training program arms you with the knowledge you need, the techniques you can use and the tools you can obtain to discover and recover evidence from a computer for all kinds of investigative cases.


Contents Outline

Understanding The Developing Hot Trend Of Computer File Recovery And
Discovery As An Investigative Evidence Gathering Technique

Basic Computer Knowledge For The Digital Detective

How To Undelete Files And Disks

How To Unformat Disks

How To Crack Start-Up Passwords

How To Discover/ Recover File Protected Passwords

How To Search Hard Drives For Relevant Files

Undelete Software Tools You Can Use

Data Recovery Software You Can Use

Password Recovery Software You Can Use

How To Retrace Internet Activity

Example Of A Case Tracking A Child Molester

How To Quickly "Clone" A Hard Drive Or Disk
When You have To Leave It Behind For Hidden File
Recovery/Discovery And Internet Tracking At A Latter Time

How To Quickly And Easily Find Newsgroup Postings Anyone Has Made

Online Tools You Can Use In Your Investigation

How To Determine The Owner And Server Of Any Web Address

Search Engine Techniques For Finding Activity On All Business Computers

Internet Resources For The Digital Detective

Free Shareware Tools!
Over Fifty Downloadable Programs You Can Use

Massive Guidelines And Law On Using Computer
Discovery/Recovery AS Evidence

Electronic Crime Scene Investigation

Federal Gudelines For Searching And Seizing
Computers As Evidence

Glossary Of Computer Terms Your Need To Know



This all new and unique training program hands you some of the most valuable information, techniques, tools and resources you can develop as a professional investigator. It goes way beyond just showing you how to undelete files. You'll learn valuable skills and secrets. How develop a knowledge-base of software tools and online resources that will unable you to perform amazing feats of evidence gathering. This interactive training program leads you to internet sites that contain massive amounts of information, online tools you can use and software programs you can quickly download. Don't become a victim of the investigative digital divide. Develop some of the most important investigative skills you can have in today's market place. The Digital Detective Training CD is easy, simple, fun and fast to use and learn from. It's like surfing on the Internet! Just open the start page in your web browser and you are on you way to the knowledge, know-how, techniques, tools and online resources that help you develop you skills to bring you into this new form of investigative work.

The Digital Detective 2002
The Computer As An Evidence Gathering Place
How To Recover And Discover The Evidence
An Interactive Training CD-Rom With
Techniques And Sources For Software Tools And Online Aids
By Ralph Thomas

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