Pro Series 3-in-1 Key Chain Digital Spy Camera Kit
• High-Res Still Shot Cam • Web Cam • Video Clip Cam
Includes Photo Express Software and USB Cable

The tiny Pro Series digital camera you can keep on your key chain is always ready to get that all important photo when you are! This inexpensive camera gives you enough pixels to take good digital photos when you need snap shots quick and will be of service to you when you need it since it's so small and you will always have it ready on your key chain or you can just keep it in your pocket. It will do still shots, video clips and can even act as a web camera. Higher end features with really low price.

It's very small so you can capture those video clips or still shots covertly very easily.


• 8MB Built in SDRAM (memory)
• 24 bits Color
• Hi-Res Mode (VGA) 640 x 480 Pixels
• Standard Res Mode (QVGA) 320 x 240 Pixels
• Capacity: Up to 105 pictures (Compressed VGA)
• 25 pictures (VGA 640 x 480)
• Up to 410 pictures (Compressed QVGA)
• 102 Pictures (QVGA 320 x 240)
• USB Interface
• 1 “AAA” Alkaline Battery

Get your Micro Pro Series camera today or buy several of them so you always have backups. You can keep one in your glove box, one in your briefcase and even give them to your family members and/or clients. They take fairly good snap shots and we are happy to offer them! There is as little secret that you should become aware of. It's the fact that you don't always need twelve million pixels to take a good photo! If you are going to blow it way up or use it for forensic applications , you'll need that. If not, why spend the money! This little gem does the trick! You'll be happy you have them and will love using them!


Pro Series 3-in-1 Key
Chain Digital Spy Camera Kit- Only $49.95
SAVE BIG! Order Three For Only $39.95 each


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