DIASONIC - audio - recorder - Pen - digital -long play- Telephone - Cell Phone -
diasonic- FM Radio - MP3 Player - 17 To 283 Hours - DIASONIC - Automatic - Computer - diasonic -Audio- long play- Voice Activation (VOR) DIASONIC - audio - recorder - digital -long play- Telephone - Cell Phone - Pen - diasonic- FM Radio - MP3 Player -17 To 283 Hours - DIASONIC - Automatic - Computer -Audio- - digital - long play- Voice Activation (VOR) Law Enforcement Grade - Investigative And Forensic Grade - Legal Interviewing Grade -Broadcast Quality - Superior Voice Zoom Gives You Excellent Crystal Clear Automatic Telephone Recording Ability

New Generation Digital Audio Pen Recorders!

Diasonic High End Pen Recorder
Automatic Telephone Digital Recorder



The All New Diasonic DDR-6000 Series - World's most advanced digital audio recorder pen , telephone recorder, MP3 Player, pocket hard drive, Cell Phone Recorder!

No Other Digital Pen Audio Recorder Comes Even Close!
In Investigator Black Color!


With it's high grade broadcast quality ability for investigative use, we are happy to introduce you to the new generation Diasonic Pen Recorder that can be used as an automatic telephone recorder! Although there are other pen recorders on the market, there isn't anything that matches the high quality end results you will will find with Diasonic. Don't be fooled by cheap look-alike models on the internet! This is the new generation broadcast quality Diasonic digital micro pen recorder for true professional use. Anything less is just a cheap consumer low-grade model that is not suitable for investigative, forensic and law enforcement use. Diasonic is setting the new professional standard. If you are tired of the cheap junk that doesn't even work right half the time, then it's time for you to move up to the new generation investigative and law enforcement grade Diasonic audio micro digital pen recorder. NOTHING else on the market compares to it and we should know! We have been marketing professional grade tape recorders for almost 30 years! Take A Look At The New Generation Diasonic DDR-6000 series

Exclusive Features and Advantages

• Digital Voice Recorder
• MP3/WMA/OGG Player
• USB Mass Storage(Plug & Play)
• Rec Mode :SHQ/HQ/SP
• 8 folders to organize files and each folder stores up to 128 files
• ARS-2Mode(Automatic Recording System)
- Mode A : All messages are recorded into 1 index file
- Mode B : Each messages has its own index file in sequence after 5seconds with no sound between previous and next file.
Automatic Telephone Recording Control
• 5 EQ(normal,rock,pop,classic & live)/3D Sound Effect(SRS,WOW)
• ID3 TAG/Multi Languages Support
• Self Information Display: Remain Time/Recording Date & Time
• Auto power-off
• Scan search
• Bookmark
• Playback Speed Control(Slow/Normal/Fast)
• Alarm clock & timer recording
• Monitoring by earphone during the recording
• Play back with AAA(1EA)Battery
• Internal High Quality Mic
• USB 2.0 interface

Exclusive Specifications
• Frequency Response : 20Hz~20KHz(MP3) / 300Hz~4KHz(Voice Recorder)
• Power source : AAA batteries / DC input jack 3Volts 200mA
• Memory Capacity : 256MB/70 hours or 1 GB/282 hours
• O/S : Windows 98SE,Me,2000,XP

• High grade pen shaped digital Diasonic Recorder
• AC adaptor
• USB connector cable
• software on CD
• stereo earplugs
• telephone adaptor
• line-in cable
• external “tie clip” microphone
• battery
• Extensive User Manual
• One Year Warranty

All in all, nothing even comes close to the exclusive features and the superior quality you obtain with these new generation digital recorders that produce broadcast quality end results. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations and pure junk you see all over the Internet. We make it our business to know digital tape recorders and have tried and tested almost all of them. We believe that these new generation digital recorders are the very best. Take a look at these amazing high end features which are the same features built into the famous high quality Diasonic High End Micro Digital Recorders:

Automatic File AND Automatic Folder Advance With Time/Date Stamp On Each Recording!
Advantage: When used as an automatic telephone recorder or voice activated audio recorder, time/date stamp and length of recording is displayed on uploaded files for each call or audio recording, allowing for quick review of desired recordings. This gives you a record of the time, date and length of every each and every recording.

128 files In Each Of 8 Folders Equal An Astounding 1024 Automatic Recordings!
Advantage: Unattended capacity of up to 282 hours (1Gb model) of automatic recording and 1024 individual recordings allows for weeks of service without accessing or uploading recorder files .

Scrolling Dot Matrix Display With Emerald Blue Back Light!
Advantage: Easy to read, menu driven control settings assure ease-of-use and correct setting for your application. Since the screen is backlite, you can read it clear and sharp even outdoors in bright sun light.

Voice-activation (VOR) With Microphone Sensitivity Adjustment!
Advantage: Allows for voice activation and audio pick up sensitivity to be adjusted for optimum results in many different recording environments.

Super High Quality (32Kbps) Recording Mode!
Advantage: 32Kbps sampling rate setting offers near CD quality voice or audio recording quality. Most digital recorders are limited to only 16Kbps or 1/2 the recording quality of the DDR-5100. This mode is useful if you desire to use many popular "speech to text" voice recognition software packages available on the market today or require exceptional recording quality. The new 32 Kpps digital sampling rate gives you a much clearer crisper sound quality than the older generation digital and analog recorders. It will record a conversation even when someone is speaking in a whisper!

Amplified High Gain Top Quality Built-In Power Micro Mic!
The high gain micro mic built into the new generation digital Diasonics is superior to mics found in almost all other recorders. It gives you a voice super zoom for amplified recording ability. These new generation professional grade broadcast quality recorders have the ability to pick up audio 50 feet away! This, together with the new higher sampling rate, gives you the ability to develop quality recording ability unlike anything you have ever experienced before!

Cell Phone Recording Adaptor!
Allows for "hands free" operation and recording of your important cell phone conversations. Included adaptor works on most cell phones. (Nokia phones require optional adaptor)

Automatic Telephone Recording Control!
Use the automatic telephone recording control to plug into your land line phone and record both sides of a telephone conversation. The recorder only runs and records when the headset is picked up and then stops running when the headset is placed back on hook.

Pause And Resume Control!
Advantage: Pauses recording for up to 5 minutes in the same file without creating a new file number.

AC Adaptor Included!
Advantage: Unlimited continuous operation. It doesn't matter how many hours a recorder says it will run no matter which one you pick. Battery life is limited and if the batteries run out, you have NO RECORDER. By using the included AC adaptor, you void and battery problems.

Timer Recordings!
Advantage: Up to 3 daily, weekly and specific date automatic record times can be pre-programmed. That is, you can set the recorder to record at a pre-determined time.

Distortion Free Playback Speed Option!
Advantage: Recordings can be played back in slow/standard/fast modes without distorting audio, allowing for fast review of audio without the "donald duck" sound of most digital recorders.

Designed For Professional Investigative And Journalism Use
While there are certainly tons of other digital tape recorders on the market, the overwhelming majority of them are cheaply built consumer recorders not suitable for professional investigative and journalism use. These recorders are designed with higher quality recording ability and sampling rates and have built-in features to make them the very best for professional use. It doesn't matter if it's an in-person overt interview, a covert recording or a recording from either the automatic telephone recording or cell phone features. Unlike cheaper and older generation digital recorders, you will always get the same high end results!

Use As An MP3 Player!
That's right! You can use these new generation audio recorders as an MP3 player and place the music or other audio you want to on them.

Use As A Pocket Hard Drive!
That right! Since this new generation top quality digital diasonic wonder can plug into your computer, it is designed so you can use it as a pocket hard drive to store data. Take what you need with you, then upload it to another computer when you need it.

Super Small- Pen Shaped Light Weight Design!
These new pen-shaped and light weight models are designed to store on your body or anywhere.

Audio Equalizer
Built-in 5 band equalizer with bass and treble control for customized sound.

Easy To Use
While these new generation superior quality Diasonic digital audio recorders have all the highly advanced features built into them, they are very easy to use! You can learn how to use them in ten minutes or less. The manual that comes with them is extensive but makes it highly easy to learn. Once you start using these new generation recorders, you will never again want to use a cheap one or lower generation digital recorder.

If you want the world's best top quality digital audio recorder with all the advanced features, the new generation Diasonic audio recorders are the best in micro compact digital recording functions in the world. It's time for you to move up to pure top quality! We guarantee that you will love them and be delighted with their superior performance. Get your new generation Diasonic today!

Color in Investigative Black!

1Gb Model- DDR-6000 - 282 Hours Of Recording Time:
MSRP: $345.00 Your Cost $100.00 Off! Only $245.00

256Mb Model - DDR-6000 -
70 Hours Of Recording Time: MSRP $285.00
Your Cost 100.00 Off Only $185.00

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DIASONIC - audio - recorder - Pen - digital -long play- Telephone - Cell Phone -
diasonic- FM Radio - MP3 Player - 17 To 283 Hours - DIASONIC - Automatic - Computer - diasonic -Audio- long play- Voice Activation (VOR) DIASONIC - audio - recorder - digital -long play- Telephone - Cell Phone - Pen - diasonic- FM Radio - MP3 Player -17 To 283 Hours - DIASONIC - Automatic - Computer -Audio- - digital - long play- Voice Activation (VOR) Law Enforcement Grade - Investigative And Forensic Grade - Legal Interviewing Grade -Broadcast Quality - Superior Voice Zoom Gives You Excellent Crystal Clear Automatic Telephone Recording Ability