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Hands Free Celll Phone Mic
Hands free kit for your cell phone that lets you talk on the phone and record. Hands Free Celll Phone Mic $69.00

Tie Clip Microphone

The tie clip microphone is perfect for recording with a camcorder or voice recorder. The condenser microphone is sensitive enough to capture voices from across the room.

Professional Series Filtered Tie Clasp Mic And
Professional Series Amplified Tie Clasp Mic

These mini mics are truly superior and high performance.

The Mini Mic
Our min mic is deisgned for all micrphone uses. Excellent quality at a low price for voice recording and pickup. 15 ft. cable and an on/off swtich.


Professional Series Tape Recorder Microphone

These high performance mics work with any of our analog or digital tape recorders that have a mic jack and are designed for professional use. With either 50 or 100 foot of cable.

Cell Phone Mic And Super
Amplified Cell Phone Mic

Unique Cell Phone Mic Lets You Record
Your Cell Phone Conversations

Amplified Professional Series Pen Mic

For use under one party consent. Works will digital and analog tape recorders that have a mic jack.

Super Amplified Pager Mic

This high quality pager mic works will all of our analog and digital tape recorders that have as mic jack. It has a 12 X amplified rating and will pick up sound 50 feet away!

Wireless Microphone Set

When a sound transmission needs to be recorded use our convenient plug and play wireless microphone set with recording device.

Top Quality Professional VHF Wireless
Body Mic Systems

Great for security, bodyguard applications and law enforcement communications! 500 foot and 1000 foot ranges

The Phantom Mic System

The Phantom mic system consists of a super sensitive mic on 50 foot of cable that will pick up sounds 30 feet away.

Automatic Telephone Tape Recorder Control
Turns any tape recorder with a mic jack into an automatic telephone tape recorder that starts recording and stops recording when the headset is picked up and placed back on hook. To models to pick from.

Contact Surface Mic
Use our surface mic to listen for faint sounds through virtually any solid surface. The probe features a built in contact element and has an internal automatic gain control that does not need constant adjustment. This microphone is designed to convert minute vibrations to voice band audio that can be received by headphones or secondary measurement equipment.

The Shotgun Mic
Our ShotGun Mic gives you amazing sound amplification and is highly directional. It can pick up objective sound clearly-even in noisy environments. Shakeproof holder acts as a vibration dampening mechanism and helps eliminate unwanted mechanical and motor noises.

Sound Pro! The Super Amplified Shotgun Mic
There are many inexpensive shotgun mics on the market today but this one uses one of the best shotgun directional mics on the market. More than that, the SoundPro II features double amplified sound enhancement and noise filtering for the very best results in sound amplification.

Micro Small Shotgun Mic Amplification!
The World's Smallest Ultra-Powerful Shotgun Mic System. Highly Sensitive Supercardiod System

Sonic Ear Mini Shotgun Mic
A sound amplification system for the budget minded.

Parabolic Microphone Sound Amplification System

This parabolic mic sound amplification system doesn't even
come close to the "Gibson" model but it's powerful enough and designed for the professional on a budget.


Gibson High Grade Broadcast Quality Parabolic Mic System

Known Throughout The World AS The Finest Parabolic Sound
System Made With The Ability To Record A Bird One Mile Away!

The Detect Ear! A New Generation Parabolic Mic

Hear faint sounds with pinpoint accuracy at 300 yards with a new generation parabolic sound amplification system that folds down into a compact size!

Spy Exchange & Security Center
9513 Burnet Road Suite 101, Austin, Texas 78758
Phone 512-719-3595, Fax 512-719-3594
When In Austin, Texas--Stop By Our Huge Showroom

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