Lie Detection And A Major Breakthrough
In Price And Portability!

Portable Lie Detector And Deception Indicator
World's First Portable Lie Detector!

"Instant Lie Detection And Deception Catcher In A Portable Hand-Held Unit!
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Micro in size -The Audio Deception Detector -is the world's first portable lie detector! It will fit in the palm of your hand. This high-tech lie detector is a great device for your lie detection needs. You can use it in person and on the phone. You can also use it to analyze audio recordings and use it to analyze audio statements from television, or from the audio of recorded video. Because everything is always not black and white,the Deception Detector gives you an analysis of any audio statement.
Here is a chart of results you get:

Deception Detector- Overview

• Worlds-first voice recognition technology mounted on an IC chip.

• The Detector tells the truth of the individual by detecting tension in the voice.

• Easy to use, gives immediate results of the subject's voice.

• An apple shows you the truthfulness of the subject - and indicates the level of stress of the subject.

Deception Detector- Features

• Deception Detector shows you the truth in real time.  In real time, the deception detector monitors the level of nervousness and stress in a person's voice and tells emotion, stress and true and false statements all from a person's voice.

• The deception detector discovers the truth face to face or Over The Phone. It can be used not only in person but also over the phone. It has a built-in 2.5 mm jack, so the user can connect it to a cellular phone and use it from a distance.

• The Decepetion Detector carries about 82 percent of accuracy when used properly. The high rate of accuracy also comes from the technology, the integration of voice recognition technology and a built-in revolutionary mathematical algorithm.

• The detector works in any language. Because it detects and measures tension in the voice instead of the spoken words, it works in any language.

Deception Detector- How it works...
• The decepetion Detector analyses the sound waves in one's voice to tell if one is lying or not! It works on the voice layer that you cannot control!

• The LCD Screen will show figures as shown here.

• These figures will tell you if the subject is lying or telling the truth!

Note: Not for sale in the state of Texas due to a law that states that such technology is
illegal to use but not to sell (Chapter 1703 of the Texas Occupation Code) Although
we could legally sell such equipment, according to a letter on file with us from the
Polygraph Examiners Board of Texas, we have decided to not accept orders for this product
from anyone residing in the state of Texas. You can read the code yourself by clicking here.


Portable Lie Detector And Deception Indicator-
World's First Portable Lie Detector! $295.00
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