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New 2008 Full Color PI Catalog Is Out!

40 Full Color Pages Of New Cutting-Edge Investigative Gear And Training including, Cutting-Edge Covert Video Gear, New Generation Audio Evidence Recording Gear, New Countermeasures Products, New GPS Tracking Equipment, New Investigative Training Products And A Whole Lot More. Click Here For Instant Free download in a PDF File!

In Loving Memory
Checkers Thomas, NAIS Mascot

Checkers Thomas passed away of kidney and liver failure at 4:18 PM on March 21st, 2007. She was a very special companion of Ralph Thomas for 14 years. Checkers was always by Ralph's side. In the room where Ralph works, Checkers had her own special pillow she would set on while Thomas toiled away on his computer or talked on the phone. In the living room was another special checkers pillow she had while Ralph and Barbara watched TV. She also had her own special place and pillows inside the cabin on the Private-Eye, Thomas's boat.

Extensive Line Of Spy Toys for Kids!


PI-Camcorder TinyTek Stick
World's Smallest High Quality Camcorder!

Ideal For Covert Use! The World's Smallest Covert Video Recorder And/Or Camcorder!
Limited Time Super Sale! Now Only $165.00
Introducing the PI-Camcorder TinyTek Stick, the high quality camcorder that actually can fit inside a standard pack of gum. Delivering unbelievable quality video/audio at the touch of one button. Evidence recording has never been made easier! The PI-CamStick is the smallest high resolution, real time digital camcorder ever produced. Easy to use "one touch record" button lets you discretely record any evidence instantly. For the most discrete applications, the PI-CamStick can even fit into a standard pack of chewing gum! High quality instant videos have never been easier!

New Generation SweepTek
Detects Both All Types Of Hidden Video Cameras Dead Or Alive And Sweeps A Room For RF Bugs! Detects GPS Trackers On Vehicles! Three Portable Detectors Built Into One Small State-Of-The Art Detector!
Now In Black And On Sale Now! Only $185.00

The new generation SweepTeK features the latest state-of-the-art advancements in countermeasures sweep functions as well as nano-tech portability! Nothing like this has ever been in the market place before! SweepTek detects and pinpoints any covert video camera dead or alive and both wired and wireless cameras! You can scan a room looking through the view finder and instantly find any video camera that's hidden. SweepTek also rapidly scans any room and instantly detects RF bugs and wiretaps. Sweeptek also uses it's new state-of-the art built-in technology to sweep a vehicle and detect hidden GPS tracking units. You really get three high tech units all in one smart sweeping device!


New for 2008! Ultra Extreme StealthShot Cam!
Now Get Up To One Year Of Video Recording Time!

Stationary Covert Surveillance Reinvented for 2008!
The Automatic Motion Activated Covert
Stationary Covert Video Camera With Built-In DVR

With Up To 11 Days Of Video Footage on the included 512 MB SC Card. With Up To 32 GB Card Capacity, You Can Get Up To Almost A Year Of Video Storeage! Time/Date Stamping! Barely Even Noticeable And Fully Automatic!

New Technology! Fingerprint Safes!
Opens ONLY With Your Own Fingerprint!
Instant Fingerprint Access Safety Box and Safety Vault

The SafeBox II is the latest biometric storage product. Now users can store their valuables easily in even the most restrictive of spaces. The SafeBox II includes a sleek compact design and convenient fingerprint access control that stores up to 6 users. Powered by 4 AA batteries, the SafeBox II will provide you with over a 1000 openings and retains your fingerprints even when the batteries are changed. Great for cash, guns, jewelry, prescription drugs, collections, valuable papers and more!


QuickTrak Pro GPS! The New Generation GPS Micro Unit That Does It All!
Real Time GPS Tracker And Data Logger!
Emergency Audio Communication Just
Like A Cell Phone! Forget The Rest And Get The Best!

New Generation GPS All-In-One Unit That Does It All! High Grade GPS Car
Tracker! Tracks In Real Time! Massive Data Storage So It Can Be Used
As A GPS Data Logger. If Cell Phone Signal Is Weak, It Can Save And Send
Data In A Few Minutes Or Anytime! Can Be Used As Two Way Cell Phone
Communication With Programmable One Button Calling! Up To 30 Days
Battery Power! All This GPS Power Starting At Only $495.00!

An exclusive from Utrack! The new generation QuickTrak Pro micro GPS tracker leaves all the other GPS trackers in the dust because it gives you the best all-in-one features of all the other units on the market! It's a tiny real time GPS tracking unit you can use for surveillance vehicle tracking. However, it's also a GPS data logger that will store up to 90,000 locations.

New Generation 2008 MicroDot Squared Tiny Audio Recorder In Black! Voice Activation, Time And Date Stamping, So Small It's Manufactured Under A Microscope! -So Small, You Need A Magnifying Glass To Even Notice It! 20 Hours Recording Time!
World's Smallest High Grade Law Enforcement/
Broadcast Quality Micro Digital Audio Recorder

You are going to love these new tiny Micro Dot Digital Audio Recorders! There is simply nothing else like them on the market. They are just a little bigger than a US dime and will record 20 hours of audio. These are high end law enforcement and broadcast quality micro digital recorders built into a very small nano package. You can even obtain automatic telephone recording control specially made for them.

NOW IN STOCK! Tiny GPS Trackers - Reinvented for 2008!

New Generation GPS for 2008!
GPS Snitch-It! Smaller Better And Cheaper!
Monitoring Options As Low As $14.95 Per Month! Special Only $399.00

The Tiny Snitch-It Packs New Generation GPS Power!
She's small and has advanced features in real time on the net including
maps and satellite imaging! Instant locate in real time and Geo Fencing!All the
advanced features are here!

New For 2008! Video WatchTek
Working Watch With Built In Digital Camera And
Camcorder! Take Still Shot Photos Or Covert Video
With This Amazing Pen!

This amazing devise is a high grade working watch that has conceals a 2 mega pixel camera and camcorder built right into it's top! Simply push one button to take photos and another button to take video! This amazing Video WatcTek has 2 GB of memory built in. You wil find fast downloading of evidence to your PC through USB connection. With the built-in rechargable battery that can be charged simply by plugging the unit into your USB port, this little camera is amazing and simple to use. The battery will last for three hours when charged.You'll be in a psotion to take up to one hour of video or hundreds of still shots with this unique stte-of-the-art unit.

New For 2008! Video PenTek
Working Pen With Built In Digital Camera And
Camcorder! Take Still Shot Photos Or Covert Video
With This Amazing Pen!

This amazing devise is a high grade working pen that has conceals a 2 mega pixel camera and camcorder built right into it's top! Simply push one button to take photos and another button to take video! This amazing PenCam has 2 GB of memory built in. You wil find fast downloading of evidence to your PC through USB connection. With the built-in rechargable battery that can be charged simply by plugging the unit into your USB port, this little camera is amazing and simple to use. The battery will last for three hours when charged.You'll be in a psotion to take up to one hour of video or hundreds of still shots with this unique stte-of-the-art unit.


New For 2008! Dashboard CarCam Only $99.50
As you sit there and read the beginning of this report you start to sense the importance of protecting yourself and your family. Accidents can happen at any time, without notice. As is often the case after an accident, we are disoriented and don't always remember everything just prior to the impact. Law enforcement uses what you say immediately following an accident to assess fault that could adversely affect your financial well being

New! Computer SnoopTek Stick
Remote Computer Monitoring And Computer Control Tool

Let's you both monitor and control a computer from anywhere in the world. Monitor And Control What's Going On With Your Computer, Your Children's Computer Or Your Employee's Computer From Anywhere In The World Live And In Real Time And Block Whatever You Want!

New For 2008! Clip-It Laser CamTeK
Hi-Def IR SD/MMC Clip-It Color Camera

You can ClipIt to your pocket or belt. You can clipIt to your purse! You can ClipIt to your visor in your car! You can ClipIt just about anywhere and shoot high res video when you want to with the push on one button and even do it in very low or no light conditions. For security and convenience, this high quality recording device is an excellent choice. You can take 320x240 AVI video clips at any time simply by pushing the record button, switch to the IR camera for low light situations, and record it all with audio. It also features a SD/MMC port letting you have memory of up to 2GB and a rechargeable built in Lithium battery. $169.95

The Bug Sweeper! $69.95!
Big Function - Wide Range Bug Sweeper At A Very Tiny Price!
A New Generation Econo Bug Detector With New SmartTeK Technology!

The new generation Bug Sweeper is the big function wide range bug detector with the tiny price! Take a look at these features: Wide Sweep Range 1 Mhz To 6.0 GHz, Silent Vibration Mode, Earphone Detection Mode, Silent Detection Mode 4 LED Lights, 4 Indicator Lights, Low Power Consumption, Portable Unit, Easy To Use! In a matter of minutes you can be sweeping a room, car, office, boat or plane for electronic eavesdropping devices to insure privacy at a price that it almost unbelievable!


Spy Video Car™
Remote Control Video Car with Headset Video Feed

The Spy Video Car™ was introduced by "Digital Dan Dubno" of CBS News.It's after midnight, and all is quiet. A small remote-controlled car creeps stealthily around a corner. An infrared camera installed in its body transmits eerie night-vision images to a secret agent wearing a specialized headset with a screen built in to the eyepiece... introducing the Spy Video Car™ - the latest edition to our Spy Gear spy toy line.

The Spy Video Car™ is the first RC video camera with infrared night vision! Because plain-sight video monitors are not acceptable in the spy world, you’ll need the one-of-a-kind private screen of the Spy Video Car™ to keep your secrets safe from enemy eyes. Wear the lightweight frames with the single LCD lens to ensure you’re the only one who views the video transmitted through your RC vehicle.

PV800 Wireless
High resolution, 740 x 480, law enforcement grade video recorder with a watermark feature and a frame count indicator. Now with wireless slide frame! With a built-in 1.8" screen, 30GB hard drive and a memory card slot you have every feature needed for professional video surveillance.


Ultra Extreme View Video Monitoring System
Feel secure with the DVR that does it all. The Extreme View Video Monitoring System is a complete security package that comes with everything you need to set up an effective surveillance and recording system. The DVR has an integrated hi-res LCD screen, which includes an LCD on/off switch for power saving. It also comes equipped with a 160 gigabyte Seagate hard drive, which allows you to store up to 40 days of footage. The Seagate HDD has been optimized for the DVR, allowing for faster speed and cooler operation.

Upgraded for 2008!
Super High Definition Pocket DVR ! Your Cost Only $195.95

Super High Definition PI Portable Cam Kit! Starting @ $195.00
• Tiny Pocket-Sized DVR • Wireless Full Color Pinhole Camera
• Wired Full Color Micro Pinhole Video Camera • High Mega Pixel Camcorder Built Into DVR
• High Mega Pixel Still Camera Built Into DVR • High Grade Audio Recorder
• FM Radio Receiver • Up To 14 Hours Video Recording Time In One Small Package!
• MP3 Player And High Definition Movie Player • World's Slimmest!

Little Jo-Mount Eliminates Shaky Surveillance Video From Your Can Or Van!


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Private Investigating
New Second Edition!

"If you are new to private investigation, the book will take the rookie status away from you and give you a huge jump start with the knowledge you need to know to practice private investigation! If you are already a Pro, we know you will gain a huge knowledge base not generaly known or found anywhere else! " Completely revised and updated, this book is an amazingly valuable resource for any person considering a career as a PI, seasoned investigators, and those who seek advice on how to do it themselves. Easy-to-use and fantastically inclusive, this is the book on private investigation, whether you want to establish yourself as a professional or just use some of the tools of a P.I. for your own business. You will get the low-down on pre-employment research, tenant screening, adoption searches, safeguarding yourself from investigation, and much more.By Steven Kerry Brown Paperback - 8.26 x 5.23 inches
384 pages - Only $18.95



An Amazing 2.6 x 2.2 x Only 0.4 inches thick!
Powers The Included Camera! Has Time And Date Stamping!
Up To 45 Hours Recording Time! Camera Can Be Used As Button Camera
Or As A Standard Tiny Pinhole! Cloeout Pricing Starting at $269.95

The MicroDot Squared DVR Will Power The Following Cameras:
Button camera, Baseball Cap Camera , Broach Camera, Tie Camera, Bag Camera,
Earphone MP3 Camera, Mini Micro Camera ,The New ClipCam and
The New Walk-Around Book Camera Hiding The DVR!

Professional Badges, Badge
Cases, Badge Clips And ID Cards

Huge Selection Of Stock And Custom Badges, Badge Cases, Badge Clips, Badge Holders And Professional ID Cards. Specialized Sections for Private Investigators, Process Servers, Auto Repossessors, Executive Protection And Bodygard Professionals And Bail Recovery/Fugitive Recovery Agents.


SpyTek Authorized Self Contained Stationary Covert Video Systems!

Top Quality Covert Video Camera Systems With Built In Digital Video Recorders,
Motion Activation And Time And Date Stamping!

Featuring StealthCams!
Top Quality Covert Video Camera Systems With Built In Digital
Video Recorders, Motion Activation And Time And Date Stamping!

NEW! 4 Chan Inet DVR with Built in 7" TFT Monitor
115 Hours, Motion Activation And 4 Quad Veiwing!

MSRP $895.00 Limited Time Special $695.00
No more messy wires and extra power cords, LCD monitor quickly slides out of DVR at the touch of a button! Introducing our newest state-of-the-art 4 channel Inet DVR with 7" built in TFT LCD monitor. Features include 30fps MJPEG Compression, 1 audio channel, and IR remote control. Also has TV tuner built in for TV viewing.

Step Up To The Latest In Portable Countermeasures Sweep Technology!
The New Generation High Tech Professional Grade Portable
Countermeasures Sweep Unit With Audio Verification Mode!

Just Released!
COUNTERTeK Ultra Pro With Instant Audio Verification Mode!
The New Generation Bug Sweeper With Audio Verification Mode!
And The CounterTeK Ultra Pro Sweep Kit

With COUNTERTeK Ultra Pro, Telephone Analyzer And Video Camera Detector!
Sweep A Room And Telephone Line For Bugs, Wiretaps And Hidden Video Cameras!

• 50 MHz to 6.0 GHz • Easy LED Signal Display • Important Audio Verification Mode • Sensitivity Adjustment
• Low Battery Warning Light • Small And Light Weight • Advanced Features But Easy To Use.
The new generation 2007 CounterTeK UltraPro Detector and TSCM room sweeper has all the major features
needed for a professional bug detector in one portable size! Designed with the latest microchip countermeasures
technology, it has an operational range of 50 MHz to 6.0 GHz. This state-of-the-art unit has features that are normally
reserved for larger more expensive units.
MSRP: $595.00 Your Cost Starting @ Only $349.95

Micro Bionic Super Ear
Imagine having a bionic ear that would allow you to secretly hear from great distances. Well now you can with the Micro Bionic Super Ear. Its mini size, light weight and skin tone color allows for the wearer to hear from great distances without anyone even knowing you’re wearing it. Its ultra-sensitive microphone allows for crisp, clear audio all in a discreet, tiny earpiece.

TALAN Telephone and Line Analyzer
The NEW TALAN Telephone and Line Analyzer provides a complete integrated suite of tools to analyze, inspect, and test digital telephone lines (and other wiring) for taps and other eavesdropping devices.

The TALAN incorporates several types of telephone line tests including common tests such as voltage, current, resistance, and capacitance tests, as well as NEW technology such as line NLJD, FDR Frequency Domain Reflectometry, and Digital Demodulation into a single piece of equipment. Additionally, the TALAN utilizes an automatic internal pair switching matrix to automatically perform tests on all pair combinations. The ability to perform several different tests allows the user to compare the results of multiple tests on multiple phone lines, quickly identifying any potentially threatening anomalies.

The Camera Clamp
For Cameras, Spotter Scopes, Video Cameras, High Powered Binoculars, Night Vision Scopes And Other Surveillance Optics! Clamps To Almost Anything!

High Definition Sunglass Covert Video System
Powered By New Generation Multi-Functional DVR With 3 Hours Recording Time, Time And Date Stamping And Low Light Ability!

Forget the cheaper funky-looking versions and last year's model! This is the new generation high definition covert video sunglass kit with high definition, time and date stamping, low light ability. Connect these new generation smart looking sunglasses camera directly with our AV recorder, no external power needed for the camera!

The Jo Pole
Get That Covert Video Over The Tops Of Brush And Walls! You Will Never Miss That Important covert Video Again! Shoot It Over The Top And Never Again Be Vertically Channenged! The Jo Pole is the answer to those hard to get surveillance shots. It telescopes from 3 ft. to 10 ft. and is equipped with a quick disconnect fluid pan head. The Jo Pole eliminates having to climb trees or other unstable structures that could cause personal injury to get a photo shot. When the Jo Pole is used with a small monitor attached to the leg, the user is able to film from a safe comfortable position. In addition to doing surveillance work the Jo Pole is ideal for filming wild life, school graduations , press conferences, and parades.

In-Reach Child Tracking System
This child tracking system is perfect for giving your child some freedom and giving you peace of mind. The child tracking system allows you-the parent- to set an adjustable boundary from 10 feet up to 300 feet. The parental unit will allow you to see how close the child is to the boundary. Each unit comes with a instructional DVD. Requires 4 AAA batteries that are not included.

Check-Guardian Pen
If you aren't familiar with "check washing", you ought to be. It's a rapidly expanding crime in which thieves steal checks, often from outgoing mail in people's mailboxes, and then apply a chemical solution (we won't reveal what it's made with, but it uses common household products) which can erase ("wash") the desired portions while leaving your genuine signature intact. Typically the "washers" take your payments for utilities, etc., since they're in an envelope that they recognize will probably contain a check. Then they "wash" the desired portions, make the check payable to themselves, and usually alter the check amount. It can prove to be a real nightmare for the victim. The new Check-Guardian Pen now allows you to prevent this from happening to you. Extensive research by Fisher Pen Company (famous for the Space Pen®) has resulted in their new Cellu-Lock™ ink technology.

TelTek Privacy Detective
TelTek is a new generation privacy sweeping device that will plug into your phone line and tell you in an instant if there is any eavesdropping, recording, wiretapping or extension line pickups. It continually checks your phone line and instantly informs you when you have a potential threat to your telephone privacy. TelTek sends a signal from your telephone location all the way to your junction exchange and reports back any potential threats. It detects the special charcter of your phone line and then instantly alerts you if something changes. When detection of eavesdropping is uncovered, an LED light goes one and an alarm will go off if you want it to.

Just Reinvented!
High Quality! The Stealth Pen In Black

On Sale Now! Only $159.95

The Stealth Pen is a cut way above the run-of-the mill digital recorder pens in the market place today! It looks completely like a regular run-of-the-mill ink pen. However, when you push down the pocket clip on the pen, it starts recording. Push up the pocket clip and it stops recording. There are no lights or buttons. You can actually hand this pen to someone to sign a signed statement and they would never know there is a high quality super sensitive digital audio recorder inside the pen. This pen is thinner and gives you much higher quality recording ability that any other recorder pen in the market place.

All Of The Covert Bodyware Cameras Pictured Above:

Button camera, Baseball Cap Camera , Broach Camera, Tie Camera, Bag Camera,
Earphone MP3 Camera, Mini Micro Camera , ClipCam (attaches right to the PV500) And
The New Walk-Around Book Camera Hiding The DVR!

Can Be Powered By The Four Pocket Micro DVRS Pictured Below!


Shockproof Ultraviolet LED Light
This new shockproof flashlight brings LED technology to the ultraviolet spectrum. Finally an ultraviolet light source that's robust enough for demanding field use, and one that provides significantly increased output and effectiveness. Its 8 ultraviolet LEDs are housed in an aluminum body and produces more ultraviolet light than most ultraviolet incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. Designed to work ideally with our ultraviolet thief detection powder and pen. Push-button on/off switch. Powered by three AAA batteries (included). Color: pewter. Length: 4".

SuperTek DVR!
New Generation High End DVR In Black!

Woow! This new generation high end portable DVR has it all! • True Time And Data Stamping ! • Motion Activation On/Off • Massive Built-In 40 GB Hard Drive • Multi-Functional! Use As A Bodywear DVR Or Set It Up For Motion Activation! • Up To 80 Hours Of Recording Time! On Sale Now! Your Cost Only $439.95

A New Generation In High End Law Enforcement
Grade Covert Video Systems!

The POV.1 is built to capture hands-free video from your Point-of-View. From DVD-quality recording, to cut-and-splice editing, to online distribution, the process is simple and seamless. The durable camera head can be attached almost anywhere to capture the action. Aside from that, this is a huge and complete system with 21 different parts. (see below diagram and photo)

SuperTek Surveillance Kit
Black Pocket Tiny DVR
EyeglassCam Powered By DVR
ButtonCam Powered By DVR
Wireless Color Pinhole Camera
Wired Color Pinhole Camera
Everything For Covert Surveillance
One Small Price - One Huge Video Advantage!
Pocket DVR With Four Different Micro Cameras!

New Generation Micro Small High Resolution DVR And Camcorder
Why buy both a pocket DVR and a good camcorder when you can have both
in one small and smart unit! FREE! Limited Time Only! Micro Video Full Color Pinhole Camera!

It's a camcorder! No it's a pocket DVR! Actually, it's both! This new generation high resolution camcorder has the specifications needed by today's investigative professional! You will fall in love with it's feel, ease of use and high grade end results! There are a lot of small camcorders in the market place today and there is certainly a lot of junk you don't want. However, this mini digital camcorder stands out from the crow when it comes to quality performance and it has a great direct import price to match! Aside from all that, you can use it as a full function pocket DVR as it all fold down flat and plug a pinhole camera into it's AV in plug! We even include a free pinhole camera with it's purchase for a limited time. Why buy both a pocket DVR and a god camcorder when you can have both in one small and smart unit.

New Generartion

When you need to view and record your wireless video use the wireless receiver. The mobile wireless receiver and record will allow you to watch and recorded video. The Color high resolution 2.5 LCD screen and built in memory of 64mb with additional memory using up to a 4GB SD card plus 4 channels to pick from makes viewing video easy. Add on to any wireless camera you may have or want to purchase.

New Generation

This functional Men's wrist watch (chronograph dials do not work) is also a media player with 512MB flash memory built in. This unique recorder will allow you to record up to 9 hours of voice recording and download MP3’s music files. Now you can record notes, reminders or listen to music without any other devices. USB plug and play make this the media player perfect for any situation in which audio recording is required. Play back via stereo earphones or window media player.

SharpTek Diasonic For 2007!
Brace Yourself! High End Diasonic Digital Audio Recorders For Investigative Use Have
Been Reinvented For 2007! The World's Best High End Micro Digital Audio Recorder Just
Got A Whole Lot Better! Superior Performance In A Very Small Package With New Easy
To Use Controls! Up To 23 Days Recording Time Automatic Telephone And Cell Phone Recording!
Time And Date Stamping! Voice Activation And Programmable Timed
Recording Ability! Broadcast Quality! Starting @ Only $159.95!

Pro Extreme LaserScan Hidden Camera Detector/Locator
Introducing the Pro Extreme LaserScan hidden camera locator. By far, the most powerful detector/locator of wireless or wired hidden cameras on the market today. Two high-power alternately pulsating lasers scan for camera lenses up to 50 ft. away. Hidden cameras are easily and quickly located and viewed as bright flashing red lights by simply looking into the 4X magnified, focus adjustable, optical glass view port. Due to laser frequencies focused on camera lens reflectivity, "false" alerts are virtually eliminated. Locates ALL kinds of cameras, including pinhole and cameras hidden inside objects such as clock radios, smoke detectors, etc.

New Generation Super Amplified SoundPod
Broadcast Quality Super Sound Amplification In An iPod Size

The Super Amplified SoundPod with massive sound amplifier and it's ultra sensitive directional
microphone makes any sound 100 feet away feel like it's right next to you! The power of this super
sound amplifier used to cost hundreds of times the cost of this new generation high tech unit and used
to be 100 times it's size. However, both the price and the size of high quality sound amplifying ability
has been shrunk down to almost nothing.

New Generation 120 Hour Black Stealth Pen 2 Recorder
Law Enforcement Grade Audio Recorder Built
Into Working Pen- MSRP $295.00 - Limited Time Super Sale Only $129.95

The all new super thin 1 GB, 120 Hour Black Stealth Pen 2 recorder has no lights or writing and
gives you the ability to audio record while you are taking notes, writing out a statement or record while the
working pen is in your pocket. This new revolution features one button recording which is hidden in the back of the pen.
There are no other buttons on it and it appears to be merely a regular high end writing instrument to the
naked eye. You can listen to play back with earphones or attach to your computer via the USB connection.

New! PV500 High Resolution ClipCam!
Law Enforcement Grade! Turns The Tiny PV500 (A/K/A PI Black DVR) Into Both A
Portable Covert Video Camcorder And StealthCam type Stationary Covert Video
System You Can Hide Anywhere!

Use It To Both Record Covert Video And Power Your Camera!
Time And Date Stamping, Frame Water Marking, Super High Definition,
Motion Activation On And Off, Remote Controller- Law Enforcement Grade-Has It all!
ON SALE NOW • MSRP: $595.00 YOUR COST ONLY $389.95
Look Ma! No Camera Battery! PI Black Provides Camera Battery Power For Our:

Button camera
, Baseball Cap Camera , Broach Camera, Tie Camera, Bag Camera,
Earphone MP3 Camera, Mini Micro Camera ,The New ClipCam and
The New Walk-Around Book Camera Hiding The DVR!


New 18.5 Hour MicoDot Round Digital Recorder
With Leather Key Chain Cover, Voice Activation, Timed Recording, Time And Date Stamping
And Law Enforcement/Broadcast Grade Results!
When it comes to micro small high quality digital audio recorders, it just doesn't get any better than this! The newMicoDot Round gives you highly superior law enforcement grade performance in the world's smallest package! The new generation high grade recorder comes with a leather key chain cover which you can take on and off. The new generation MicroDot Round features an extremely small size and weight with an amazing 18.5 hours worth of recording time. The broadcast quality sampling rate of up
to 8 kHz with 2 bit ADPCM compression, a wide frequency range (100- 10000Hz) and an amplified super sensitive top quality built in mini microphone give you an amazing audio recording edge with top quality performance. You will get crystal clear results every time!

Deleted Cell Phone Recovery Now Made Easy

Cellphone Sim (Subscriber Identity Module) Recovery Pro
Lets You Recover Information from A Cell Phone! Even Deleted Information!

You can now recover data and text messages from cellular phones using the SIM
(Subscriber Identity Module) Recovery Pro. Using this device allows you to save, edit and delete
your phone book and short messages. Aside from recovery and retrieve, even of deleted
data, an added advantage is to back the information up on your computer. If you change providers or
cellular phones this unit allows you to transfer the information to the new SIM card. Great for use on children’s
cell phones by restricting dialed out numbers.


Self Destructing Spy Paper
Write Of Type Out Notes or Instructions That Completely Self Destruct
And Dissolve When Contact Is Made With Any Liquid!

This "spy paper" looks like ordinary paper, but is unique in that it dissolves in just seconds when
contacted with liquid, resulting in a useless, non- reconstructible mulch which is far more secured than the
output of any standard shredder! You can write or type on this paper normally, but contact it with any liquid, even
saliva, and it transforms into a secure mulch

New! PV500 High Resolution ClipCam!

Law Enforcement Grade! Turns The Tiny PV500 (A/K/A PI Black DVR) Into Both A
Portable Covert Video Camcorder And StealthCam type Stationary Covert Video
System You Can Hide Anywhere!


New Innovation for The World's Most Popular Portable DVR!
Slider Lets You Power ANY Camera And Gives You More Memory And Battery Time!

New PV500 (The World's Best And Most Popular DVR) Gets Even Better!
New Optional Slider For PV500 (A/K/A PI Black DVR) Will Power ANY
Camera, Give You A Whole Lot More Battery Life And More Memory!
Law Enforcement Grade, High Resolution, Time And Date Stamping!

Fine Point Disappearing Ink Pen Set!
Here is a state-of-the-art ink pens that will magically disappear without leaving a trace of what you wrote! Sensitive notes can be taken today and you can be assured that the sensitive and confidential material will then be gone!. You obtain three different pens. The first pen has ink that will disappear within a couple of hours. The send pen has ink that will disappear in about two days and the third pen disappears after about a week.

New Generation PowerTrak Pro GPS!
With Cellular Assist Tracking Power! Tracks Indoors And Outdoors!
Doesn't Have To See The Sky To Track. One Of The Most Powerful
Location Trackers In The Market Place!

Portable Telephone Scrambler Set!
Same Technology Military Intelligence Uses For Top Secret
Communication Is Now Available To The Public! On Sale! Only $395.00 A Pair

SuperEar Plus New Improved SuperEar Plus Deluxe
Dynamic low-profile improved SE7500 SuperEar Plus® boosts sound 50+ decibels. The sleek, new design of the SuperEar Plus® personal sound amplifier is ideal for slight to moderately hearing impaired. New SuperEar Plus® increases ambient sound gain 50+ decibels and picks up sounds up to 100 yards away using a multi-element, high sensitivity 90 degree swiveling microphone.

HotTeK Advanced Nano Digital Audio Recorder
In 70 Hour, 141 Hour And 282 Hour Models
Automatic Telephone Recording Ability
Time And Date Stamping And Programmable Timed Recordings! Starting At $195.00

If you want the world's very best digital audio recorder for investigative purposes this is it! This new generation advanced mutli-function digital audio recorder is called HotTek Advanced Audio because it's the hottest new recorder in the market place and really advanced! With the advanced features and amazing end results in recording ability, you will love both the micro tiny design and the high end results you obtain in audio evidence gathering. If you want a superior digital recorder a cut way above even the run-of-the-mill high end line, you'll find HotTek Advanced superior to anything else on the market.

Stealth Video Pen! New Generation Covert Pen Video Camera
Video Camera Built Into Working Pen! And PenKit PI Portable (With Portable DVR!)

Own A Piece Of History With These Rare High Grade
Self Defense Umbrella Swords Just Like Spies Of The 1960's
And 1970's Used! The Ultimate In Concealed Weapons
And Executive Level Self Defense! High Grade!
Two Models To Pick From!

New Generation ProPack
Covert Surveillance Bodywear Kit!

Covert Video Eyeglasses Now With Totally Clear Lenses Powered By DVR!
Two Other Interchangeable Lenses For Outside Use!
High Grade Button Camera Powered By DVR!
Pocket DVR With Time/Date Stamping Display!

You can use these cutting-edge software programs to monitor computer activity, protect and secure your
computer and your digital communications, run your investigative agency, obtain the investigative forms you need, turn
your laptop into a portable lie detector inexpensively, get witnesses to give you an instant facial ID, do digital audio
enhancement and a whole lot more! If You offer computer countermeasuresservices, you can offer installation services of
these high security programs to your clients!


Here Is Some Highlights Of Our Extensive Hardcore Software Selections!

PI Management-Software Extensive Program To Run Your Investigative Agency
CaseFile Management- Extensive Investigative Case Forms
Truster Software! Detects Deception From Audio Interviews
Invisible Secrets 4.0- Complete Computer Privacy And Countermeasures! $39.95
Secret Messenger- Place Confidential Messages in Graphics $29.95
Faces Software! Digital Face ID Rendering Anyone Can Use
Digital Audio Recorder And Audio Forensics Software! Only $29.95

Spy Agent- Spies On Friends And Enemies $49.95
Spy Cop- Scans And Removes Spy Software $49.95
Encryption Protection- Encrypts Everything Easy! $29.95
Completely Gone!-Removes Your Computer Files Completely Gone! $29.90
Evidence Eliminator-Removes Evidence From Your Computer
Illusion-Hides And Encrypts Files $34.90
DidTheyReadIt!-Tell You When And Where Your Email Gets Opened $49.95
Privacy Shredder-High Security Digital Shredder $19.95
Cloak-Total Privacy For Your Computer $34.95
SpyLock-Locks Down Your Desktop $39.95
SpamAgent-Stops Massive Spam $29.95

New Generation HotTek 2 Micro Digital Video Recorder
And HotTek Two PI Portable Covert Video Camera Kit

High Definition LCD Screen, 1 GB Memory, SC Card Slot And Amazing Multi
Media Functions! Starting At Only $229.95

New Generation Super Trackstick TM GPS Data Logger
• Magnetic Mount Clip • Motion Activated • 4 Mb Data • Up To 4 Weeks Battery Life

The Super Trackstick TM is an obvious choice for government agencies and intelligence personnel.
The weatherproof case and removable magnetic mount allow for covert installation. Features like this
make Super TrackstickTM best suited for police or homeland security personnel.



High Tech RFID Tag Alarm System
Electronic Security Protection For Your Laptop, Cell Phone, MP4 Player PDA Or Anything!
Never Forget or Lose Your Stuff Again!
Keeps track of laptops, cell phones, briefcases,
cameras, iPods, briefcases, purses, luggage and other commonly lost or stolen items.
It's a wireless electronic "security cable" for your portable valuables!

Watch Out He's Back!

Jay J. Armes Investigator
The World's Most Successful Private-Eye!

234 Pages, Hardcover, Photos

Special Arranged Low Pricing
Through Mr. Armes : Only $19.95

Attention Investigative Agencies And Security Consultants
And Existing Police Supply-Law Enforcement Dealers!
Sell Over 100 Direct Import Spy And Investigative Gear Products
On Your Web Site With Ready-To-Go Web Pages With Good
Margins! We Can Even Drop Ship Product For Your!
Click Here To Find Out More And See Sample Web Sites

Stick-It -The Mini GPS Tracker/Data Logger
•Very Tiny! • Built-In Magnetic Mount • Super Software Tracking! • Built-In Motion Activation!
• Very Easy To Use! Super Software Gives You Mapping, Satellite Imaging And Amazing 3-D Images!
MSRP: $395.00 YOUR COST ONLY $278.95

Just Released For 2007!

Bail Bonds 101 And Bail Bonds 102
The Complete Guide To Owning And Operating
A Successful Bail Bond Company

By Sean M. Cook

One of the most lucrative areas of specializations that a private investigative agency or bail recovery agency can go into is that of a bail bond agency. Check it out!

Huge Discount Pricing! Starting @ $89.50!

These new generation sharp-looking executive pens called PenTek also function as a high quality digital audio recorder in either 20 or 60 hour models. We have offered tiny audio pen recorders in the past and there is a lot of cheap ones on the market but there is NOTHING like this one!
Starting at $89.50

New Generation Ultra Advanced WorldTraK GPS System
With Massive Options So You Can Have It Your Way!
The Next Generation of Live GPS Tracking Devices for 2007!
The Best And Smallest Car Tracker On The Market! Starting @ $495.00

New Generation!
PI BLACK WATCHTeK Digital MP3/Voice Watch Recorder
Wrist Watch MP3/Voice Recorder/Player

MSRP $295.00 On Sale Now! Your Cost Only $159.95

You'll fall in love with this nine hour covert watch audio recorder! Investigative evidence recorder you wear! This is a very high quality fully functional watch with built-in digital recorder/player. 256Mb flash memory records 9 full hours of voice via built-in microphone and/or dozens of MP3 music files. Recording results is a cut above last year's model because the sampling rate is greater and he new generation mic built into the watch is much more powerful. You can record any sounds within 30 feet! Highly functional for investigators, law enforcement, journalists, attorneys, and business professionals who must conduct interviews

NEW! PENTeK! @ Huge Reduced Pricing!

These new generation sharp-looking executive pens also function as a high quality digital audio recorder in either 20 or 60 hour models. We have offered tiny audio pen recorders in the past and there is a lot of cheap ones on the market but there is NOTHING like this one!

For Investigators And Law Enforcement

The Most Powerful Computer Monitoring Tool Invented!
Discounted Pricing!
MSRP: $249.00 Your Cost Only $199.00
KEYKatcher hardware keyloggers can be used to collect data as evidence against the multitude of cyber crimes taking place today.   The new KEYKatcher Magnum is designed to provide computer forensic features such as large capacity storage (4Mb), time & date stamping, time of use reporting, strong encryption, and a stealthy, plug & record form.

New High Grade Professional Stock Badges Ready For Shipping With Bulk Wholesale Pricing!
Our New High Grade Stock Badges Offers You Deeply Discounted Pricing On Orders for
More Than One Badge As Well As Low Single Lot Pricing! Check It Out!

Audio Recording Reinvented for 2007!
Smaller, Smarter, Better And Cheaper!

HotTek Micro Digital Audio Recorder
With Automatic Telephone Recording Control
"The Choice Of The Professional! "
In 36, 70 And 140 Hour Models Starting at $149.95

• Tiny Nano Sized Digital Recorder • Slim, Tiny And Black!
• Automatic Telephone Recording Ability! • Super Sensitive Amplified Mic! • Sharp, Crystal-Clear Recording Every Time
• Microphone Sensitivity Adjustable (18 levels).
• Time And Date Stamping! • Programmable Time And Date Recording! • Super High Quality Recording Results Every Time!

Smaller, Better, Cheaper With More GPS Tracking Power!

Live GPS Nano-Sized Tracking Unit So Powerful It Will Track Inside
A Building Even Underground! You Have To See It To Believe It! Federal Law EnforcementGrade Power Tracker!

Nano-Sized CounterTek Bug Tracer 2
Detects Both Analog And Digital Bugs And Eavesdropping Amazing 1MHz to 6GHz/6000MHz

The new generation nano-sized CounterTek Bug Tracer 2 is a highly advanced keychain sized detector that will scan for bugs and wiretaps in both analog and digital modes. The new generation unit has it's power antenna built inside so there is no need for stuff that sticks up to scan a room! Multiple lights illuminate as you get closer to the hidden camera. Analog (spyfinder) or Digital (Wi-fi) switch allows you to check out the entire room, then \"home-in\" on the bug. On top of all that, this amazing new generation unit will scan from 1MHz to 6GHz/6000MHz and everything in between with no holes or gaps.


Four Special Function Covert Video Surveillance Cameras With One Tiny DVR!
The Covert Video Kit That has It all! Tiny High End DVR, Sunglass/Eyeglass Covert Video Camera, Button Camera Kit, Wired Color Pinhole Camera, Wireless Pinhole Camera, hardshell carrying case! One Super Low Wholesale Import Price!

Covert Video MasterTek Surveillance Kit For 2007!

Covert Video Camera Kit
Button Camera And Eyeglass Camera
With DVR That Powers Both The Eyeglass Camera And Button Camera

It's Like Getting Three Covert Video Kits for
The Price Of One With A High End Portable DVR
That Powers Them ALL!

VideoTek Finder
The Wireless Camera Hunter That Locks Onto Any

MSRP: $695.00 Your Cost Only: $454.95

Wireless Video Camera And Displays Transmission On Screen
Our all new VideoTek Wireless Camera Hunter quickly and easily finds single or multiple hidden wireless cameras and lets you see what they see. The 2.5" color TFT high resolution monitor displays the video image while the LCD window shows the exact frequency of transmission. Automatically scans all the commonly used video frequencies in less than 5 seconds and "locks-in" on any video camera transmitter and sounds an audible alert tone from from 900MHz ~ 2.52GHz.


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