Find it Online, is your "consultant on a shelf" for online research! Award-winning journalist Alan M. Schein, the nation's leading online trainer for investigative reporters, shares his "inside secrets" to researching on the Internet.

Find It Online is your field guide that helps you zoom past “meaningless hits” to find what you’re looking for . . . quickly and easily. Not only does it detail, more than 2,500 reliable Web resources, it also provides the strategies and mechanics to move you up to the next level in your online research capabilities.Find It Online provides:


• Practical lessons to obtain online results -- fast.
• National and international sections.
• Reliable sources to investigate the competition, uncover business information and find people.
• Effective management tools to become self-sufficient online.
• Details on thousands of the best web sites… both free and pay-for-use.
• The latest on push technology and filtering tools.

With Find It Online, you'll be on the cutting edge!
Award winning best seller!
First Edition, Winner of an Irwin Award
Second Edition, Winner of a Pandia Award
Third Edition, Winner of a Pandia Award

7 Reasons to Buy Find It Online

1. Where can you search 16 phone directories . . . all at one time?
The answer is on page 138! (finding people)

2. Which search engine should you use to locate graphics and images?
The answer is on page 107! (finding pictures)

3. How can you discover who is linked to your web site . . . or your competition?
The answer is on page 310! (competitive intelligence)

4. Where can you find a web site that offers translation capabilities in up to 25 different languages?
The answer is on page 325! (international resources)

5. How can you investigate the origin of an offensive email?
The answer is on page 47! (privacy protection)

6. How can you eliminate obnoxious pop up ads?
The answer is on page 39! (time management)

7. Where can you track 120,000 executives from major corporations from around the world . . . for free? The answer is on page 154! (marketing information)

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