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In Stock Now From LawMate: " One Small Step For Man,
One Giant Leap Forward For Video Technology! "

GSM MobileCam From LawMate-

GM-GV3 MobileCam View And Software From LawMate
When It Comes To Covert Video, The Whole World Is Now Your Stage And You Can Access It From Anywhere!

Click Here To Download The GM-GV3 MobileCam View And Software From LawMate User Manual In PDF

The way you conduct investigative, security and convert video has changed! The revolutionary GM-GV3 Mobile View And Software From LawMate consists of a high grade GSM sender you hook up to your video camera and software you install on your computer or other device. With the selection of a view settings, you can then access and view your video camera from anyway in the world as long as you have cell phone service and internet access! It's as simple as one two three! Over ten years in development, this new cutting edge gear from LawMate revolutionizes the way you can monitor your video and do it from almost anywhere in the world. (Cell Phone SIMMS card purchase required.)

GM-GV3 MobileCam View And Software- Click On The Lower Right Icon To View @ Full Computer Screen.
Click the menu pop-up sections in the lower right to adjust resolution for viewing.

Lawmate GSM Video Transmitter Is Small! In fact, it's small enough to use as bodywear and comes with a belt clip holder. You can conduct walk around covert video and send it anywhere. The unit measures a mere 3 1/8 inches X 2 inches X 3/4th of an inch thick. So small and portable, you can set one up and be ready for covert video operations anytime and anywhere with a LawMate covert video camera!


Quick Startup! With the LawMate CD and instructions, you have quick start-up to get your MobileCam up and running on your computer or laptop. Once you have it set up, you can go and place the unit with a camera plugged into it and access the video online from anywhere.

Lawmate MobileCam GSM Transmitter-

Easy One- Two-Three Set-Up! LawMate has made it easy to set up your MobileCam! Insert the SIM card and Micro SD card properly. Slide the battery pack to right position then lock the battery.Plug the antenna and connect GM-GV3 to PC with USB cable then power on the MobileCam. If battery is low. Use the AC adaptor for power. supply. Install the software on the CD and set up your user name and password. Set up your ISP provider and your ready.

Lawmate GSMCam Diagram-

LawMate Advanced Features! You will find advanced features in the unit itself as well as the developed software that makes everything work! LawMate is the famous name in covert video operations gear known for it's high quality and easy operations. You will touch, see, feel and end result the covert video difference every time!

Lawmate GM-GV3 Mobilecam SepcSheet-

It's An Innovative Covert Video Revolution That Starts Now! That is correct. This innovative and small LawMate brand product opens up a new range of possibilities to access covert video rather it's a stationary covert video operation or a bodywear covert video operation. You can now access covert video anywhere there is cell phone service through the Internet.

GM-GV3 MobileCam View And Software From LawMate Includes-

Lawmate- Access Video From

Go Anywhere And Set Up Video Operations! You could go to the other side of the world, set up your covert video then access it when you want to from anywhere there is Internet access. Nothing like this has ever been offered in such a small package. Be the first to use this new video technology in your area now!

Lawmate Video GSM Transmitter Parts- www.pimall.coom/nais

Yes now you can access an video camera from anywhere in the world with this new GCM MobileCam View technology from LawMate- the famous name in covert video. Just obtain your LawMate Transmitter, install a cell phone SIMS card, and follow the user instructions to access and view your video from your computer, laptop, smart phone right through the Internet! Order today as supplies are very limited right now for this new cutting edge technology. In Stock and approved now!

GM-GV3 MobileCam View And Software From LawMate- MAP $1295.00

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