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Hawk Mobile Monitor
Installs On Smart phone - Monitor SMS, MMS, Text, Call History , GPS Location

Worried about who your children are talking to and what they’re saying? Did your teenager just get their driver’s license and you’re worried if they’re really going where they say they’re going? Not anymore! With the HAWK Mobile Monitor Agent, you can keep an eye on all of your child’s texts, phone calls, and even monitor their GPS history.

Monitor SMS and MMS
When you install a HAWK Mobile Monitor Agent application on a phone, it starts monitoring all SMS (text messages) and MMS (multi-media messages) activity on the device. It includes all incoming and outgoing messages, drafts, messages awaiting sending, and even messages whose sending failed. When the information about a new message is received by the HAWK Mobile Monitor Server, you can see the following information about a message on the HAWK Mobile Monitor website: the sender of the message, the time the message was received, sent, or created, its type, and the content of the actual message.

Monitor Multiple Phones
HAWK Mobile Monitor allows you to install its agent applications on multiple Android OS and iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch devices and monitor them independently. You can set any number of devices to be monitored in a subscription when you purchase one, and they are all linked to one account and do not interfere with each other. You can even group devices into a number of subscriptions, each with its own expiration date, and when you no longer need to monitor a device you can simply unassign the license from it and assign it to another device. The monitored data from each device is only limited by its storage time (45 days)

Monitor Call History
When you install a HAWK Mobile Monitor on a device, it starts monitoring all incoming and outgoing calls, even if there was no answer. On the website you can view detailed information of every call: the time a call was started, the phone number to and from which the call was performed, its sender and recipient (if the number is in the device address book), its type, and duration.

GPS Tracking
When you install a HAWK Mobile Monitor Agent application on a phone and enable the GPS tracking on it, you can view the history of the movements on the HAWK website. Besides providing information on the location and speed of the device at a certain moment in time, you can also download and view the GPS data on an actual map so you can see the device movements in a geographical representation.

Hawk Mobile Monitor - Monitoring Features
• Monitors all SMS/MMS activity
Monitor Call History
GPS Tracking
Supports Multiple Phones

What Is Hawk Mobile Monitor?
HAWK Mobile Monitor is a comprehensive monitoring solution for Android and iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch devices. It allows you to monitor user activity on the device via a special application installed on the target device.

What Is Hawk Mobile Monitor Compatible With?
HAWK Mobile Monitor was developed to support devices with Android OS version 2.2–5.0.2 and jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch devices with iOS version 6–8.1.3.

Does My Kid Need To Know Im Using It?
HAWK Mobile Monitor was developed to comply with the US privacy laws. The application doesn’t hide its presence on your kid’s device. If your kids are under 18, you don’t have to inform them they are being monitored. So the decision is up to you.

What Does It Monitor?
HAWK Mobile Monitor allows you to monitor main communication activity, which includes call logs (incoming, outgoing, and missed) and SMS and MMS messages (incoming, outgoing, draft, and even messages whose sending failed). It also allows you to track movements of the device user via GPS tracking and view them on the map.

What If My Kids Find Hawk Mobile Monitor On The Device
HAWK Mobile Monitor provides means of protecting the HAWK Agent on the device against uninstallation. After installing the app on the device, you can be sure it won’t be deleted without your knowing.

How Is Hawk Mobile Monitor Different?
HAWK Mobile Monitor uses reliable ways of obtaining data directly from the target device. It is guaranteed to monitor all call logs, SMS, and MMS after installation on the device. For iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch devices, you can even receive all call logs, SMS, and MMS stored on the device on the moment of Agent installation.

Can I Monitor More Than One Device?
HAWK Mobile Monitor allows you to monitor as many devices as you want.

What Happens When My Monitoring Subscription Runs Out?
You can Renewal price (per device):
6 Month renewal extension $49.99
12 Month renewal extension $79.99


Hawk Mobile Monitor - With 6 Months Of Monitoring $59.99
Hawk Mobile Monitor - With 12 Months Of Monitoring $91.99

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