Hiring Independent Contractors: The Employer's Legal Guide
by Attorney Stephen Fishman
4th Edition, Includes 43 forms On CD-Rom

Comprehensive, current and savvy, this is highly recommended...
Library Journal

Using independent contractors can save you a bundle -- but the rules about who qualifies are complicated, and misclassifying a worker can result in serious financial penalties in a state or federal audit.

If you hire programmers, writers, designers, marketing consultants, nurses, janitors, telemarketers, drivers or anyone else on a contractual basis, you need Hiring Independent Contractors.  This book shows you how to:

• assess who qualifies as an independent contractor
• hire ICs without risking an audit
• retain ownership of intellectual property when using ICs
• handle an IRS audit
• take advantage of the IRS's "Safe Harbor" law

The 4th edition is completely revised to reflect the latest laws and court rulings. It also features an entirely new chapter that takes you through a four-step process to classify workers for federal tax purposes. The book comes with all the contracts you'll need, as tear-outs and on CD-ROM.


Table of Contents

1. Why You Need This Book
2. Benefits and Risks of Hiring Independent Contractors
3. The Common Law Test
4. Federal Taxes and the IRS Rules
5. IRS Audits
6. State Payroll Taxes
7. Workers' Compensation
8. Hiring Household Workers and Family Members
9. Labor and Anti-Discrimination Laws
10. Intellectual Property Ownership
11. Planning to Avoid Trouble
12. Procedures for Hiring Independent Contractors
13. Independent Contractor Agreements
14. Help Beyond This Book
Appendix 1: How to Use the CD-ROM
Appendix 2: Contractor's Screening Documents
Appendix 3: Sample Agreements
Appendix 4: Blank IRS Forms


Press ReviewsThis book will finally end the confusion and uncertainty so many small businesses face trying to determine who is and who isn’t an employee. This is the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on the subject anywhere.
Barnard Kamoroff, CPA, author of Small Time Operator

Hiring contractors, freelancers, consultants or other outsiders, is an arena even big, supposedly sophisticated companies misunderstand. Here, in the plain language Nolo is renowned for, is a guide to the mistakes and benefits, and most importantly, tax implications of hiring people on a contractual basis.
Orange County Register
...a gold mine of federal and state requirements for employers who use contract labor...

Explains the proper relationship between a company and a contractor.
San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle

Hiring Independent Contractors: The Employer's Legal Guide
by Attorney Stephen Fishman
4th Edition, Includes 43 forms $34.95



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