Identity-Theft Is The Fastest Growing Crime In America!
You Can Obtain Massive Case Assignments Four Different Ways!

9.9 Million Victims Were Reported Last Year, According To A Federal Trade
Commission Survey! This Certification Shows Private Investigative Professionals
How To Enter A Vast New Market And Help Millions Of People Needing Help Right
Now Resolve Their Identity Theft Problems!

Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime worldwide and this training and certification gives the professional private investigator a knowledge base and toolbox to help the massive numbers of people solve their identity theft problems. The volume of Identity Theft going on has reached epidemic proportions.This kit and certification consists of three training manuals a CD and a DVD training program so the professional investigator can have access to all the tools they need to help people with the number one problem in America, Identity Theft. People who have Identity Theft problems have had their financial life just about ruined and don't really have anywhere or anyone to turn to to straighten out their credit bureau and credit card files. You can be their life-saver and collect fees of about $500.00 per case at the same time. This training material teaches you the ends and outs of Identity Theft, the laws that apply to it, investigative techniques that uncover it, as well as the steps to take and forms to use to correct it. You will find this powerful training packed with facts, techniques, law, know-how and ready-made forms that make you an expert at solving a client's Identify Theft problems. Aside from becoming an expert at fixing someone's Identity Theft Problems, you will also become a security expert on how to vastly reduce the risk of Identity Theft from happening in the first place. Here are a few simple questions and answers about providing Identity Theft Resolution, Protection Security Auditing and Identity Theft Investigative Services for to your agency.

What Is Identity Theft: Pure and simple Identity Theft is a new crime in which criminals steal someone's identity and run up huge credit card and other types of credit bills. The victim is left in the wake of the crime with vast charges that show up in their mailbox. If the problem is not resolved right away, the victim's credit and financial life are completely ruined.

What Is An Identity Theft Resolver And Security Auditor: An Identity Theft Resolver And Security Auditor is really a new service you can offer by becoming certified. There are step-by-step procedures a resolver uses to clear the identity theft credit files of the victim based on established law. An auditor is one who is able to make an audit of a person's financial activity which vastly plugs up exposure to identity theft which is a form of individual security consulting. This training material shows you how to do both. Investigators are charging up to $500.00 or more per case for resolving problems left in the wake of an identity theft victim. Investigators and security consultants are obtaining up to $195.00 or more to perform audits for clients to vastly reduce their exposure to Identity Theft.

Criminal And Civil Investigation Assignments: Since Identity Theft is the largest crime in American, there is a huge amount of both criminal and civil investigations going on at any time. This training package arms you with the knowledge and know-how to conduct these types of investigations as a professional investigator. Opportunity for case assignments have never been better!

You Are Well Suited For This Opportunity: If you are in the private investigative or security profession, you are well suited to work these types of cases simply because of your unique background and knowledge. With a little specialized training, you can start a vast and huge new type of professional service in your area with an astronomical marketing potential and massive potential client base.

Investigators Obtain Assignments In Four Different Ways: First of all, this material teaches you to resolve identity theft problems from victims which is a huge untapped market. Investigators are charging about $500.00 or more per case in resolution assignments. Secondly, you become an expert at acting as a personal security consultant conducting audits for individuals and showing them how to vastly reduce identity theft risks. Thirdly, as an expert in identity theft, you will be in a unique position to obtain assignments from law firms as a civil plaintiff or defense investigator. Forth, you are also in a qualified position to work criminal identity theft cases. These are all huge wide-open markets for private investigators to get involved in.

We have put together the best training on resolution of identity theft that's on the market. Your instructors are Mari Frank, an attorney specializing in identify theft matters and John Mays an expert security consultant on identity theft matters. Aside from the knowledge, tools and know-how you learn to charge an average of about $500.00 to help your clients resolve Identity Theft, you also learn to be an Identity Theft Auditor And Consultant. You can charge several hundred dollars to do an audit and plug up anyone's massive exposure to the Identity Theft Risk which is very high for the average individual. But that's still not all! This training will put you in a position to become an expert on Identity Theft Investigations to work both civil and criminal investigations.

Here is what your certification package and training material contains:

From Victim To Victor Manual (Second Edition)
A Complete Guide To Solving And Resolving Identify Theft Problems!
This completely updated and expanded work contains recovery tools for victims of identity theft that include the newest laws, critical consumer advice, legal suggestions, and the steps to successfully defeat this crime. By using the step-by-step techniques along with the ready-made forms that come with this training material on CD, you have armed yourself to be in a unique position of solving anyone's identity theft problems. This material has been developed by attorney Mari Franks who is one of the nation's leading authorities on identity theft and it's resolution! 179 pages.

SafeGuard Your Identity Book
How To Vastly Reduce The Risk Of Identity Theft And Lower Exposure For You And Your Clients! The information in this book gives you the expertise to evaluate any one's privacy risks and identity theft exposure so you can determine the changes one needs to make. The user friendly guide with bullet-point easy to follow steps will serve as a“personal privacy audit” you can conduct to establish a strategy to shield anyone from the epidemic of identity theft. 232 pages.

Identify Theft Forms CD
All The fill-In-The Blanks Forms, Affavits And Letters You Need To Resolve Identify Theft Problems. Developed By Mari Frank For Her Law Practice To Resolve Identity Theft Problems For Her Clients. These forms open in your computer and can be used again and again. Just fill them in. The forms allow you to complete essential correspondence to various agencies by filling in the blanks, completing the forms and the affidavits. Forms will work on a PC or Mac.

Special WebSite Tools
This Material Also Contains Useful Website Tools You Will Use As It Relates To Identity Theft Problems And Resolution. You can Surf Directly To Dozens Of Helpful Website Resources.

Preventing Identity Theft The Book
The Preventing Identity Theft Manual gives you prevention measures and step-by-step guidelines on what to do for a client from the prospective of an Identity Theft Consultant. 188 pages

Identity Theft The DVD
The Identity Theft DVD gives you a run-down on conducting identity theft investigations, prevention audits and know-how for the professional investigator.

NAIS Certification Test
A 50 Question Test Is Included In This Training Material.

NAIS Certification Certificate
After you study the material, you take an open book test on your own and send it back in. Once you successfully pass the test, the National Association Of Investigative Specialists will issue a certification certificate in your name in Identity Theft Case Resolution And Prevention.

This powerful training material hands you an opportunity to help people resolve their identity theft problems and shows you how to conduct an identity theft audit to reduce one's exposure to identity theft. You collect fees two different ways and almost everyone in America with a credit card is a potential client. You will also be in a very unique position to work the massive numbers of both criminal and civil identity theft investigations going on right now.

Part of this material has been developed by attorney Mari Frank who is considered the nation's leading authority on identity theft and has developed a law practice around it. A few years ago, she was honored at the White House by the President and First Lady for her work on this subject which has become vital to almost every American's financial heath and credit rating.

Every once in a while you stumble upon a really golden opportunity to help people resolve problems and collect fees for doing it that turns into a huge and thriving practice. Such vast opportunity for you doesn't happen that often but your moment for opportunity has now arrived! This is a unique service you can provide with a market potential so huge you will never run out of potential clients! The decision to become involved in this opportunity is now in your hands. Act now and invest the small amount of funds and training effort so you can become the first NAIS certified identity theft resolver and auditor in your area right now. We know you will be very glad that you did.

You can order each section individually or as a complete package. In order to order the test, you need to have all the other training elements in the program for certification and to take the test.

From Victim To Victor, The Identity Theft Solutions Manual $39.95
Legal Forms For Identity Theft Resolution On CD $29.95
SafeGuard Your Identity The Book $15.95
Preventing Identity Theft The Book By Johnny May, CPP $18.95
Identity Theft Prevention And Investigation The DVD $89.00
NAIS Certification Test With Certificate On Successful Completion $150.00
(Must already have the training material to do the certification)

The Complete NAIS Certification Package:




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