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Highlights of our Contractor Agreement Template:
- Covers all important sections in detail (25 topics).
- Includes liability and confidentiality clauses.
- Includes clear scope of work and fees sections.
- Written by lawyers and HR experts.
- Completely customizable in any word processor.
- Free Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement Template.
- All of this for only $9.95!

Best of all, there is no waiting! You can download this file right after purchase and print it out in minutes.

Contractor Agreements are a must for all outside labor.
If you have an independent contractor working for your business, then you need to have an agreement in place. By formally outlining what you expect from your contractor, you can avoid headaches later. Benefits include:

• confidentiality and liability clauses formally laid out;
• a detailed outline of the scope of work and deliverables;
• a fee schedule that eliminates surprise charges.Even if you're already working with a contractor that has not signed an agreement, it's not too late to get them to sign a form now.

Until now, getting an agreement like this was expensive!
Paying lawyers to write policy contracts can take weeks and cost thousands of dollars. One-page forms are less costly, but don't provide the details you need. We created our Independent Contractor Agreement Template to avoid high costs and wasted time. Our template contains the most important contractor agreement sections, and works with any word processor (including the Mac), so that customizing and printing your contract is as easy as possible.
Our Independent Contractor Agreement is thorough.

Our well-written Independent Contractor Agreement Template contains the sections you need to accurately record your working relationship. It even includes a detailed project plan form, which outlines the deliverables, timeline and fees for the project. The contents of the template are outlined below:

Contractor Agreement Sections:
Primary Agreement Sections
- Independent Contractor Services
- Fees for Service
- Relationship of Parties
- Confidentiality and Proprietary Rights
- Contractor Warranties
- Assignment of Personnel
- Indemnification
- Term and Termination
- Limitation of Liability
- Non-Recruitment
- Assignment
- Notices
- Binding Effect
- Construction of Agreement
- Entire Agreement Exhibit A: Project Statement
- Definitions
- Description of Contractor Project
- Terms of the Project Statement
- Project Management
- Obligations of the Parties
- Acceptance
- Progress Reports
- Amount, Schedule and Method of Compensation
- Restrictions on Sub-contracting

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All of this for only $9.95!

With all of the great benefits of our Independent Contractor Agreement Template, there's no reason not to buy it today! So order now - and get all the protection and benefits this agreement offers you and your business!

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