Introduction to Executive Protection

By Dale L. June
Former US Secret Service Special Agent,
White House Presidential Detail

Hardcover, 6 1/2 x 9 1/2, photos, illus., Index, Glossary, Review Questions For Each Chapter, 288 pages

Introduction to Executive Protection goes way beyond even a lot of the so-called advanced manuals on the market exposing the secrets of executive protection by an author who has extensive experience in the field including protection to US Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmie Carter and Ronald Reagan. This work provides beginners and well as seasoned pros in the occupation of executive protection with the tools they need to know and appreciate the profession; to enable them to realize what is expected when they are placed in positions of confidence and trust; and to understand the implications of being responsible for the safety and lives of others.


•Addresses both protector and protectee by providing information on requirements, conduct, and qualifications

•Discusses both residential and estate security

•Uses actual stories to illustrate the "hard way" of learning practical and common sense points through trial and error

•Offers "refresher" information to veteran executive protection specialists who wish to expand their horizons or to rekindle their dedication to the principles of the job

•Explains protectee protocol

•Provides diagrams and pictures showing ways to protect individuals
•Includes a glossary of executive protection terms

This guide emphasizes the basic elements of executive protection which are often neglected or overlooked in practical application, even by professional schools of executive protection instruction which sometimes mistakenly assume all enrollees are practiced journeymen. In addition to practical and technical considerations of the profession, "executive protection" means working with people on a personal level. The author draws on his extensive and varied experience in the field to share events that inform and enlighten students of executive protection and teach them how to best avoid endangering those they protect.

Table Of Contents:
• Assassination!
• History
• Political Assassination
• Attacks on the Office of the President (1970s to 1980s)
• Historical Presidential Attacks
• Religious Assassinations
• Psychological Profile of the Assassination
• Executive Protection
• Roots: Personal Protection - Private Security
• Bodyguard vs. Executive Protection
• Concepts of Executive Protection
• Principles of Protection
• Prepare for Any Eventuality
• Deterrence
• Hardening the Target
• Concentric Circles
• Who Are the Principals or Protectees
• The Advance
• Planning
• Anticipation
• Preparation
• Writing an Advance Survey Report
• Purpose
• Duties of an Advanceman
• Legal Considerations
• Public Agencies and Private Enterprise
• Legal Consequences
• Carrying a Concealed Weapon
• Use of Force
• Self-Defense
• Requirements, Character, and Conduct
• Requirements of an Executive Protection Specialist
• Professional Conduct
• Protective Agent Equipment
• Weapons
• Carrying a Concealed Weapon
• Shotguns and Other Weapons
• Personal Body Armor
• Personal Conduct (Protectee Protocol)
• Working with the Press (Media Relations)
• Working with the Host Committee
• Working the Principal
• Working Close Proximity
• Deceptive Tactics
• Working a Principal in a Crowd
• The Protective Team
• Security Posts
• The Checkpoint
• Surveillance Post
• Surveillance Post General Instructions
• Specialty Posts
• At Home and Away
• Estate Security
• Physical and Psychological Barriers
• Technological Systems
• The Residential Building
• Office Security
• Access Control
• Corporate Secrets, Industrial Espionage, and Theft
• Computer Security
• Security Awareness
• Safety
• Safety Consciousness
• Natural and Man-Made Disasters
• Emergency Operations Plan
• The Car and Evasive Driving
• Vehicle Security
• Terrorism!
• Definitions
• Terrorist Motivation
• Terrorist Methods
• Terrorist Weapons • Who Are the Terrorists
• Kidnapping and Bombs!
• Types of Kidnappers
• Establishing Kidnap/Extortion Policy
• Hostage/Kidnap Negotiations
• Bombs and Bomb Threats
• Bomb Delivery
• Bomb Protection/Evacuation
• Bomb Threat Procedures
• Switchboard Operator Instructions
• Crisis Management
• Report of Bomb Threat Form
• The ABC's of Medicine
• Medical Emergencies
• Tips and Advice
• Additional Training and Education
• Professionalism
• American Assassinations of the 1960s (America's Decade of Violence)
• Glossary Of Terms


Introduction To Executive Protection is must reading for anyone who is considering a career in executive protection or is already involved in it. Hardcover, 6 1/2 x 9 1/2, photos, illus., Index, Glossary, Review Questions For Each Chapter, 288 pp.

Introduction to Executive Protection
By Dale L. June, 288 pages $85.00



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