Invisible Secrets 4
The One Savvy Software Tool For All Your Computer Countermeasures And Privacy Needs! Amazing Diplomatic Level Secure Communications And Tools!
, Cryptography, Password Manager, Destroy Files, Internet Trace Destructor, Cryptboard, EMail Encryption , IP-to-IP Password Transfer , Application Locker! Instant Download After Purchase. Only $39.95

We are living in the information age!

Data transmissions are vital and became a necessity nowadays. Whether you exchange private messages, or business / commercial secrets, you must protect your confidential information from hackers, your boss, or secret services. But we live in an insecure world where unwanted persons can access your personal information ( like e-mails or personal desktop documents ) and often use it against you.

You can encrypt your information, but when you realize that common encryption key lengths of 40 and 56 bits are routinely cracked with a minimum amount of effort, you can see why this might be a problem. But what if you can hide the encrypted message, and make it invisible to others?

This is how Invisible Secrets 4 works: it encrypts the message (or any information you want) and then it hides the encrypted message into an "innocent" file called carrier file.

Browsing the Net is fun and useful but it leaves traces on your computer and others can see what you used the Internet for.

Invisible Secrets 4 is now a powerful security suite that helps you solve these problems. With Invisible Secrets 4 you can hide files, encrypt files, destroy your Internet traces, shred files, make secure IP to IP password transfer and even lock any application on your computer.

Main Features

Steganography is the art and science of hiding information by embedding messages within other, seemingly harmless messages. When a message is encrypted, it has no meaning, and it's easy to understand that it contains sensitive information, a secret - and someone might try to break it. Steganography solves this problem by hiding the sensitive information in a harmless file called carrier file. While normal file encryption software allows you only to scramble information, Invisible Secrets 4 also allows you to hide information in five innocent looking files types: JPEG, PNG, BMP, HTML and WAV.

This method of disguising data (steganography) is not infallible. But it considerable raise the work of any experienced code-breaker, who must identify first the right carrier, extract the sensitive data from it, and only after that (if he gets this far) - the hard work of breaking the code.
Steganography is the perfect supplement for file encryption.

Invisible Secrets 4 provides both cryptographic and stenographic features, and much more...
Invisible Secrets 4 offers several methods of diversions to increase the stealth and security of your secret message and also increase the work your opponent.

Encryption is the translation of data into a secret code. To read an encrypted file, you must know the correct password (also called key) that allows you to decrypt it. File encryption is based on encryption algorithms - a process capable of translating data into a secret code.

Invisible Secrets 4 uses strong cryptography: AES-Rijndael, Blowfish, Twofish, RC4 (RC4 is a registered trademark of RSA Data Securities Inc.), Cast128, GOST, Diamond 2, Sapphire 2.

Invisible Secrets 4 is shell integrated (available from Windows Explorer), so the file encryption operations are easier than ever.

Password Manager
With Invisible Secrets 4 you can store passwords in encrypted password lists. The password lists are useful because you don't have to remember all the passwords you are using, only one access key to open the password list. For each password you provide a description and some additional information (like username and URL related to the password, priority and more). When you select a description from the list, the edit boxes from the main window which require the input of a password will be automatically filled with the selected password.

With Invisible Secrets 4 you can also generate real-random passwords.

Destroy Files
Deleting files and folders from Windows Explorer is not secure. This will delete only the file's name so that you will no longer see it in Windows Explorer. To destroy files and folder beyond recovery you must overwrite the file/folder before erase. Invisible Secrets 4 provides an integrated Shredder (DoD 5220.22-M compliant) for this operation.

New! Internet Trace Destructor
Internet Traces are information left behind on your computer while you browse the Internet: internet cache, cookies, recently typed URLs, Internet Explorer History and Most Recently Used Documents / Applications.

With Invisible Secrets 4 you can destroy all these traces so that nobody would ever know what did you use the Internet for, and what websites you visited.

New! Cryptboard
The Cryptboard is a new concept in Invisible Secrets 4. While working in Window Explorer (or other shell programs) you can add files to the Cryptboard - which is similar to a basket that contains files. The files are remembered in a list (called Cryptboard), and you can perform various security operations on them in a single step, anytime you want. The Cryptboard is accessible through the context menu, the tray icon, or from the main program.

New! EMail Encryption
Invisible Secrets 4 offers a new function: creation of Self Decrypting Packages. Using this function you can create an executable package with encrypted content. Before encryption the files are compressed. After the package is created you can send it by email. All the receiver needs to decrypt the package at destination is the correct password (no need of special programs), since the package is a program itself.

New! IP-to-IP Password Transfer
In security everything is related to passwords and keys. Once two parties agree on a password they can initiate a secure communication and send encrypted emails or documents. The only problem is to communicate to the recipient the correct key, without the danger that a hacker might intercept the password during the transfer. This feature allows you to exchange a password between two computers using an encrypted internet line.

New! Application Locker

If you have applications on your computer that you would like to keep only for yourself, or to restrict the access to those applications, the perfect solution for you is the Lock Applications function. Invisible Secrets will encrypt the application. When you want to run a locked application you need to provide the password. Invisible Secrets will decrypt the application and will allow you to run it. After the application is closed, Invisible Secrets re-encrypts it in the background. To quickly open the list of locked application you can define a hot-key, or use the tray menu.

Complete List of Features for Invisible Secrets 4
Invisible Secrets is an easy-to-use yet a powerful wizard interfaced file encryption and steganography software, your best choice for computer security
Five Carriers: hide files in JPG, PNG, HTML (without any data length restriction), BMP and WAV (source data proportional with the size of the image/sound).
Strong cryptography: file encryption using AES-Rijndael, Blowfish, Twofish, RC4(TM), Cast128, GOST, Diamond 2, Sapphire II.
New! Email Encryption: create self-decrypting packages
It includes a shredder which conforms to the norm of the US Department of Defense DoD 5220.22-M
New! wipes out internet traces
It includes a Password Manager
New! IP-to-IP password transfer
Shell integration (The "Invisible Secrets" submenu appears in the system context menu)
New! Functions available through the Tray Icon
New! Cryptboard
New! Application Locker
It is also very flexible: The user can develop his own algorithms or carriers and integrate them very easy in the program
Data compression before the encrypt/hide process
Mail the resulted carrier after the process or place it somewhere on the Internet through a FTP Connection.
A very well organized FTP Servers Library
Secured algorithms and carriers libraries through activation keys
Fake messages generator.
Perfect local security: all the temporary files used in the process are wiped out
The possibility to wipe the source data or the original carrier after the process
Invisible Secrets uses a complex shredding method (DoD compliant): seven pass wiping with randomly generated patterns which makes hardware recovery impossible.

Invisible Secrets 4
The One Savvy Software Tool For All Your Computer Countermeasures And Privacy Needs! Steganography
, Cryptography, Password Manager, Destroy Files, Internet Trace Destructor, Cryptboard, EMail Encryption , IP-to-IP Password Transfer , Application Locker! Amazing Price Only $39.95 For All This!

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