SuperTek Surveillance Kit
One Small Price - One Huge Video Advantage!
Pocket DVR With Four Different Micro Cameras!
Black Pocket Tiny DVR
EyeglassCam Powered By DVR
ButtonCam Powered By DVR
Wireless Color Pinhole Camera
Wired Color Pinhole Camera
Everything For Covert Surveillance

The new generation SuperTek PI Portable Surveillance Covert Video Kit gives you a massive video surveillance kit with a new generation palm-sized DVR and four different cameras for different covert video functions. The covert video eyeglass camera has slightly tented lens for either indoor or outdoor use and the DVR powers the camera! The tiny full color button camera gives you the ability to wear a covert video camera on your shirt button! It comes with a set of matching buttons to do a shirt. The DVR also powers the button camera so there is no need for camera battery problems. The wireless pinhole camera gives you covert video wireless camera ability in a finger-tip sized camera so small you can hide it anywhere. The wired color pinhole camera gives you covert video ability when you don't need wireless function. This massive kit gives you a total extreme covert video surveillance ability for just about any need. With this Extreme PI Potable Kit you can hide the cameras anywhere for stationary functions or use the button and/or eyeglass camera for bodywear functions. One high end DVR and four different cameras for various covert video surveillance applications at one super wholesale import price! Look at these amazing features and specs:

Features Tiny Pocket DVR
• 2.5 TFT LCD Color Screen
• 320 x 240 TV resolutions
• 256 MB built in memory
• SD expansion slot (sold separately)
• 7 hours of video playtime and 15 hours for MP3 on fully charged battery (apprx 5 hours)

Features Eyeglass/Sunglass Camera
• Covert Video Camera Position So You Record What You See
• No Power Battery Needed! Powered By The DVR!
• Near Clear Lens So You Can Use Them Inside Or Out
• Resolution 382 Lines
• 2.0 Lux Rating

Features: Covert Video Button Camera
• High Grade CMOS Low Light Button Camera
• No Power Battery Needed! Powered By The DVR!
• 10 Pcs. Extra Matching Buttons Are Included For The Whole Shirt.
• 2.0 Lux Rating
• Resolution 382 Lines

Features: Covert Video Wireless Fingercam
• Amazingly Small Finger-Tip Wireless Camera
• 380 Lines Of Resolution
• 3.0 Lux rating
• Can Hide It Anywhere!
• 9 volt battery power and/or A/C Outlet.

Features: Wired Covert Video Pinhole Camera
• 1/3 inch CMOS color camera.
• 1.5 Lux rating!
• 380 Lines Of Resolution
• 9 volt battery power and/or A/C Outlet

• Mini DVR
• Color Covert Sunglasses
• Color Button Camera
• Color Wireless Pinhole Video Camera
• Color Wired Pinhole Video Camera
• AC Adapter
• USB Cable
• RCA Cables
• CD
• Complete instructions

• 3 1/2 x 2 1/4 x 3/4

Never before has one big high quality covert video surveillance kit been offered with all of this. Four unique cameras and pocket DVR for all your covert video applications so capturing the covert video evidence you need to get is easier and cheaper to do. Don't leave home to do a surveillance without a set! Amazing low cost limited time pricing so order noe!

SuperTek Surveillance Kit
MSRP: $595.00 Your Cost $395.00



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