Watch Out He's Back!

Jay J. Armes Investigator
The World's Most Successful Private-Eye!
234 Pages, Hardcover, Photos

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Watch out because Jay J. Armes is back! James Bond is fiction, Jay J Armes is not! He's the world's most successful private investigator and you will not be able to put this reprint down if you never had a change to read the original. If you did read it years ago, it's time to get a new copy and read it again. Ralph Thomas recently wrote this about this man ......

"Just as American history reveals the king of politicians as men like Lincoln and
John Kennedy and just as Elvis Presley is the King of Rock-M-Roll, there is
no doubt in my mind that JJ Armes of El Paso, Texas is known now and
will forever be known as the king of private investigation. " Ralph Thomas

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Thomas Wrote On Spending the Day With Jay Armes

Jay J Armes has almost everything. The most successful private detective in the country, he unwinds from the daring challenges that are his everyday fare in a million-dollar mansion complete with private zoo and tigers that prowl on the loose. A charismatic man who collects cars, cloths, and the material rewards of his phenomenal success with style, his is deeply religious and contributes ten percent of his earning to his local church. A crack shot, a karate expert, a veteran of thirteen assassination attempts, he is a man of peace who jealously protects his family's privacy and safety. There is no doubt about it, Jay J. Armes has almost everything--except hands. '

At the age of twelve Armes lost both his hands while playing with dynamite. Be he doesn't consider the loss of hands a handicap: "You can do anything you set your mind to, except that you do it in a different way," he says, and his record bears him out. He has solved many headline-making cases, such as finding Marlon Brando's abducted son, but most of his work is for clients-including royalty, tycoons, movie stars,-who, for understandable reasons, wish to remain anonymous. He has rescued kidnap victims, resolved robberies, unraveled intrigues, and faced assault and attempted murder. Armes admits that he has frequently outraged the FBI, police, and assorted law enforcement agents who have met with less success.

Jay J. Armes is a legend, and that legend and the larger-than-life man behind it comes vividly alive in the spell-binding account of his most intriguing cases and the methods- always uniquely his own -that he uses to solve them.

Some of Armes' devices make the fictional equipment of James Bond seem like child's play. When one of his thirteen would-be assassins shot him in the chest at close range, Armes returned fire with a secret weapon- a .22 magnum pistol imbedded in his right prosthesis and fired by flexing the muscles of his arm. Armes reports the cost of that custom feature at $2,000--and adds that he has a "$100,000 'surprise' in my left hook." All of his eleven cars, including the Rolls, are equipped with television and video-tape gear that enable Armes to turn the tables in the shadowing game. "While they're looking in the rear view mirror to see if anyone's behind them," he laughs, "I"m right in front of them watching their every move."

Jay Armes isn 't exaggerating when he says he can do more without hands than a lot of people who have them. In fact, he can do things that are impossible for anyone with normal hands. On TV and in the movies you see people whacking away at each other with bare knuckles all the time. In real life, they'd be out of action for a month, with broken hands. Armes doesn't have that problem. Barriers mean nothing to him either. He can strike and shatter materials that would break even the conditioned hands of a karate master. The ordinary man cannot smash plate glass with his clenched fist, but Armes can. He can pry apart links of a steel chain, pluck documents from a roaring incinerator, bash his arm through the heavy paneling of a locked door, casually pick up a red-hot blowtorch-and stay in business. For any other man, it would be emergency treatment at the nearest hospital.

And another personal note about this book from Ralph Thomas.....
I have to tell you! I have had the pleasure of meeting Presidents, kings, religious leaders, rock stars and movie stars. I've also had the opportunity to meet famous and infamous journalists, TV talking heads and famous corporate CEOs. Of all of them through all of my life, no one has made more of a profound impression on me than the man from El Pasco, Jay J Armes. I want you to have his book so you too can learn about what this man from El Paso is all about. Not only will you not be able to put the book down, you too will come to a greater understanding of what being a success in the private investigative industry is all about and being the very best you can be in life! Jay J Armes is my true American hero!

It's your turn now! If you are a private investigator, investigator of any type or an American, you owe it to yourself to read this book and find out exactly what makes the most successful investigator in the world tick!

Jay J. Armes Investigator
The World's Most Successful Private-Eye!
234 Pages, Hardcover, Photos
Special Arranged Low Pricing Through Mr. Armes : Only $19.95


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