New 18.5 Hour MicoDot Round Digital Recorder
With Leather Key Chain Cover, Voice Activation, Timed Recording And
Law Enforcement/Broadcast Grade Results!

When it comes to micro small high quality digital audio recorders, it just doesn't get any better than this! The new MicoDot Round gives you highly superior law enforcement grade performance in the world's smallest package! The new generation high grade recorder comes with a leather key chain cover which you can take on and off. The new generation MicroDot Round features an extremely small size and weight with an amazing 18.5 hours worth of recording time. The broadcast quality sampling rate of up to 8 kHz with 2 bit ADPCM compression, a wide frequency range (100- 10000Hz) and an amplified super sensitive top quality built in mini microphone give you an amazing audio recording edge with top quality performance. You will get crystal clear results every time! A built-in real time clock and a calendar are provided, as well as start-up mode by timer. That means you can conduct timed recordings any time you want to. The amazing built in voice activation feature lets you keep the time gaps or delete them when you download them to your computer with it's highly advanced software. Due to the absence of moving parts, this tiny recorder functions in a wide temperature range, under vibration and dusty conditions.

This model is unique from other models in its being round, having a leather case and the ability to be charged from USB port. These features certainly give it a perfect stealth of a simple trinket. But really it's not. The unit can be connected to PC via USB port with the supplied cable.

The supplied software, working under Windows 2000/XP OS, makes it possible:
• to save the recorded messages as standard sound files
• to set the recorder parameters
• to use the recorder as a flash-disc as well as to store and transfer files.
• Firmware can be updated through the software as new features are added

MicroDot Round Audio has a Voice Activating System (VAS) which effectively compresses pauses in messages, therefore increasing the actual record time. Using this system saves memory during pauses, but the time intervals remain. When downloading records to PC, the pause length can be either restored (as silence) or passed depending on the settings made. The Unit working modes are indicated with the LED indicator. The Unit working modes are indicated with the LED indicator.New! The UNit's Li-Pol battery can be charged right from USB port. The Unit can act as a flash-disc, which enables storing and transferring any data on it. The unit can be used simultaneously for both recording messages and as a flash-disc, with the distribution of memory space for message recording and flash-disc being set by the user. The unit makes it possible to record by both daily timer (time of recording start and stop is set) and once timer (date and time of recording start and stop is set). To secure the data, a password may be set in the unit, which prevents another user from unauthorized access to the unit content and settings. Every record made with the unit is marked with the recording start time and date, and has a digital signature to define the unit, which was used to make the record, and possible modification of the record file. The unit software provides a multilingual support.

• Recording time - 18 hours
• Low consumption current
• Power supply from Li-Pol rechargeable battery with capacity -240 m Ah
• Battery life (sampling rate 8 K Hz, without compression) – up to 120 hours
• Battery life (VAS mode, audio signal below threshold) – up to 400 hours
• USB 1.1 Interface
• Voice Activation
• Timed recording features
• Built-in microphone sensitivity 7-9 meters
• Charging of the Li-Pol rechargeable battery from a USB port of a computer
• In a stand-by mode the recorder can function without charging up to 12 months.
• Case: Leather
• Dimensions, mm diameter 55 mm, height 11 mm
• Weight, grams 21 g.
• Record time 18 hours
• Battery life in record mode, hours up to 120 hours
• Power supply Li-Pol battery which can be charged from USB port
• Data transfer rate to PC up to 5.5 Mbit/s (USB 1.1)

Package Content
• Voice recorder
• USB cable
• CD with drivers and programs
• User manual
• Wooden case

Recorder settings Screen Shot

The New 18 Hour High Grade MicoDot Round Digital Audio Recorder
Comes In A Highly Attractive Wooden Box. You Will Love This High End Quality!

The MicoDot Round Digital Audio Recorder Is Extremely Easy To Use! There are only two buttons on the unit hidden under it's leather case. They are record and stop. The other functions can be set up when you plug the unit into your computer with the software which cones on a CD. You obtain broadcast quality recording with it's highly sensitive amplified mic and you get very fast downloading to your computer through it's USB port. There is no other audio recorder like this in the market place and it's already being hailed as the high grade standard for national investigative and international intelligence organizations throughout the world!

The new MicoDot Round Key Chain Audio tiny 18.5 hour digital voice recorder is one of the latest, smallest and highest quality digital recorders in the market place today and you will love it's unique design and highly advanced features found in no other micro audio recorder! Get your new MicroDot Round today because we know you will fall in love with it!


New 18 Hour MicoDot Round Digital Audio Recorder
With Leather Key Chain Cover
MSRP: $695.00 Your Cost $495.00


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