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All Nations Telephone Search Engine- Expatriates Telephone Search Engine
It's one of a kind. An engine based on placing international calls from international locations, not just from the United States as most telephone search engines are programed to do. It gives you the calling code instructions from each of the world's nations to any other nation. In addition this engine allows you to search every on-line telephone directory in the world. (Over 700 directories) Plus it gives you an instant link to all of the embassies of the nation you are calling, the lowest international rates for your call, and a link to that countries voltage for those who are planning on traveling or relocating to that nation. We designed this engine with expatriates in mind, but it will work for anyone. Search by choosing the country you are trying to phone.

Area Code Decoder
The Area Code Decoder provides you with current information related to area codes,
city codes, and country codes. Simply type in the name of a city, state,
and/or country, or a city code, area code, or country phone code.

Area Code Location
Provides a list of locations for each area code in the US, Canada and the Carribean. All these area codes are regulated by the North American Numbering Plan Administration NANPA. Listed are towns and cities with population of over 6,000 with some exceptions.

Country Telephone Dialing Codes
Input location you are calling from and location you are calling to and this site gives you the cdoes to use when calling quick and easy.

Info USA - Reverse Phone Search
Input phone number and get name and address info on listed numbers.
A lookup and reverse lookup for cell phone numbers.

Google Phone Search Reverse And Web Lookup
Input a phone number such as 512-719-3595 and google will return phone book results at the top with name and address as well as list all known web pages where a phone number will appear. Click on he link and you can get both maps and satellite phone images.

Pay Phone Directory
This is the original Pay Phone Directory, offering thousands and thousands of pay phone numbers in the United States, Canada, and other countries, far more than any other pay phone number website on the internet. Click here for a detailed explanation of how to read the directory.

PhoneNumbers Reverse
Input phone number and get name, address, zip. Input persons name and get other data.

411 Phone Number Reverse
Input phone number and get name, address, zip. Input persons name and get other data.

Switchboard Phone Number Reverse
Another reverse phone service. Input phone number ad get name and address data. Once you get a lsiting, you can click on the link and get a map.

Switchboard Address To Name And Phone Number Reverse
Input an address and get the name and phone number that goes with it.

411 Area Code
Enter a city and select a state in the area provided -Enter an area code in the area provided. Select a country from the list provided

Telephone Prefix Locator
To find a prefix location in a specific area code, click on the area code to go to the search page for that area code.

The Phone Finder
Input area code and prefix and get general locations for USA/Canadianor Search international.

Toll Free Number Locator
Locates tool free numbers by inputting business name.

Verizon Reverse Number Lookup
Input a phone number and get name, address, zipcode and maps.

International Directories
An AOL link page to international phone directories on the web.

Yahoo! People Search
Yahoo! People Seach helps you look up email addresses, find phone numbers, and view other contact information for the people you need.

Lycos People Search
Find addresses and phone numbers for people and businesses by entering their name or location.

Online directory and search company offering white pages, yellow pages, maps, reverse phone lookups, regional searches, and email directories.

Ultimate White Pages
Search multiple white pages and phone number directories from a single page.

Netscape White Pages
Locate people by first name, last name, city, and state.

AOL White Pages
Search AOL white pages for phone numbers, email, and addresses for people in the United States and Canada.

International Telephone Directories
Claims to be able to find anyone in the world with a phone number. You start out by selection a country. You then pick the type of phone directory you want to use.

Melissa Data: Lookup Directory
Lists lookups for people searches, ZIP and area codes, phone numbers and emails, U.S. and Canadian addresses, street and place names, schools, and postal information.
White Pages - search the white pages by name and address or do a reverse search by phone number.

People Search - people search database that provides postal addresses and phone numbers for a given name and area.
White pages and yellow pages service, listing phone number, address, and email information for people and businesses. Includes reverse address and reverse phone number lookup.

Phone Number Search
Search personal and business phone number directories, reverse phone number lookups, and find out what your phone number spells.

SoUno Yellow Pages
People finder and yellow pages service, providing both business and residential phone numbers and addresses.




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