Wireless Video Monitoring System With Pan And Tilt Feature
Up to 330 feet Transmission Distance
Night Vision! 10 Infrared Illuminators (Sees In Total Darkness Up To 20 Feet!)

There are many wireless baby and instant office monitors in the market today. Some have small screens, some are black and white, and most are unstable. None of them have" pan and tilt" rotating capabilities from the base as the others require an extra motor and receiver unit. So let's put this one under the "must have tools" for video monitoring when you need pan and tilt ability at an affordable cost in a small compact system! Pan and tilt functions os controlled through the monitor. 10 infrared illuminators see in total darkness for up to 20 ft.! Wireless battery operated remote pan/tilt/LCD monitor controller allows for an incredible 187 degree horizontal rotation angle and 60 degree vertical rotation angle. 2.5” LCD-TFT monitor insures excellent picture quality. Built-in audio lets you know when baby is in need. “AV out” allows for recording or viewing on TV or Monitor.

Specifications General:
• Dimensions: 104 x 110 x 124mm
• Weight: 260g
• View angle: 62 degrees
• Image sensor: 1/3 CMOS
• Night vision range: 8m
• Transmission power: 10mW/CE; 2mW/FCC
• Resolutions: 380 TV lines
• Power supply: DC+9V
•10 infrared illuminators (Sees In Total Darkness Up To 20 Feet!)
• Transmission distance: up to 100m (330ft.) in open space

Specifications Camera:
• Imaging Sensor : CMOS
• CMOS Total Pixels : 628x582(PAL) ; 510x492(NTSC)
• Horizontal Resolution: 380 TV Lines
• View Angle:  60 Degree
• Minimum Illumination:  0  Lux
• Transmission Frequency:  ISM 2,400~2,483 MHz
• Transmission Power : 10mW/CE; 2mW/FCC
• Modulation Type:  FM
• Bandwidth : 18 MHz
• Power Supply:  +9 VDC
• Consumption Current : 600mA & 700mA(IR ON) 
• Horizontal Rotating Angle: 187 Degree
• Vertical Rotating Angle: 60 Degree 
• Unobstructed Effective Range : 100m (Min)
• Night Vision Range: 20 feet In Total darkness
• Dimensions(WxDxH):  104 x110 x124 mm
• Weight : 260 g
• Operating Temperature : -10 ~ +50 (Degree C) / +14 ~ +122 (Degree F)
• Storage Temperature:  -20 ~ +85 (Degree C) / -4 ~ +185 (Degree F)
• Operating Humidity:  85% RH

Specifications Receiver/Viewing Monitor:
• LCD Size : 2.5 inch TFT
• LCD Resolution: 480 x 234
• Receiving Frequency: ISM 2,400MHz~2,483MHz
• Intermediate Frequency: 480MHz
• Demodulation Type: FM
• Receiving Sensitivity: <= -85dBm
• Power Supply:  +9 VDC
• Consumption Current : 300mA
• Dimensions(WxDxH):  68 x 149 x 26 mm (Excluding Antenna)
• Weight : 170 g
• Operating Temperature : 0 ~ +50 (Degree C) / +32 ~ +122 (Degree F)
• Storage Temperature:  -20 ~ +80 (Degree C) / -4 ~ +176 (Degree F)
• Operating Humidity:  85% RH

• Wireless Pan And Tilt Camera For Day Or Night Use
• Pocket-Sized Viewing Screen With Receiver
• Remote Control Built Into Monitor
• All Needed Plugs And Connections
• Operations Manual

With it's easy setup, this is the perfect pan and tilt video monitoring system to have! You will find this system the perfect gear for any instant pan and tilt video operation including office and home monitoring, baby monitoring and special operations video monitoring. It can beset up in a matter of seconds and be used for temporary or long range video monitoring. With it's pan and tilt that is controlled from your end, you have total control.

Wireless Video Monitoring System With Pan And Tilt Feature
Up to 330 feet Transmission Distance
MSRP: $695.00 Your Cost Only $295.00



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