By Ralph Thomas And Fay Faron



Look At The Red Dots On The Book Cover! These Are Assignments From Just One Client!

Another major mega shift is taking place in the investigative and inspection services profession as massive numbers of businesses in America are finding a huge need to conduct mystery shopping of their various stores and outlets. For the very few that are in this booming business, they are trying to keep the word quite about the explosive growth the mystery shopping service industry has had in the last few years. Mystery shopping, as a type of inspection and investigative service; has been around for decades. However, the mega shift to multi-location businesses from one location operations has fueled an explosive demand for mystery shopping services. It's turned into a 1.5 billion dollar industry. This new start-up manual takes the mystery out of mystery shopping services and shows you the types of clients to market to. The manual also goes into step-by-step detail on how to conduct various types of mystery shops.

May investigators think of mystery shops as covert undercover assignments in which you go into a retail business to check on employee honesty. Those cases are still around and around in explosive numbers. All you have to do is drive down the street or go to the mall. Almost every business these days are multi-unit outlets. The regional managers and home offices of almost all of these businesses use mystery shopping services and these assignments could just as easily be your assignments. Mystery shopping has changed with a lot of focus on customer service. Home offices and regional offices use mystery shopping to find out how well their outlets are seen from a customer stand point. Think of just about any type of business and you will see a need for mystery shopping services. Potential clients are all around you and many of them have never even been approached.

Mystery shopping assignments run from the simple $40.00 to $60.00 shop that only takes five to fifteen minutes to complete, to larger more complex shops that might involve covert video. The more complex cases take two or three hours and bill out at between $200.00 up to $500.00 per case. More than that, a few large accounts can give you dozens of assignments per month. Mystery shopping is an unseen industry that few people really understand but this start-up manual hands you the hard-core scoop so you can add mystery shopping services to your investigative agency or start a service that does nothing but them. It's a wide open uncrowded field.

Table of Contents
Chapter One: The Explosive Growth In This 1.5 Billion Dollar Industry
Chapter Two: Understanding The Mystery Shopping Industry
Chapter Three: The Operatives
Chapter Four: The Strategy of the Investigation
Chapter Five: Pre-evaluation Form
Chapter Six: Anatomy of an Investigation
Chapter Seven: How Bartenders Steal
Chapter Eight: Stealing from Restaurants
Chapter Nine: Writing the Report
Chapter Ten: Selling the Client Case
Chapter Eleven: Sources And Aids For Mystery Shopping Services

If you want to get into something new that is booming and with case assignments that are easy to get, mystery shopping could be an excellent addition to the existing investigative services that you offer. It's also worth pointing out that there are some services that do mystery shopping and nothing else. Some of them are quite large. If you want an uncrowded specialty to obtain assignments and make money with, this book gives you the secrets to get started. You can obtain the start-up manual in hardcopy form and also obtain it on a CD so you can convert the forms in the book for your own personal business use.



By Ralph Thomas And Fay Faron

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