Compiled By Dale Curtiss Johnson

These are the Inconsistencies listed:
1. Small amount of blood found on site.
2. Large caliber handgun causes "Blow Back" which makes a mess. IE. heart keeps
pumping blood well after bullet enters brain.
3. No bullet found, many Civil War bullets found.
4. No bone fragments found on site.
5. No palm prints on the gun grip.
6. No gun power burns on hand.
7. No teeth damage, after sucking on the gun barrel.
8. After walking 700' in order to kill himself, no grass stains found on shoes.
9. No witnesses saw Mr. Foster.
10. Noone heard a gun shot blast.
11. No finger prints on the trigger.
12.. Mrs. Foster could not I.D. her husband's hand gun.
13. The murder weapon, a 38 Cal. was a classic "Drop Gun" made from two different guns.
Profiles a gun used for murder.
14. Body covered with carpet fibers.
15. Though death was said to be instantaneous, blood stains on face and body.
16. First cops on scene say body was laid out as if in casket, arms crossed
17. While body laid on steep slope, Blood moved upward on face against gravity.
18. Crime scene photo's are missing.
19. Police contradict each other on location of body.
20. FBI said park police made no errors.
21. Independent prosecutor Ken Starr's Lead prosecutor resigned because he
was vigorously kept from pursuing the case.
22. One of many witnesses, Pat Knowlton, was in the park one hour before they
discovered the body. He saw a car with Arkansas plates, with intimidating men
inside. He passed a polygraph test, yet was never questioned until months
later, though he called police that day.
23. Witnesses harassed by strange well dressed men.
24. Suicide note presented by the White House was found to be a forgery by three
handwriting experts.
25. FBI changed witnesses reports.

26. Phone call time discrepancies given by the White House.

This Post is very interesting and food for thought and discussion. I would like to hear comments from other list members about this post. The information contained herein is not my own conclusions but information obtained by Email. Anyone interested in information about the list I obtained this from, can con- tact me by Email and I will relay the info.

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