Nano Lenser Turbo Torch Night Vision Light On A Key Chain
"German-Engineered, Light-Chip Powered, Hand-Held Lighting Device"

This is hard to believe! This is as small as a key chain you can palm in in your hand but it's a powerful turbo torch light especially designed with a type of red light that lets you see better in the dark. The new generation red preserves night vision because it does not cause the pupils to constrict. Red is an internationally recognized emergency color. Ideal for, Motorist, Surveillance, Law Enforcement, Marine Use, Astronomers, Military Use and Emergency Use

Outstanding features include:

• Lifetime Warranty
•Total Optical Output(mW): 1.1
• Super small and super bright
• Red beam
• Super-charged by our patented reflector
casing-making it our most powerful light yet
• Carrying case and lanyard
• Shock proof, water resistant
and cold burning
• LED-"Light-Emitting Diodes"
• No bulb to change
• Photon tube reflectors provide extra-wide
and focused beams at the same time
• 50 hours of light without a battery change
• Diode-charged light chip
• Twist on and off
• Coast Packaging
• 2-7/8" in length
• Batteries included/(1) Battery/L1/3v-BR435/02B

Nano Lenser Turbo Torch Night Vision Light On A Key Chain $19.95

Get All Three Nano Lenser Turbo Torches For Only $69.85!
Your Get:
Nano Bright-Key Chain Torch $19.95
Nano Bright Built Into Working Ball Point Pen $29.95
Nano Bright With 360 Degree Flex $39.95

THAT'S ALL THREE! Just $69.85!



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