By Shelly Daniels

There are so many ways to try to locate someone's phone number on the
net. You can search by name, by their address,their e-mail address, & so on.
If you have a phone number and want to know who it belongs to, there are
reverse searches, using the phone number or street address. Got a phone
number on your phone bill and it came from a payphone, run a reverse on the number.
Want to know where pay phones are, check a web page. Where's that area code
at or the prefix, let's find out.

Area code maps for the U.S. states and Canada.


Code Administration Responsibilities by State effective January 2000

The Telephone Prefix Location Directory
To find a prefix location in a specific area code, click on the area
code to go to the search page for that area code.
If an area code has recently undergone a split you may not find the new
area code's listings yet. If that happens use the area code before the split

The sites above cover regular & business phone numbers, reverse
phone, address, and e-mail searches. Look at the first site for a neat
search engine, & even stuff for "MAC" (YUK!!! =) users. I got to tease Ralph,
he dear guy swears by them.

Reverse phone directory & Government Phone Book USA 2000
Travel & Vacation Phone Book USA,Business Phone Book USA 2000
Counties Phone Book USA 2000,Better Business by Phone, etc..

US & international along with reverse searches.
Reverse Phone Number/ Email Address/ or street address.

Search for people, phone numbers, e-mail addies & business's.
Now you have the address, do you need a map on how to get there?
There's a site on the page to have a map made for the address you need.

Huge search engine for phone numbers, etc..
Having, Finger, InfoSpace White Pages, InfoSpace UK & ESP
Email Search, People Search, CompuServe Search, World Email
Directory, Reverse Area Code (U.S., Canada, Caribbean), & more.

European phone number look up.
Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Spain, UK,
USA, World.

This is the Internet's original and most complete index of online phone
books, with over 350 links to Yellow Pages, White Pages, Business
Directories, Email Addresses and Fax Listings from over 150 countries
all around the world.

White & yellow pages, reverse look ups, Canada look ups, sales
leads, help from the US Post office, & ck. out: Apartment Lookup Service

""UNREAL"", this site covers EVERY way to look someone up.

900-NXX NUMBER ASSIGNMENTS, & info. about them.
Ck. out the other links on this site.

Information on 800 & 888 phone area codes, & your privacy.
Is that toll-free call as "free" as you think? Look at this article about
Unsolved Mysteries. Just because you don't pay for the call from your
checkbook, doesn't mean it's free. Whoever you call, gets your phone number.
800#s use a system called ANI. Unlike caller-id, you cannot use *67 or
another code to block ANI, etc..

Regular 800 look ups or by the product name & 800 reverse look up.

European Businesses Directory
World Directories
Directories of the World
Companies Online Search
An Online Database of U.S. Companies on the Web of Dun & Bradstreet
International White and Yellow Pages
International White and Yellow Pages
The Australian Yellow Pages
Search the Australian Yellow Pages on the Internet
Orientation--Asia's Web Directory
Asian directory of the Web is searchable or browsable by topic, and
available in Chinese, Japanese and English ---and more---

Pay phones & more.

Welcome to El Jefe's Pay Phone Directory! This is the original
Pay Phone Directory, I have thousands and thousands of pay
phone numbers in the United States and Canada

Need sound effects while on the phone, check out the drop down,

The last one. For a little fun.
PhoNETic finds words within telephone numbers. PhoNETic also
converts phonetic telephone numbers into numeric digits.

Have a good day, Shelly
Shelly Daniels CMI
Member of: LACIA, NIA and NAIS
Investigative researcher using public resources.
Doing, asset searches,missing person locates,
background checks, and more.