By Shelly Daniel


Alot of times trying to locate people can be easy. One
excellent way is through Alumni associations. People like
seeing their old class mates, so they keep their address information
along with phone #, spouse's name, etc. updated, so as to be
contacted for the next reunion.

I have also found that alot of high schools and alumni
associations have web sites with bulletin boards where
you can post a message for the person your looking for, or
for someone who can assist you in your search.

On several occasions I've called a school, come up with a nice
lil reason (pretext) on why I would like a photo from the schools
year book faxed to me, and it works. I do get the year book
photo. Just think, if you were "thinking" about having a get together
with some school "folks", and would like their photo, so you can
enlarge it into a poster, and surprise everyone---wouldn't that
be a fun day ????? Now, did I lie, NO. I'm "thinking" about a
get together, and I said school folks, NOT friends. The people
who work at the schools think, "oh, how sweet and fun that sounds".
They really go out of their way for you.

These sources are also very helpful when working adoption
cases, and you do have some identifying information.
I hope the web sites below can assist you in some way.

Student Directory - Find college students contact information from
around the world. Search College Web Sites.AnyStudent AnyWhere.

Over 1.2 million members and 4,000 people reunited each day!!
Are you one of them? Please Select the Location of your College
or High School from around the world.

High School State Listings
[United States] [International] [Dept of Defense]
University / College State Listings
[United States] [International] [Medical] [Law]
[Business] [Vo-Tech]
"World" alumni.

Select Location of College or High School from
almost anyplace around the world.

College Alumni people finder. Rules. (some of them)

1. This is a message board to post a search message. Post
a message using name of the person you are searching for as
the subject of your message.

2. Browse the list of names to see if you or the person you are
searching for are listed.

3. People have two ways of responding to your message: 1) by
e-mailing you if you provide an e-mail address or 2) by posting
a reply message under your message.

Need to call a college, find there phone number here,
and it's also a phone number look up for other types of #'s.
Phone Numbers and Addresses, College and University Home Pages
Worldwide listing. Alphabetical listing by name and geographical
listing. Over 2500 listings, Universities in the United States,
Community Colleges in the United States

Searchable by location and keyword.

US high school for most all states,
and European High Schools.

High school alumni's by states
Become part of the largest U.S. and Canadian high school alumni
directory on the Net, with over 5.3 million self-registered alumni.
If your working a case where it's an emergency to get a hold
of someone at a college, and the school office personal are
dorks then try,

University Police Agencies. Below is a sample of just Alabama.
Alabama State University Police
Auburn University Police Department
Jacksonville State University Police
University of Alabama Police Department
University of North Alabama Department of Public Safety

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Doing, asset searches,missing person locates,
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