By Jack Murray, MBA, CFE, CLI
And Jay Murray, JD

An Introduction To Effective Accident Reconstruction,
Analysis And Investigation With The VeryCutting-Edge Technology, Formulas, Techniques, Procedures, Principles, Legal Issues And Methodology You Can Use To Conduct Top-Flight Accident Investigation, Reconstruction And Analysis To Win The Case!

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In Accident Investigation In The Private Sector Volume III, Jack And Jay Murray present the investigative techniques you need to know to conduct big truck accident investigations. This superior work gives you both the technical know-how and expertise you need to know to get assigned to these huge accident investigation claims. Chapters include:

Table Of Contents Include:

Chapter One
Big Trucks Equals Big Bucks
The authors explain why these types of accidents are generally million dollar plus claims. A compete description of the various types of trucks you will encounter in your investigations. Includes a copy of the “North American Truck Writer” Glossary of Terms.”

Chapter Two
Photographing Commercial Vehicles
In-depth know how and expert knowledge of how and why to take different photographs from different angles that present the best evidence of how the accident happened.

Chapter Three
Tired Truckers Kill
This chapter shows you how to investigate the sleep habits of the driver during the time frame leading up to the accident. Includes the newly updated rules of the Department Of Transportation (2003).

Chapter Four
Bad brakes on motor vehicles are one of the leading causes of accidents. This section shows you what to look for, includes a complete glossary of terminology so you can understand what post crash inspections really mean.

Chapter Five
Underride Accidents
The most common “big truck” accidents are underrides. In this chapter you gain the expertise to conduct these types of investigations.

Chapter Six
Whether on trucks or passenger vehicles, tires are often a leading cause of accidents. This section shows you how to examine tires and investigate the subject. Includes a complete glossary of tire terms as well as D.O.T. rating standards.

Chapter Seven
Occupant Seating
Establishment of occupant seating is of vital concern to your case. This section reveals the investigative methodology you need to establish who sat where.

Chapter Eight
Black Box- Electronic Data Retrieval In Motor Vehicles
Black box data is one of the most important types of data you can collect in an accident investigation. This section hands you the expertise you need to know about them and how to collect the data. Includes a list of the current passenger vehicles equipped with this technology.

Chapter Nine
Seat Belts
Seat belts, contrary to popular myth; have significant failure rates. This section includes a discussion of defective seat belts installed in current motor vehicles, including a list of those vehicles that have these suspect belts.

Chapter Ten
The Accident Investigator's Library
A review of major works the accident investigator should invest in.

Chapter Eleven
Web sites
This section gives you amazing web sites, aids and resources on the internet pertaining to accident investigation in general and specficially to the material covered in this book.

Chapter Twelve
This section deals with the business side of accident investigation along with how to ask for retainers and how much to ask for. Includes a sample retainer form as used by the authors.

Accident Investigation In The Private Sector Volume Three can turn you into a top-flight accident investigator on big truck accidents and will help turn you into an expert witness that goes way beyond mere private investigation.

By: Jack Murray, M.B.A., C.L.I., C.F.E.

eBook - $29.95

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