With Investigative Forms You Can Use
By: Jack Murray

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Although auto accident investigation is in high demand, the trail is often cold by the time a private investigator gets assigned to a case. This new work is specifically designed for a private sector investigator who needs to find out exactly what happened, even when the trail is several years old. The author covers all aspects of auto accident investigation including following paper trails, accident site inspection and vehicle inspection, investigative photography, finding witnesses and locating hidden undiscovered witnesses, interviewing, obtaining signed statements and testifying in court.

Through twenty years of day to day experience of conducting accident investigations, the author gives you finely tuned and highly focused tips on exactly what to consider, what to investigate and how to present your investigation in a way that brings out the truth and hidden evidence, facts and witnesses to any accident investigation. Over one dozen investigative forms are built right into the book that you can copy and use in your own investigations. The book is spiral bound so the forms in the book can be laid flat on a copying machine for easy duplication.

Table Of Contents Include:

Chapter One: The Paper Trail
First Meeting With The Client-Accident Reports- Vehicle History- Drivers Licenses- Employment Verification-
Criminal/Civil Records- Ambulance Reports- Tow Trucks- Emergency Room- Media Reports- Autopsy Reports-

Chapter Two: Site Inspection-Photography
Pre-planning-Is The Site Still The Same- Time Of The Year- Photographing The Site- Equipment- Overhead Views-
Perspective- Videos- Match Up Your Photos With Scene Accident Photos

Chapter Three: Vehicle Inspection-Photography
Identify The Vehicle -Purpose -What To Photograph- Seat Belts - Impact -Interior Inspection - Pick-ups -Product Liability-
Repair Work -Rear Seat Belts -Lap Belts -Modification -Trunk Shots -Third Parties

Chapter Four: Witnesses
Identify- Interview -The Statement -Opinions and/or Conclusions- Evaluation

Chapter Five: Testimony
Conference With Attorneys -Difference Between A Skilled Witness And An Expert Witness - Witness First Impressions
Dressing -Courtroom Demeanor -Testimony -Leaving The Court

Chapter Six The Accident Investigator's Library

Chapter Seven: Conclusion
Possible Causes Of The Accident - Alcohol And Drug/Or Drugs - Weather Conditions- Violations- Visibility- Available Path-
Comparative Negligence- Product Liability- Cause Of Death- Report To The Client

Note: Book One is GBC bound so it can lie flat on a copy machine for copying of forms you can use


If you do not offer accident investigation, you are missing one of the big mainstays in private investigation practice simply because there are so many personal injury and accident cases in the United States today and there is actually a shortage of investigators skilled in this area. With certificate from the National Association Of Investigative Specialists issued in your name in Auto Accident Investigation Techniques.

With Investigative Forms You Can Use
By: Jack Murray

eBook - $19.95

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