Streetwise Guide To Conducting Hardball Investigtions
By Tim Dutton

Checklists, Dos And Don'ts For Ultimate Investigative Success With Hardcore And Hardball Tactics
And Strategies 8.5 X 11, 97 pages. $15.00

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Some think private investigation consists of setting in front of a computer screen and running computer searches but real investigators know that's secretary work or for whimps without street smarts or brains who will never really make any real money. This is a street-wise field guide on the dos and the don'ts of conducting hardcore and hardball investigative assignments and conducting them on the streets where the real work of investigation takes place and the real investigative fees are obtained. Written by street-wise smarts private investigator Tim Dutton, he takes you by the hand through hardball investigative cases and hands you a massive collection of dos and don'ts on each type of major case that will make or break the investigations you do! You'll be light years ahead in private investigative practice with the hardcore knowledge contained in this manual and avoid all the mistakes and blunders most private investigators make again and again and don't even know it! You will also be light years ahead of the game when it comes to conducting street assignments with Dutton's insight and know-how found no other place. Both your investigative agency practice and your actual investigations will be much better off after you fill your knowledge-base with this hardcore material. You avoid the major mistakes and blunders that most investigators in private investigative practice are committing today and gain huge advantage in street-smarts as well as hardball marketing and turning your investigation into a shining investigative report your clients will love you for.

Hardball chapters with hardcore content include:


Training And Experience
Streetwise smarts for getting the right kind of training and experience to build your investigative career and make you stand out way above the run-of-the-mill private investigator.
Appearance, Attitude And Representation - Tips, dos and don't on your appearance, attitude and representation when it comes to conducting investigations and dealing with you clients.

Effective and fast hardball tactics for communication as a professional private investigator.
Written Communication, Notes And Reports - Powerful techniques and strategies to write your investigative report so your clients and all who see it will love it.

Hardball Marketing
Amazing dos and don't of power marketing for your agency and investigative service.

General Surveillance
Street-wise dos and don'ts that will make or break your surveillance assignment.

Moving Surveillance -
What to do and what not to do is completely different when a surveillance starts moving and this chapter hands you those secrets.

Hardball Skip Tracing And Locates
Powerful secrets, Tactics And Strategies as well as important dos and don'ts for locating those hard to find skips.

Secrets of Success In Background Checks
What every investigator needs to know when it comes to successful development of a background check.

Highly Effective Bail Enforcement
Secrets and techniques for successful bail enforcement and recovery practice.

TSCM Countermeasures Services And Sweeps -
Powerful tips, techniques, tactics and strategies as well as make or break dos and don't of conducting successful countermeasures sweeps.

Ultimate Tips For Personal Protection Assignments
Personal protection assignments are booming and this chapter hands you hard-nosed tips and some important dos and don'ts of conducting the assignment.

Additional Notes
Appendix -Hardball sources for successful investigation

No other material on the market hands you such hardcore and hardball information on private investigative practice like this one does! Knowing the little details of what not to do and what to do is the difference between a successful investigator and an unsuccessful one! If you don't know what you are doing wrong, you can not change that. This material hands you that knowledge. Instead of stumbling upon what to do right by trial and error (which can take years!) this material hands you that know-how now. Think about it! You could just blow your competition away and leave them in a trail of dust behind you in a very short time. Why heck they might even have to ask you for a job after you learn and apply this material in a few months! Don't delay, I urge you to order today! The very small price of this material could change the way you run your investigative agency and conduct your investigations in ways that will finally put you on top!


Streetwise Guide To Conducting Hardball Investigtions
By Tim Dutton
Checklists, Dos And Don'ts For Ultimate Investigative Success With
Hardcore And Hardball Tactics And Strategies 8.5 X 11, 97 pages. $15.00

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