JFK Beyond A Question Of Conspiracy
An Investigation And Revision of History
By Ralph Thomas
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40 Revelations in the New 2017 JFK File Re;ease
Hundreds Of Photos And Diagrams
Hours And Hours Of Video Links
Links To Documents, Resource Web Sites, Other Books And Hundreds Of Hours Of Video From Witnesses, Researchers And Experts.


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8 1/2 X 11, 850 plus pages

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This 20 year investigation starts our with forty revelations found in the new 2017 JFK File releases that are outlined below in the table of contents. This investigation draws on evidence uncovered from the newly released 2017 JFK assassination files, the assassination files released by the Assassination Records Review Board in the 1990’s, and independent investigation and research from other investigations, evidence and witnesses.  This investigation concludes that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was a conspiracy that involved renegade elements within the CIA, the military industrial complex, organized crime and Anti-Castro Cubans. All of these groups were working together in a common goal involving overthrowing the government of Cuba. It also concludes that there had been several other assassination attempts that had been aborted in the weeks before Dallas that involved the same people who had a patsy or fall guy in place to take the blame.  Oswald was the pasty for the successful assassination in Dallas. The assassination itself was organized in a way that each element was forced to cover-up what really happened.  There had been a team of Anti-Castro Cubans given extensive training in Mexico to assassinate Fidel Castro will high-powered rifles. They had been given extensive practice firing at propped up watermelons set up in the back seats of old convertibles in a crossfire attack. After the assassination, both Lyndon Johnson and J Edgar Hoover were used to cover-up the true facts.  Jack Ruby And Lee Harvey Oswald knew each other well. Oswald was a low level intelligence operative out of the Office Of Naval Intelligence on loan to the CIA. Jack Ruby was a member of organized crime and murdered Oswald to silence him. This investigation details the evidence that supports the above points. There are extensive documents that back up these findings from records releases as well as interviews and research material from other sources of information.

Click Here To Read About 40 Smoking Guns In New JFK File Releases!

Since the Warren Commission came out in the 1960's, the John F. Kennedy Assassination has been engulfed in controversy. Over the last two decades, a quite investigation and research project has been ongoing. The results of this project include new information much of which was uncovered through the newly released records of the Assassination Records Review Board. Thomas researches statements made by members of the Warren Commission and uncovers the fact that most of them didn't believe the Warren Commission findings by researching statements made off the record and on the record. What is uncovered in this investigation and research project is the final nails in the coffin that JFK was assassinated as the result of a conspiracy and a cover-up of the murder was conducted by high ranking people who were forced into a box to do it. The evidence contained in this material that leads to this conclusion is indisputable. Aside from the fact that there is now unquestionable evidence that JFK was assassinated as a result of a conspiracy, the questions as to why it was done, why it was covered up and who did it are exposed in this new investigation and historical research project.

Examples Of Some of the photos and graphics found inside the investigative report.

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Click Here To Read About 40 Smoking Guns In New JFK File Releases!

This material is organized in a fashion that makes it easy to read in easy to understand terms. The Kennedy Assassination is a complicated event but it's broken down in a way so the reader will understand exactly how the events happened and who was involved. From a historical perspective, the material is presented with both credible and some not so credible accounts that were likely done to confuse both the public and those who conducted research. Here is the Table of Contents:

Table Of Contents Include:

About The New 2017 JFK File Release 5
40 Smoking Guns In The New JFK File Releases 12

  1) More Than One Shooter And Shots From The Front  12
2) 2 Year Soviet Investigation LBJ Was Responsible  12
3) Oswald Worked For The CIA 13
4) Oswald Was Being Impersonated 14
5) Oswald And Ruby Knew Each Other 15
6) The CIA And Mafia Working Together  16
7) FBI Tipped Oswald Would Be Murdered  16
8) There Was Massive Foreknowledge And Warnings  16
9) Plans For False Attacks On US Soil 17
10) US Engaged In Covert Attacks And Sabotage On Cuba  17
11) Warren Commission Only To Convince American People  17
12) CIA Control Of The New Media 18
13) Oswald Defection To Soviet Union Was Fake 18
14) CIA Edited Federal Investigative Reports 19
15) CIA Monitored Assassination Critics 20
16) More KGB Soviet Investigations 20
17) Memo Rejecting New Law 20
18) LBJ Contacted De Mohrenschildt 21
19) JFK Body Covertly Arrived At Bethesda Early 21
20) Autopsy Evidence is Missing  21
21)  Autopsy Evidence is Forged  22
22) JFK Body Was Altered  22
23) Secret Service Destroyed Travel Records And Three Aborted Assassination Attempts   23
24) The Zupruder Film was Altered  23
25) Forensic Evidence Of Car  Destroyed  24
26) Forensic Evidence Of John Connally Clothing Destroyed 24
 27) Massive Problems With The Murder Weapon 25
28) Massive problems with the bullet hull evidence 26
29) Evidence Of Oswald’s Location Not On Sixth Floor 26
30) Paraffin Test Shows Oswald Didn’t Fire Rifle 27
31) Direction And Timing, Location Of Shots Prove  More Than One Gunman 27
32) Oswald’s Pistol Would Not Fire 28
33) Ruby Was In The Mob  29
34) There Are Now Massive Confessions And Admissions Show Conspiracy 30
35) JFK Body Hijacked At Gunpoint 30
36) FBI Hijacked All Evidence  30
37)  Films And Photographs Are Missing  31
38) Statements Had Benn Altered 31
39)Warren Commission Contradicted It’s Own Report  31
40) Security Was Cut Back In Dallas 32

Rondevu With Destiny Turned In To Death 33
Analysis Of The Staged Crime Scene 55
The Cuba Connection And The CIA 65
Secret Meetings 72
Hijacking Of The Kennedy Assassination Evidence 98
The Arrest Of Two Oswalds In The Texas Movie Theater 106
Controlling The Evidence 117
The Mob Murder Of The Patsy 119
Planted Fingerprints On The Rifle 129
LBJ Hit Man Malcolm Wallace Fingerprints 130
Spoon Feeding The Media 132
If Oswald Would Of Talked 136
Introduction To The Official Investigations 138
They Are Going To Kill The President- They Are Going To Kill Us All 151
Related Assassinations 156

  Martin Luther King Assassination 156
Robert F. Kennedy Assassination 157

Dangerous Spy Games 158
CAMTEX Undercover Operations And The Carlos Marcello Confession 167
Evidence Of Conspiracy And Foreknowledge Of The Assassination 169
The Three Other Plots To Assassinate President Kennedy With A Patsy 184
Dallas And Security 196
Undisputed Facts 199
The Big Event In Dallas 203
The Dallas Assassination 204
Evolution Of The Government Investigations 21

  The Warren Commission 211
What The Commission Members Actually Believed 224
The Garrison Investigation 228
The Church Committee 232
The House Select Committee On Assassinations 236
The Assassination Records Review Board 243

Confessions 261

  E. Howard Hunt Confession 261
James E. Files Confession 262

For The Oswald Defense 265
              Witnesses Who Saw Men With Rifles In The Windows 266
              Witnesses Who Saw Oswald On The First And Second Floor 269
              Witnesses Who Saw Men With Rifles In The Windows 266
              Witnesses Who Saw Oswald On The First And Second Floor 269
              Oswald In The Doorway 270
              Problems With The Rifle 275
              Problems With The Bullet Shells 285
              Paraffin Test Shows Oswald Did Not Fire A Rifle 286
              Problems With Helen Markham Positive ID  286
              Neutron Spectrum Analysis Tests 287
              Two Oswald Wallets At Crime Scenes 287
              Off The Record Statements By Officials 287
              Timing And Number Of Shots 266 - Direction Of Shots Fires 287
              The Exit Wound On The Back Of The Head 287
The President’s Body Was Altered 291
         Statements Of Honor Guard Huge Clark 293
         ARRB Timeline Of Three Coffin Entrances At Bethesda Naval Hospital 295
         Blind Man’s Bluff 297
         National Security Autopsy Before Official Autopsy 299
         New JFK Air Force One Recording About The Body 300
         Selected Records From The ARRB  302
Eyewitness Accounts Revisited  329
              Kenneth O’Donnell  - Jean Hill   - Julie Ann Mercer  - Phil Willis   - Ed Hoffman   -  Lee Bowers   -  J.C. Price  -
              Sam S Holland   - Richard C Dodd  - Gordon Arnold   -  SS Agent Sam Kinney   - Vickie Adams  - Danny Arce  -
              James Altgens   - Virgie Bake  -  Jane Berry 3 - Deputy Sheriff Eugene Boone  - Deputy Sheriff Harry Weatherford  -
              Dallas Police Officer Seymour Weitzman  - Charles Brehm  - Doris Burns   - Avery Davis   - Sheriff Bill Decker 
              Elsie Dorman  - Dorothy Garner   - Peggy Hawkins  - Lola Hopson  -Emmett Hudson  -  Roy Truly  - Otis Williams 
                Steven Wilson   - Walter Windburn  -
Evidence Of The Shots Fired 369
The Zupruder Film 375
            The Zupruder Film Was Altered 375
             Zupruder Film Online Resources 386
            Those Who Viewed The Unaltered Zupruder Film 387
Bullet And Fragment Analysis 391
The Presidential Limousine Evidence Was Destroyed 398
Governor Connelly’s Clothing Was Destroyed 401
Other Conspiracy Facts 403
The Eugene Brading Arrest 406
Oswald After The Assassination 410
Officer Tippit Shooting 414
More On The Oswald Arrest 420
Lee Harvey Oswald, A US Agent 425
The Judith Vary Baker Story 442
Assassination Researchers And The 50-Year Search For The Truth   504
The Robert Groden Story And The “Museum” 521
The Strange Deaths 525
The Location Of Wounds Have Been Altered 561
More Revelations In The Assassination 563
John Kennedy Revelations 568
JFK And The Death Of Mary Pinchot Meyer 571
The David Altee Phillips Story 578
Aftermath Of The Assassination 584
The Watergate Links To JFK Assassination 585
Watergate And The S Force Missing Links 622
Summary Of The Destruction Of Evidence  651
The Actual Entrance Wound In The Right Front Of The Head 668
Croft Photos 669
Intelligence Officer Gene Wheaton And His Death 671
Air Force Sargent Robert Vinson Story 677
Richard Cain- Prime Suspect 679
A Reversal Of History 687
Final Summary And Conclusions 692
Online Sources, Resources, Videos And Books 698
       Online Internet Resources 698
       Books - 702
       Online Video Presentations 723
Online Motorcade Films 727
     The Nix Film Online Viewing Resources 727
     Zupruder Film Online Viewing Resources 728
     Marie Muchmore Film Online Viewing Resources 730
     Charles Bronson Film Online Viewing Resources 730
     Robert Hughes Film Online Viewing Resources 731
     Mark Bell Film Online Viewing Resources 731
     Martin Film Online Viewing Resources 731
     Jack Daniel Film Online Viewing Resources 731
     George Jefferies Film Online Viewing Resources 731
Some Other Missing Links 732
More Records Revelations 744
Testimony Of Richard Randolph Carr 830
HSCA On David Atlee Phillips –Maurice Bishop And Antonio Veciana 839

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This is more than just a book that runs over 850 pages. It contains hundreds of photos, diagrams, references to other sources and resources as well as links to hundreds of hours of video you can access online. The resource section links you to 22 JFK Assassination Resource Sites with articles and records. There are over 50 online video links to witness interviews and documentaries you can watch with over 100 hours of video viewing. The resource section also contains 47 book reviews.

JFK Beyond A Question Of Conspiracy
An Investigation And Revision of History
By Ralph Thomas
- PDF eBook $35.00

Hundreds Of Photos And Diagrams Hours And Hours Of Video Links
Links To Documents And Resources

8 1/2 X 11, 634 plus pages

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