In the new investigation, JFK- Beyond A Question Of Conspiracy, Ralph Thomas sets out new evidence that point to the fact the John F. Kennedy was assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. The evidence is now overwhelming! Thomas has been what he calls a "closet assassination researcher" for over 30 years. Several readers have already stated that the material is, "hard to put down!" Because this investigation is over 1,500 pages long, Thomas released a short summary titled Smoking Guns In The New JFK Assassination Files. He has also released several volumes of the major investigation in a dozen or so smaller chunks so readers can read the material in sections. These smaller volumes have names such as Confessions Admissions And Prime Suspects, Silenced- People Who Died Who Knew Too Much, Oswald - A Portrait Of A Patsy, Nixon Watergate And The JFK Assassination and Foreknowledge And Other Aborted Plots.  But the best selling material is the full 1,500 plus page investigation JFK- Beyond A Question Of Conspiracy and the summary report - Smoking Guns In The New JFK Assassination Files. In this summary investigative report, Thomas documents over 100 facts that prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the assassination was a conspiracy. According to Thomas, he has used a collaborative investigative technique in which he develops other evidence that backs up a specific document from a specific source. Thomas also provides extensive conclusions that point in a certain direction and names -names of who was actually involved.  Here is a list of the 100 plus smoking guns that have been mostly uncovered from the new JFK Assassination file releases. Thomas says that most of these facts have already been suspected but the new documents back up many long suspected conclusions with the additional documents.

1) There Was More Than One Shooter And Shots had Been Fired From The Front
2) Two Year Soviet Union Investigation Concluded LBJ Was Responsible
3) CIA Cash Disbursement Clerk Testimony That Oswald Worked For The CIA
4) Oswald Was Being Impersonated
5) Oswald Was In Ruby’s Club Known As The Carousel Club And They Knew Each Other
6) The CIA And The Mafia Were Working Together
7) The FBI Had Been Tipped Off That Oswald Would Be Murdered
8) There Was Foreknowledge Of The Assassination
9) Evidence Of Plans For False Attack On US Soil And Project Northwoods
10)There Is Evidence Of Covert Attacks On Cuba
11) FBI J Edgar Hoover Memo To Issue Something That Oswald Actually Did It
12) Control Of The News Mainstream Media And Operation Mockingbird
13) Oswald’s Defection To The Soviet Union Was A Fake Defection
14) The CIA Was Given Advanced Copies Of Both The Warren Commission Final Report As Well As The Final Report Of The House Select Committee On Assassinations And Had Editing Authority.
15) The CIA and the FBI Had Been Monitoring And Infiltrating Jim Garrison, JFK Assassination Books And Authors, JFK Assassination Seminars And News Media Coverage
16) More Soviet Union Investigations
17) Memo Rejecting Proposed Law Because Of What Could Be Covered-Up
18) Evidence LBJ Was In Contact With George De Mohrenschildt
19) Document That Proves The President’s Body Covertly Arrived At Bethesda 20 Minutes Early And Was Not In The Official Motorcade To Bethesda Naval Hospital
20) Substantial Autopsy Evidence Is Missing
21) The Autopsy Evidence Is Forged And Altered
22) The President’s Body Was Altered
23) The Secret Service Destroyed Travel Records
24) The Zupruder Film Was Altered
25) Forensic Evidence Of The Presidential Limousine Was Destroyed
26)Forensic  Evidence of Governor John Connally’s Clothing Was Destroyed
27) There Is Major Problems With The Evidence Of The Murder Weapon
28) There is Major Problems With The Evidence Of The Bullet Hulls
29) The Is Major Problems In The Evidence Of The Location Of Oswald During The Shooting
30) A Paraffin Test Proves Oswald Did Not Fire A Rifle
31) The Direction Of, Number Of And Timing Of Shots Proves A Conspiracy
32) Oswald’s Pistol Would Not Fire
33) Jack Ruby Was A Member Of Organized Crime And Knew Oswald
34) Evidence Of Confessions And Admissions Show A Conspiracy
35)  The President’s Body Was Hijacked In Dallas At Gunpoint
36) With No Jurisdiction, The FBI Hijacked All Of The Evidence
37) Films And Photographs Taken During The Assassination Have Disappeared
38) Statements Made By Witnesses Have Been Altered
39) The Warren Commission Cherry Picked Witnesses And Conflicted It’s Own Report
40) The Secret Service Protection In Dallas Was Cut Back
41 )A Female CIA Staff Member In France Overheard Agents Talk About Taking Care Of Kennedy.
42) An FBI Report Reveals Sources That The Anti-Castro Cubans Had Been Involved In The JFK Assassination
43) Marina Oswald Was Considered a KGB Honey Trap
44)  A CIA Report Shows Evidence That The CIA Kills People
45) The FBI “Lost” Oswald Fingerprint Evidence On Rifle And Brown Paper Bag
46) There Is Substantial Evidence That Indicates OSWALD was an FBI Informant
47) The CIA Was Monitoring The Mail Of Lee Oswald, Marina Oswald, Ramparts Magazine, Francis Gary Powers and George De Mohrenschildt
48) An FBI Report States That Mark Lane Had Meetings With KGB Inside New York City Soviet Residence
49 ) The FBI Was Very Concerned About Mark Lane In The Early 60’s And His Book Rush to Judgment.
50) A Man By The Name Of Richard Ely Indicated He Had Information That the CIA was Involved In The JFK Assassination And Was Under Surveillance By The CIA
51) Previously Redacted Statement By Mr. Richard Helms Before The Warren Commission Proving The Existence Of The Wiretap Audio Tapes Of Oswald In Mexico City Had Not Been Destroyed.
52) There Is Evidence The CIA Set Up A Stand-By Assassination Hit Team To Be Paid 1 Million Per Hit
53) There Is Evidence That The Cover-Up Continues
54) There Is Evidence of Photographs Touched Up And Altered
55) The CIA Admitted It Engaged In A Benign Cover-Up And Believed There Was A Conspiracy
56) CIA Agent James Angleton Felt As If The CIA Did Not Have To Comply With Anything The Overt Government Wanted.
57)There Is Evidence That  Jack Ruby Had Meeting With Dallas Police Officer J. D. Tippit
58) CIA Asset Capehart Claimed He Was With Oswald During Assassination  And Oswald Was What He Said He Was A Patsy
59) Memo On Interview With CIA Agent Revealing Oswald Didn’t Pull Off Assassination, the Warren Commission Was A Fairy Tale, Anti-Castro Cubans Were Involved And E. Howard Hunt Knew More About Dallas Than Anyone.
60) There Is A Secret Document Reveals The CIA As A Whole Believed There Was A Conspiracy
61) Oswald Was Told By The CIA To Marry Marina
62) There Is Evidence Of CIA Destruction Of Documents
63) The CIA Claims It Opened OSWALD Files After He defected To The Soviet Union
64) A Diplomat implicated Cuban Exiles in JFK Assassination
65) Implication Of Teamsters Union In JFK Assassination And A Teamsters Union
66) Cuba thought that there was a conspiracy to assassinate JFK and a conspiracy to murder Oswald.
67) FBI Document Reveals Link Between Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry And Jack Ruby
68) Conclusions Based On The Evidence
69) The CIA Infiltrated And Sabotaged The Garrison Investigation
70) A Substantially High Number Of New Orleans Witnesses Died During The Warren Commission And Garrison Investigation
71) The Church Committee Discovered That The CIA Had Developed A Covert Untraceable Covert Weapon Called A Heart Attack Gun.
72) Judyth Vary Baker Claimed That The CIA Had Developed A Cancer Bioweapon
73) Mark Lane Was Responsible For The Formation Of The House Select Committee On Assassinations
74) The FBI Pegged Mark Lane A Communist And Sexual Deviant
75) The House Select Committee On Assassinations Was Limited, Restricted And Failed To Investigate The Assassination Of Robert F. Kennedy
76)  The CIA Placed Retired CIA Agent George Joannides In Charge Of Providing Records To The House Select Committee On Assassinations When He Should Have Been
A Subject Under Investigation.
77) A Substantially High Number Of Witnesses Died Who Had Been Scheduled To Give Testimony Before The House Select Committee On Assassinations
78)  The House Select Committee On Assassinations Had It’s Funding Cut After It Caught the CIA In A Lie
79) The House Select Committee On Assassinations Failed To Charge CIA Agent David A Phillips With Contempt Of Congress For Lying To Them.
80) The US Congress Failed To Take Any Action Concerning The CIA’s Placement Of George Joannides As It’s Liaison After It Was Discovered Who He Was
81) The House Select Committee On Assassinations Concluded That Both John F. Kennedy And Martin Luther King Were Likely Assassinated As A Result Of A Conspiracy
82) The House Select Committee On Assassinations Failed To Publish The Investigative Findings Developed By Its Investigator Gaeton Fonzi
83) The House Select Committee On Assassinations Sealed Most Of It’s Records So The Public Could Not See Them
84) The Aftermath Of The House Select Committee On Assassinations Resulted In A Narrative To Blame Organized Crime Only.
85) Between The House Select Committee On Assassinations And The Assassination Records Review Board, Well Known Researchers And Witnesses Died Suspicious Deaths
86) The Movie JFK was Criticized In The Mockingbird Fake News Media, Which Backfired On Them.
87) The Movie JFK Created An Outcry By American Citizens Forcing Congress To Create The JFK Records Act.
88) The Creation Of The Assassination Records Review Board Was Stalled And Delayed.
89) Most Members Of The Assassination Records Review Board Did Not Believe There Was A Conspiracy
90) The Assassination Records Review Board Failed To Follow Up On The Revelations Gene Wheaton
91) The Assassination Records Review Board Failed To Do Anything About The Secret Service Destruction Of JFK Travel Records
92) Almost 100 Witnesses, Researchers And People Who Seemed To Know To Much Have Died under Suspicious Circumstances
93) There Is An Overwhelming Number Of Witnesses Who Had Foreknowledge Of The Assassination.
94)  Richard Nixon Was In Dallas The Day Of The Assassination And Predicted That Johnson Would Be Dropped From The Ticket
95) George Bush Was In Contact With George De Mohrenschildt  And Had Called In A Tip To The FBI Right After The Assassination
96) LEE HARVEY OSWALD was observed with CIA Agent David Atlee Philips In Dallas Weeks Before The Assassination.
97) The Murder Of Mary Pinchot Meyers And It’s Pasty Backfired On The CIA
98) Air Force Sargent Robert Vinson Claims An Oswald Impersonator Traveled And Boarded A CIA Plane He Was On In Dallas
99) H. R. Helderman Though President Richard Nixon Was Talking In Code About The JFK Assassination When Nixon referred To “The Bay Of Pigs Thing”
100) Jack Ruby Indicated That The Assassination Was A Conspiracy In A Video Taped Statement
101) There Are Highly Suspicious Deaths Of Jack Ruby And People Around Him
102) People Were Practicing Sighting A Rifle On The Grassy Knoll Behind The Picket Fence A Few Days Before The Assassination.
103) Conclusions Based On The Evidence

Thomas stated that the collaborative investigative technique he uses is simple. In order to understand this, Thomas goes over the first smoking gun point found in newly released JFK Documents that reveals a source had seen a surgeon general report that shots had been fired from the front. "Just because you find one document that states that a source in a report from a government document stated that there had been shots from the front does not make that statement a fact. The source could be mistaken or not telling the truth. But when you back that document up with over 40 eyewitnesses including people who saw what happened, all doctors who treated the wounds before death and physical evidence, this then becomes a fact." THOMAS then goes step-by-step through all of the 100 plus points listed above and turns a source in a document into a fact in this manner with his collaborative investigative technique.

THOMAS is unique in that he only offers these investigations in digital Kindle additions. He says this terminates information friction and these investigations have already been updated half a dozen times since they have come out. "These are works in progress that will continue to be updated," Thomas states.  He went on to state that this could only be done in a digital format. Thomas pointed out that a free Kindle Application can be obtained that will work on any digital device including computers, tablets, smartphones or anything. Thomas’s work have tons of online links in them that when you click on a certain link, it takes you to documents, resources or other related material such as videos.  Thomas stated that, "some of these documents are so astounding that the reader might not even believe them unless you provide a link to the actual document or the actual witness so they can then read the actual document or listen to the actual witness themselves! It was hard for me to believe some of this stuff until I pondered it a while and collaborated it with other evidence myself!" Thomas says he didn't start out as an assassination researcher and actually believed the original government findings but had suspicions about certain things so he started digging into stuff. He became friends with people like Larry Howard who started an organization called The Assassination Information Resource Center, Joe West, a private investigator from Houston that was working on the JFK Assassination, Larry Harris another assassination researcher and Jean Hill an assassination witness. Thomas says he looked back one day and noted that Larry Howard, Larry Harris, Joe West and Jean Hill suddenly died under strange circumstances and this prompted him to question some of this stuff even more. So he quietly dug deep and then finally the 2017 JFK Assassination records were released that collaborated everything he uncovered. That uncovering reveals that JFK's death is beyond a question of conspiracy.

You can obtain the 1,500 pages JFK- Beyond A Question Of Conspiracy ons Amazon by clicking here. You can also obtain the shorter summary version called titled Smoking Guns In The New JFK Assassination Files, which is only 181 pages by clicking here.  You can review the complete collection of these investigative reports by reviewing the titles and clicking below.

NOTE: THIS ARTICLE CAN BE COPIED AND REPUBLISHED! We would not expect the Fake Mockingbird Mainstream News Media to report it and those who don't can be very easily identified! If you have a blog, newsletter, newspaper, radio show, TV show or other media outlet, you are welcome to use it. Please email me if you do is all that I ask at:

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