The Death Of U.S. Supreme Court
Justice Anthony Scalia-
An Investigation By Ralph Thomas

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The Death Of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia at a remote ranch in South Texas known as Cibolo Creek Ranch was sudden and unexpected. He was found dead in his room by the ranch owner on February 13, 2016. This 94 page investigative report with a background investigation done on the area in which Justice Anthony Scalia died in sends up many alarms. U. S. Supreme Court Judges are provided security protection by the U.S. Marshall's Service. He had declined protection while at the ranch. His body was found in his room in bed after he didn't show up for breakfast. The first responder was Presideo County Sheriff Dominguez. Sheriff Dominguez had a hard time obtaining an official who would do an inquest that was required by law. After two attempts, he was able to get Judge Cinderella Guevara to conduct an inquest but she would only do it by phone. Judge Cinderella Guevara pronounced Justice Scalia died of natural causes over the telephone. Although there were two near by funeral homes, Justice Scalia's body was driven to El Paso, Texas for embalming before being flown back to his home town in Virgina. No autopsy was done nor was a medical examination of the body done by a qualified medical person. Scalia died alone in his room. He was last seen at about 9:00 PM before retiring to his room. This investigative report contains the report done by Presideo County Sheriff Dominguez as well as details that leave many unanswered questions.

There are numerous reports that this Cibolo Creek Ranch event was an outing organized for members of the International Order of St. Hubertus. This organization was started is 1695. Scalia flew into Cibolo Creek Ranch, likely on a Gulf Stream Jet with  C. Allen Foster February 12, 2016,  the day before he died. The ranch has it's own airstrip. He arrived at the ranch about noon. There is no public indication of any investigation of what food or drink Scalia consumed at the ranch. There were about 35 other guests at the ranch. There is no public indication of any investigation concerning interviews with the other guests at the ranch concerning Scalia's death. There is some indication that someone else may had been in Scalia's room due to the arrangement of the pillows on the sofa. The Cibolo Creek Ranch is unusual in that it has beds in the hallways that lead into rooms. The rooms are off a hallway that has picture windows on one side and room doors on the other side with hallway beds against the doors that lead into guest rooms. The Cibolo Creek Ranch property goes all the way down to the Mexican border which can be accessed in this highly remote area. The Presidio County Sheriff’s office has a Sheriff, A Chief Deputy Sheriff and four Deputy Sheriffs. It covers 3,656 miles and has a population of 6,976.

Table Of Contents Include:

Anthony Gregory Scalia At The Cibolo Creek Ranch 2
Scalia Had Arrived By Private Plane Noon February 12, 2016 With C. Allen Foster 4
An Event For The International Order of St. Hubertus 6
John B Poindexter Owner Cibolo Creek Ranch 8
Effected Supreme Court Cases Without Scalia 9
The Cibolo Creek Ranch Is Unusual 11
No U.S. Marshal’s Service Bodyguard Protection 13
Activity The Day Of Arrival 13
The El Presidente Room 15
The Morning Scalia Was Found Dead 16
Presideo County Sheriff Dominguez  Report 17
About The Presidio County Sheriff’s Office 21
Pillow Over The Head Story 21
Unanswered Questions Concerning The Accounts 23
Difficulty Finding An Official For An Inquest 24
Circumstances Called For A Comprehensive Investigation And Autopsy 26
Photos From The Room 27
Strange Wilkileaks Emails 34
Details Of The Condition Of The Body When Found In The Sheriff Report 39
Inventory List In Sheriff’s Report 40
Remarks About The Handling Of The Death By Other Homicide Experts 41
Other Photos Of The Ranch 45
The Funeral Home Controversy 46
Summary Of The Facts On The Removal Of Scalia’s Body From The Cibolo Creek Ranch 51
Points Concerning The Inquest 53
The Health Issues Of Scalia 55
Sleep Apnea And Questions About Scalia Breathing Machine 57
Unanswered Questions About Scalia Medications 59
Analysis Of The Investigation, Inquest, Examination And Unanswered Questions 62
In The Middle Of Nowhere 68
A Heart Attack Gun 71
Uniqueness Of The Area - High-Intensity Drug Trafficking And Illegal Alien Smuggling 73
Background On The Sheriff’s Department 76
The Melaney Parker And Other Deaths  81
Conclusion Of Anthony Scalia’s Death 91
The Aftermath On The Supreme Court After Scalia’s Death 93

Here are some of the factors covered in this investigative report:
When Scalia was found dead in his room, it was reported that there was a pillow case that had come down over part of his eye. Scalia had Sleep Apnea and used a breathing machine what has in the off position on an night stand next to his bed with a breathing tube laying on the bed next to him. This fact alone should of called for further investigation. There is evidence of the unmade bed, bed sheets and pillow on the bed that had reportedly had been taking after Scalia's body was removed that have unanswered questions.

Bill Ritchie, a retired deputy chief and former head of criminal investigations for the DC police, said he was dumbstruck when he learned that no autopsy would be performed. “I took a look at the report and I almost fell out of my chair," he stated.  "Every death you investigate is a homicide until proven otherwise …the circumstances are fishy" 

Brooklyn Homicide Detective Patricia Tufo said “It’s not unreasonable to ask for an autopsy in this case, particularly knowing who he is.”  “He’s not at home. There are no witnesses to his death, and there was no reported explanation for why a pillow is over his head," he further remarked.  He also stated that, “the entire process was "sloppy" and opened the door to questions about what happened.”

Mike Arntfield, a former police officer, criminologist and professor at Vanderbilt University stated, "I haven't heard of a system where a decision is made by someone with no medical training."

Former Death Investigator Joseph Scoot Morgan with more than 20 years of experience in Louisiana and Georgia made the following observations:

  1. Even a limited examination did not occur from what is shown in the public record.
  2. If nothing else, bodily fluids should have been collected and sent to a lab.
  3. He was found dead and there was no witness to his death. This is very troubling that an autopsy was not conducted.

What we had was a non-homicide trained U.S. Marshal, a country rural Sheriff with little experience in conducting death investigations and a non-medically trained rural county judge by telephone making all the calls on a Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

The Sunset Funeral Home In El Paco Texas thee and a half hours away by vehicle was where the body was embalmed even though there were two funeral homes that could of done that that were located in the nearest rural towns. The body was driven by an Alpine Funeral Home Hurst from a funeral home about 60 miles away that could of done the embalming. The Sun Set Funeral Home in El Paso embalmed the body and flushed body fluids into the public sewage system. The Alpine Funeral Home and the other closer funeral homes were not permitted to flush body fluids into the public sewer system because of the water table.

The area is deemed by the federal government as a "high-Intensity Drug Trafficking And Illegal Alien Smuggling Area." The FBI has a special task force that deals with the political corruption in this area. The sheriff before the current sheriff was indited and convicted of possession of drug trafficking. Of The Last Six Sheriffs Of Presidio County Before The Current One, Two Had Been Murdered By Gunshot
And One Convicted Of Drug Trafficking.

Confidential Investigative Report-
The Death Of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia- An Investigation By Ralph Thomas
- PDF eBook $19.95

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