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A Mega-Trend In Investigative Services Is Starting To Happen Right Now!
About every ten or twenty years , we see massive mega trends develop in the private investigative industry. For those of us who have been around for a while, we have seen that happen before our eyes with online searching and the internet. If we go back a little further, many investigators can remember the mega-shift and mega trend that happened in areas such as video surveillance, pre-employment screening and in many other areas of providing private investigative services. The smart investigators who were able to jump on one of these major new mega trends at the beginning of it are the investigative services that end up with the massive client growth in the years that follow the trend as it develops. Technology in the form of inexpensive covert video cameras and micro recording equipment that one can carry on the body in a covert manner has merged with mystery shopping to produce a new type of booming service private investigative agencies can offer.This new type of private investigative service is often called covert video mystery shopping services.

A New High-Tech Twist On An Older Type Of Service- Mystery Shopping
Mystery shops have been around for a very long time. Private Investigators often think of honesty shops where an investigator goes into a bar as a mystery shopper undercover and observes the bar tender to make sure he or she isn't cheating or stealing. There is a new type of mystery shopping service you can become involved in called Covert Video Mystery Shopping and growth for this type of service has been explosive. Instead of honesty checks, these shops are done by companies such as car dealers, apartment rental businesses, car rental agencies and new home builders that do a mystery shop that is covertly video taped so management can make sure that their salesman are using the correct sales presentations in private sales. This new method of mystery shopping solves a major problem for such companies in that it helps them weed out people who are not suitable for professional personal sales presentations as well helps the company identify weak points that can be used in training for the sales and customer service staff. This method provides a new and unique way for certain types of businesses to keep the edge in excellence with it comes to providing customer service and personal sales with clients and potential customers. It's important for you to understand the basic underlying problem and how you can solve it when it comes to potential businesses that are likely to jump at the chance to use a covert video mystery shopping service. With certain types of businesses such as new home sales, apartment rentals, and new car sales-management simply has no idea what the sales staff is actually telling potential clients in the private sales presentation. Covert video mystery shopping services, solves this problem for management and gives them a way to monitor how their sales staff and customer service people are doing. The covert video mystery shopping provides management with a complete video record of what took place during the sales presentation. This can be used to correct mistakes in the actual sales presentation and weed out unfit and dishonest sales people who could cause the business a lot of problems down the road. Since this is a new type of investigative service, growth in this area of mystery shopping is explosive and the market is virtually untapped.

Covert Video Mystery Shopping Cases Pay $400.00
Or More In An Untapped Market

It's hard to understand it when you read that simple headline above but it's a completely true fact. Unlike overcrowded investigative areas such as insurance surveillance services, providing covert video mystery shopping services is a new and highly important trend in the private investigative industry you do not want to pass up.The market is untapped right now. These types of cases are typically billed out at between $350.00 to $500.00 each and take between a half hour to an hour and a half to complete. The value is in the on-the-spot covert video footage you obtained of the sales or customer service presentation that is of extreme value to the client. By marketing your services to businesses and corporations that have multiple locations, you can often land accounts that will require dozens of different assignments. Not only that, these businesses tend to use your covert video mystery shopping service again and again. You can do the simple math yourself. Unlike assignments such as difficult worker's compensation surveillance and domestic surveillance work, these case assignments can give you income of up to $400.00 per hour or more. These cases are very easy to do. You simply pose as a potential client or customer and covertly video tape the sales person's presentation to you. With the high tech covert video equipment investigators can use to day, this type of covert video procurement is very easy to obtain. With the use of such covert video equipment as covert video purse cameras, cell pone cameras, pager cameras and a host of other options, any good private investigator can easily become involved in this high growth, high pay area of private investigative services.


The contents of this training material include:

Mystery Shopping & Video Mystery Shopping
Covert Video Mystery Shopping As An Investigative Service
What you need to know to offer video mystery shopping services
Target Markets For Covert Video Mystery Shopping
Sample Sales Letters And Marketing Tools To Obtain Clients
Video Mystery Shopping Cover Letter
Video Shopping Questions And Answers
Video Shopping For Training Questions And Answers
Legal Aspects Of Covert Video Mystery Shopping
Client Contract From Explained
Terms Of Agreement For Covert Video Mystery Shopping
Employee Consent Form For Covert Video Mystery Shopping
One Party/Two Party Consent States
Applied State Statutes
Employment Application
Independent Contractor Agreement Generic
Independent Contractor Agreement
Forms And Contracts For Conducting Covert Video Mystery Shopping
Tax Forms For Covert Video Mystery Shopping
Shopper Pay Chart For Covert Video Mystery Shoppers
Video Recording Equipment For Covert Video Mystery Shopping
Analog Vs Digital Recording Equipment
Triggering Mechanisms
Equipment Reviews For Covert Video Mystery Shopping
Conducting The Covert Video Mystery Shop
Car Rental Video Mystery Shopping
Car Rental Agency Shop
Running And Promoting Your Own Shopping Company
Partnership Agreements Explained
Partnership Agreement For Covert Video Mystery Shopping
Promoting Your Own Covert Video Mystery Shopping Service
Resources For Covert Video Mystery Shopping
Appendix For Covert Video Mystery Shopping
Index On Covert Video Mystery Shopping

About This New Megan Trend And It's Unlimited Potential
We have mentioned a few of the type of clients who would tend to have a burning need and desire for covert video mystery shops such as car dealers, home builders and apartment complexes. Although the overwhelming majority of these potential business clients have not even been approached, this list of potential clients is just scratching the surface. The fact is, any business dealing with high ticket products and services would be an ideal prospect for covert video mystery shop services. You could take a piece of paper and in a matter of minutes come up with a list of other business categories that would likely be highly respective to this type of covert video mystery shop.

Current Mystery Shopping Services Are Scrambling
That is correct! Mystery shopping has become a multimillion dollar industry. It's controversial because there are some really big companies out there that have national accounts that do not have a private investigative agency license when they likely should. However, they see the dollar potential with covert video mystery shopping services. The problem is, you almost certainly must have a private investigative agency license to offer covert video of any type and that's where you come in. Since you already have your private investigative license and are light years away when in comes to investigative and covert video procurement skills, you are already way ahead of these mystery shopping services that are now scrambling to start offering covert video mystery shops. It's an almost unheard-of opportunity for any licensed private investigative service. However, you need to act quickly.

The Time To Act Now Is Now!
Trends come and go in business and industry and the private investigative profession. Covert Video Mystery Shopping in the new and booming trend. It's a proven fact! Those who become involved in a business and investigative trend in the early stages of it will make the most money. If you wait, your competition will jump on this trend and be obtaining the lucrative assignments while you hesitate to act now. The clients and assignments are waiting for you to tap into. To get involved in this explosive growth and booming area of private investigation, order your copy today. You will be very glad that you did it.

How to Make Up To $200,000 A Year Or More With Video Mystery Shopping
Large 8 1/2 X 11 Format, Perfect Bound, 87 pages, Forms, Appendix, Index
By Cliff Lindquist

eBook $19.95

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