Confidential Investigative Report
The Death Of Vince Walker Foster
And The Clinton Scandals

An Investigation And Revision
Of History -
By Ralph Thomas

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Quotes On Vince Foster Death And Related Issues

"Don't believe a word you hear, it was not suicide." Webb Hubbell July 29, 1963.

"There had to be foul play involved," Phillip Carrloo, Senior Partner, Rose Law Firm - Godfather to Foster's Children, Nov 1993.

“I have lead a life of lies and deception,” Bill Clinton, May 24, 1997 to Monica Lewinsky

“He didn’t die in the park, he died elsewhere and it was murder. Foster was right in the middle of the Mena Drug Operation,”  -Gene Wheaton Special Agent- CID Army Homicide Investigator

“Cover-up from Mena Arkansas all the way to the White House.”-
 Terry Capehart Mena airport technician

"I'm a dead man!" Private Investigator Jerry Parks upon hearing about the Vince Foster death a few months before he was murdered.

“ I had reasons to believe the Vince Foster tragedy was not depicted accurately under oath by members of the administration..I knew, based on personal knowledge, personal observations, that they were lying under oath.”  -Linda Tripp

“I learned things and saw things that I didn’t know happened in the country and yes I was worried….” Monica Lewinsky

“I would not cross those people for fear of my life.”  Monica Lewinsky in a taped telephone conversion to Linda Tripp

“ Very fishy like a large trout in the trunk of your car for a week!” Arthur Nascarella  - 20 year veteran NYPD homicide investigator

“These covert operators don’t go out and kill KJB agents or Cuban DGI agents, they kill their own.” - Veteran Army Investigator Gene Wheaton

"No one can know why this happened." -Bill Clinton, July 21, 1993

“ I felt endangered, angry and resented it “ Linda Tripp under oath after the Vince Foster And Jerry Parks deaths.

“ You had the Park Police come in, see a gun in the hand and immediately call it and treat it as a suicide. Alright, that is not good police work" Arthur Nascarella  - 20 year veteran NYPD homicide investigator

The death of Clinton White House Deputy Counsel Vince Foster is riddled in controversy. This investigation takes a look at his death and details facts and corcumstances that tend to indicate that Vince Foster did not commit suicide. Aside from the actual crime scene investigation, a background on the work Vince Foster was involved in had to do with containing numerous Clinton scandals and exposes an array of evidence that would tend to lead to reasons for his death. While researching the Clinton scandals Foster was in charge of containing as Clinton's attorney, many other strange deaths are uncovered. The murder of private investigator Jerry Parks is especially alarming since he had conducted investigtions on various ladies Bill Clinton had affairs with and had spoken with Vince Foster a week before his death about these files The lead investigator, Miguel Rodriguez, resigned after Ken Starr canceled a grand jury probe to develop the truth and after he had located ahidden photograph that revealed Foster had a bullet wound in his neck. The date and time of the autopsy was changed and investigators from the Park Police were not present to observe all of the autopsy. The position of the body is highly suspect. Four experienced homicide investigators looked into the Foster death. They were Arthur Nascarella, Gene Wheaton, Fred Santoshi and Vincent Scalise. They all said the same thing. The death scene looked staged and Vince Foster did not die in Fort Mercy Park.

This investigative report is filled with photos, diagrams and graphics.

Evidence That Indicates Vince Foster Did Not Commit Suicide And There Was A Cover-Up Found In This Investigative Report: Patrick Knowlton stated that Foster's car was not in the parking lot during a time period after the time of death had been established. Foster's fingerprints were not found on the gun and Foster didn't own the gun found in his hand. The gun was not traceable and only two bullets had been in the gun. No other ammo for the gun was owned by Foster. The FBI determined that the body had been moved based on blood flow analysis. The powder marks on Foster's hands indicate he could not have fired the gun. A gun remaining in one's hand after shooting oneself in the head or mouth is highly unlikely. The lack of blood at the crime scene is suspisious. Carpet fibers were found all over the body. Long blond hairs and traces of semen were found on Foster's underwear. No exit bullet, skull fragments or exit brain tissue was ever found at the crime scene. A witness saw someone who looked like Foster being carried into Fort Marcy Park. Gunpowder tests found on Foster's cloths did not match the gun. Crime scene technicians saw a bullet wound in the neck that is not in the autopsy report. There is evidence that Foster didn't leave the White House Complex in his car but walked over to the Old Executive Office Building. Foster's car keys were not found in his pocket or at the crime scene. A crime scene technician saw tramped areas below the body and one saw someone fleeing the area at the bottom of the brim. No witnesses heard any gunshots. Forensic evidence from Foster's shoes indicate hat he did not walk the dirt paths to the location of where the body was found. There were back entrances to the park that had been altered during the official investigations. X-Ray photos and crime scene photos are missing.

Table Of Contents Include:

Introduction: Page 5

The Clinton Scandals Swirling Around Vince Foster:  Page 6

The Whitewater Scandal 9
James And Susan McDougal 11
Travelgate Scandal 13
Filegate Scandal 14
ADFA Scandal 14
Cattlegate Scandal 15
Troopergate And Sex Scandals 16
The Waco Seige Scandals 17
Mena Drug OperationScandals 18

The Strange Death Of Colonel James Sabow 26
Private Investigator Jerry Parks Death, Vince Foster And The Sex Scandals: 31
Hillary Clinton And Vincent Foster: 36
Fort Marcy Park ,The United States Park Police And The FBI: 40

Description Of Fort Marcy Park 40
The United States Park Police As Lead Investigative Agency 40
The CIA Employee And The Hidden Back Entrance 41
Knowlton Court Brief Investigative Report 43
The Miguel Discovery About Fort Macy Park 44
The United States Park Police As Lead Investigative Agency 51

Lead Investigative Agency Should Have Been The FBI And The Firing Of FBI Director Sessions: 51
Bill Clinton’s Firing Of FBI Director William Sessions The Day Before The Foster Death: 53
Controversy Over The Location Of The Body In Fort Marcy Park: 54
People And Witnesses At The Crime Scene And Crime Scene Time Line 54
Fort Marcy Park Cars And Parking Lot Timeline: 68
The Resignation Of Lead Investigator Miguel Rodriguez: 73
Miguel Rodriguez Memo Page 74
Understanding The Official Investigative Reports:  107
Conclusions Of The Knowlton Report: 109
Accessing The Official Investigative Reports: 110
Problems With The Evidence Of Vince Foster’s Death: 110

Did Foster Leave The White House In His Car 110
Suspicious Activity In Fort Marcy Park 113
Problems With The Gun 114
The Fingerprints On The Gun Were Not Foster's 116
Gunpowder Residue On Fingers 118
The Gun As A Typical Throw-Down Non Traceable 119
Extensive FBI Search For The Exit Bullet And Skull Fragment 119
Missing Crime Scene Photos 121
Amount Of Blood At The Crime Scene 123
Problems With Vince Foster’s Eyeglasses 125
Evidence Of A Wound In The Neck 126
Automatic Pistol Controversy127
Time And Date Of The Autopsy Changed 127
Blood Flow Analysis Shows Body Was Moved 127
The Disappearing X-Rays 128
Questionable Pathologist 129
Disappearing Photos 130
Negative Match Of Gunpowder 133
Shoe Forensics133
Multi-Color Carpet Fibers All Over Cloths 133
Witness Who Saw Foster Carried In Park 134
Blonde Hair, Semen And Carpet Fibers On Underwear 134
Missing Polaroid Crime Scene Photos 134
No One Heard Any Gunshots 134
Certification Of Death – No Exit Wound 134
Firefighter Heard And Saw Someone In Woods 136
Impossible Position Of Body 136
Foster’s Car Keys 139
First Report States Forster Was Found In Car 139
Foster’s Body Was Found In Three Locations 141
Body Was Altered While At Crime Scene 141
Patrick Knowlton, Description Of Vehicles 141
Time Of Notification Of Death At The White House Disputed 148
Shirt is completely inconsistent with the amount of blood 149
Stomach Contents 150
Car Keys Controversy 152

White House Actions After The Vince Foster Death: 154
White House Demands Park Police Evidence: 159
The Forged Vince Foster Note: 160
The James Orline Grabbe Story: 175
The Clearwater Florida Police Report: 176
Erasing Of The Crime Scene: 178

Summary Of The Gun: 178
Analysis Of The Wounds And The Body: 180

Summary Analysis Of The Vince Foster Car: 181
Analysis Of Vince Foster’s State Of Mind: 183
Autopsy Diagrams: 184
Medical Examiner Report: 188

Summary Evidence Of The Body Being Transported To Scene: 191
Summary Of Evidence That Foster Did Not Fire The Gun Himself: 192
Summary Of Performance Of The Park Police: 193
Evidence That Points To A Cover-Up: 194
Understanding The Manipulation And Control Of The Press:  195
Other Strange Deaths: 198
Other Attempted Murder And Threats: 205
People Indicted And Convicted: 206
People Pardoned: 209

Conclusion:  215
Source Materials: 216

Sources- Official Reports 216
Sources – 15 hours of Video Presentations 217
Sources – Books  220
Sources – Audio Tapes 222
Sources – Articles 222

Linda Tripp was one of the last people to see Vince Foster before he exited the West Wing. Both Linda Tripp and
Monica Lewinshi had some things to say about Vince Foster and related issues which is covered in this report.

Hillary Clinton Billing Records From Her Rose Law Firm Days Had Been Missing. Records Had Been Taken From Vince Foster’s
West Wing Office by Marget Williams To Her Third Floor White House Office In The Residence Section Of The White House.
Hillary Clinton First Stated That She Did Not Recall Any Records Being Removed From Vince Foster’s Office After His Death.
Margret Williams Testified Under Oath That She Was Ordered BY Hillary Clinton To Remove Records From Vince Forster’s
Office And Take Them To The White House Residence.

This is more than just a investigative and research report that runs over 222 pages. It contains scores of photos, diagrams, references to other sources and resources as well as links to dozens of hours of video you can access online.

Confidential Investigative Report
The Death Of Vince Walker Foster
And The Clinton Scandals

An Investigation And Revision
Of History -
By Ralph Thomas

PDF eBook $25.00

8 1/2 X 11, 222 pages
Extensive Photos, Diagrams And Linked Resources

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