By Sgt. Nicholas Ciullo C.M.P.I.

My previous article on the degree of separation we talked about locating a subjects by directly not looking for them but looking for family members and friends and others. Let me preface this article by saying not being a member of NAIS and trying to accomplish this is like opening a pizzeria and not knowing how to cook. I attribute at least an increase of fifty percent in my finds as a direct result of being an NAIS member. In serving process over 20 years, I have learned a few tricks that may help you in finding your target. Eighty percent of the process I serve are summons and complaints

At least 50 percent of this is due to the person being involved in an auto accident some three years ago. Many times, they have no clue they are being sued! Why play hide and seek I call them and simply say I have a document for you about an accident you where involved in some time ago and I need to forward you this document. The answer I some times get is “I DON’T WANT IT BYE” I then say ok then you want to pay for this claim out of your pocket.

They then say “WHERE CAN WE MEET”. Looking closely and reading what the complaint is about will give you valuable clues in locating subjects. Recently I received an assignment to locate this person that a law firm needed to be served with regards to his involvement in a death by auto case as always the statue of limitations was closing in and the law firm couldn’t locate this subject with there in house support staff. I received this document via fax at 10am and at 10:15 I had located him. The subject was driving a truck as stated in the complaint and was involved in a terrible collision that claimed the life of a person. I called his trucking company that he worked for they said he had moved I explained what I needed him for they provided me with his new address and the next day he was served. Sometimes a little effort goes along way. Many times friends injured in auto accidents while riding with friends. Cant locate our target locate the friend. In trying to locate subjects in all of these cases I always have the accident report sent to me we can find things in these reports that are vital in locating these subjects. Alot of times the report states while delivering for TONYS PIZZAS the subject ran a red light. Well Tony would have an idea where to find him! In my training of process servers I tell them contact the person by phone why make this complicating and with the price of gas these days who needs to be driving around trying to find subjects and then hope they wont evade service. It seems we have this pre conceived thought that oh no this person is defiantly gonna evade not another wild goose chase! Example one of my process serves had divorced papers for a subject and had some trouble serving him. We were given his work address. I phoned the subject and simply said I have your divorce papers I don’t want to come to your place of business and embarrass you lets meet in the parking lot and take care of this. Why let anyone know your business.

He said you are a gentleman and I appreciate your compassion. I served him he then shook my hand and again thanked me.

I hope you found this article to be helpful in your endeavor to be successful in locating and serving your subject keep it simple.

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Good Luck

Sgt. Nicholas Ciullo C.M.P.I.

Director of Operations Constables Office of New Jersey