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OPSEC Conference Topic Abstracts
OPSEC: America's First Line of Defense
From the June conference in Baltimore, MD


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The 2003 Annual Report to Congress on Foreign Economic Collection and Industrial Espionage is now available on-line.


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North Korea: Channeling Foreign Information Technology, Information to Regime Goals


Acts of Sabotage Involving High Voltage Transmission Towers
Your Role in Combating the Insider Threat
Laws and Leaks of Classified Intelligence: The Consequences of Permissive Neglect
NIST Releases Security Guidelines
Counterfeit Identification Raises Homeland Security Concerns
Graduate Degree in Homeland Security


Iraqi Denial and Deception
It is not our intent to populate the Web site with trivial information. However, in this case, we could not let this pass without sharing it with you. It's a perfect example of denial and deception at its most fundamental level.


Information Sharing and Protection: A Seamless Framework of a Patchwork Quilt?
Potential Terrorist Use of Official Identification, Uniforms or Vehicles


Annual Report to Congress on Foreign Economic Collection and Industrial Espionage - 2002
An NCIX Subscriber Speaks Out
Homeland Security: Information Sharing Activities Face Continued Management Challenges
Information Sharing: Practices That Can Benefit Critical Infrastructure Protection


Sentencing of "Shoe Bomber" Richard Reid
Vietnam: Expatriate Support for Technology Transfer To Be Encouraged
South Korea: Intelligence Service To Boost Foreign Technology Collection


Taking Responsibility
Chinese S & T Support Groups In Japan
The NCIX is Legislated Into Existence by Public Law 107-306
South Korea: Media Report Large Boost in Funds for Technology Transfer


A New Direction

Annual Report to Congress on Foreign Economic Collection and Industrial Espionage - 2002


Espionage Against the United States by American Citizens 1947-2001(10/31/2002)


Four Pillars Economic Espionage Case Update (3/05/2002)


Security and Company Culture (2/04/2002)


The Ten Commandments of CI (1/31/2002)

China: Journals Urge Use of Overseas Scientists for Technology Transfer (1/29/2002)

"One of the Biggest Ears in the World" - East German SIGINT Operations (1/17/2002)

US-PRC Technology "Exchange" Forum Hosted in Beijing (1/01/2002)

South Korea - Biotech Consortium To Build Tech-Transfer Facility in San Diego (1/01/2002)


Annual Report to Congress on Foreign Economic Collection & Industrial Espionage 2001

eptember 2001, Volume 3:

Alert Employee Thwarts Overt Intelligence Collection Attempts By A Chinese Nationalupdated!on 09/26/00, Retired Air Force Sergeant Charged With Conspiracy To Commit Espionage, Overseas Koreans Contributing Technical Literature to DPRK 1, No Statute of Limitations on Espionage Directed at the United States, Russia Swaps Intellectual Property for Debt, Israeli Hacker Gets Community Service, Job Hopper Flies the Coop, Harsh Sentences Imposed, Another Appeal Denied, Company Sues Former Employees and Their New Employee, Disney Seeks Reversal, Hitting Back at Scammers, NCIX Receives National Recognition.

June 2001, Volume 2:

Supreme Court Snubs Spies, South Korea: Science Ministry Continues Foreign Recruitment Drive, Hanssen Indicted as Spy, Recent Arrests Alleging Trade Secret Theft, More Theft of Trade Secrets, Food Worker Arrested in Attempted Theft of a Billion Dollar Trade Secret, Former Cisco Engineer Pleads Guilty, Naval Officer Sentenced, Foreign Collection Trends: Internet-Based Foreign Requests for Information, NCIX Web Site Updates.

March 2001, Volume 1:

Suspicious Visitors to Federal Facilities, South Korea: Media Report Latest Thrust in Seoul's Drive To Acquire Technologies Through Cooperation Centers, Veteran FBI Agent Arrested, Battle of the Bottlers, Accused Cryptologist Rejects Navy Offer - With Update!, "Analyzer" Pleads Guilty, Case Closed in Bremerton, Global Threat Trends, NCIX Web Site Updates updated! on 3/13/01.

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