ParascoptikOptic Swatscope ® For Surveillance
See Over Walls And Bushes, Around Corners And Up Stairs!

ParascoptikOptic Swatscope ® For Surveillance is a new generation hand held device every investigator will want. It's a fine optical hand  held periscope that has a variable 4X to 9X power zoom!   It allows a user the ability to see over walls and bushes as well as around corners and up stairs. It's also a highly advanced inspection tool that lets the user see the tops of book shelves and/or under furniture and under vehicles. You'll use it and use it a lot in surveillance operations as well as inspection operations such as countermeasures.

The extendable slide bar provides 22 1/2 inches of height advantage and the zoom lens has a magnification range of 4X to 9X. The US Patented ParascoptikOptic Swatscope ® For Surveillance can be carried hands free with a belt hook and is stored, ready to use, in an aluminum protective case.  The ParascoptikOptic Swatscope ® For Surveillance is made of a high quality aluminum alloy, highly polished glass prisms and glass lenses.  The eyepiece rubber cup can be folded back for use with glasses.

• Any Type Of Surveillance
• Stake Outs - view over Bushes, Fences, Trash Cans etc.
• Sniper Application
• Over Block Walls / Yards
• Into Windows, Rooms
• Around Corners
• Obstructions
• Over Vehicles, Traffic, Riots / Crowds
• Up Stairwells
• Clearing Dark Attics
• Into Basements
• Countermeasures Inspection Tool
• Customs - Drug Inspections, In Containers / Dumpsters

• Magnification:  Variable 4x to 9x 
• 4x field of view:  9.5 degrees 
• 9x field of view: 5.0 degrees
• Focus distance 4x: 18" to Infinity  
• Focus distance 9x:  8ft. To infinity
• Eyepiece diopter range:  +/- 5 diopte
• Exit pupil diameter: 0.2" to 0.09" 
• Scope Weight: 18.6 oz
• Aluminum protective case: 1.86 lb.
• Size Extended with handle: 28.125"
• Size Retracted without handle: 17.62"

ParascoptikOptic comes in an aluminum protective case and is a high grade optic devise. ParascoptikOptic Swatscope ® For Surveillance is the tool you need if you conduct surveillance! Get your ParascoptikOptic today and you will be very happy you have it when you need it which will be often!

ParascoptikOptic Swatscope ® For Surveillance
See Over Walls And Bushes, Around Corners And Up Stairs!



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