PEN or The Private-Eye Network Is A Highly Advanced Web Site Just
For Members Of The National Association Of Investigative Specialists!
Wait Until You See Want Is Waiting For You Inside!


Private-Eye Network

NOTE The graphics in the middle! A running slide show! A screen shot of your web site
could be running here! These are selected outstanding NAIS member web sites.
When you click on the graphics inside the highly advanced PEN, another window
pops up and links to the web site. As an NAIS member, your web site could be featured here!


"This site is a reservoir of useful information, resources and contacts. You go from being a small
office to having a cadre of sub-offices and contacts from around the world. This is a great
learning opportunity that you can learn and grow from," Wyndell C. Watkins Jr.

"This site is absolutely fantastic. I am totally blown away . I cannot believe all the useful
and fun information that is here and I have only been on it for ten minutes," - David Childe
"I'm really excited about all the learning opportunities it has to offer," - Kevin Chatham
"It will be a great asset for us. You are always out there pushing the envelope," Mark Gillespie
" I like the Private Eye Network," -Art Kassel "Thanks this stuff here rocks," -Robert Ian Gonzalez Jr.
" Great job with this!!!!!!! ", Terry L. Fields - "WOW!" Alysyn Bourque -"Awesome," Melinda Rankin
"I'm very excited to be part of this!" Nathan Mathis - "Very interesting," MGuadagno Associates TSCM
"It's people like you that pushes society to do bigger and better things!", The Bounty Boys
"Thx for biggie sizing the profession and taking it to the next level, the internet," - Tony Richardson
" I'm glad to be here," Keri L. Hayes - "Surpasses all others hands down," -Lonnie Snowden
"Thank you for creating a new home for us PIs," Steve Parrish - "This is a great site!", Amy Kreyling
"Great site! Looking forward to being part of its growth", Tony Olivo
"Just wanted to say thank you for all the great resources here on PEN!!", Philip Moore
"Pen is unbelievable! Thanks for all your hard work," David Childe
"I enjoy it and it's helpful in promotions," Deborah Rose
"Ralph -We Need More Men Like You My Friend!," Brandon Perron
"Love this!! looks great!! very exciting!!" Melinda Rankin
"Nice site...really well done," Steve Mallon
"Love it!" Rick Raymond

"NAIS has been very helpful for me over the years.
It has allowed me to make solid contacts with organizations overseas, especially in Aisa.
NAIS is a very solid and well tuned organization," William Lowenkamp


What's The Number One Thing Investigators Need? Case Assignments!
You Will Find Many Inside PEN Under The Group -PICase Assignments!
Above is a graphics of just a few cases that are posted every week!

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PEN: NAIS Members Only Advanced Private Eye Network

The National Association Of Investigative Specialists is happy to open this advanced network for private investigators, security and Intelligence professionals.

PEN or The Private Investigator's Network is a place where private investigators, security experts, Intelligence professionals, auto repossessors, bail recovery agents and professionals in related fields can come together in on an advanced networking system that is graphics rich. You can access and start forms, set up your own page with photos, music and videos, chat with fellow members and read important content online. It is a great place to network with other private investigators in a new advanced online system you will love. The system has slide show photos of the day along with music and videos you will enjoy. Several members have already started many forums such as the Skip Tracer's form. With your own page which you can customize, you will find this social networking system useful. There is a live chatroom for members and you can go private with any member that is on the system. You will find this new generation social network service great for you and for your business and profession. But it goes way beyond your run of the mill Networking service. PEN is really advanced, cutting-edge and gives you a place that lets you quickly network, learn, market and earn!

NAIS Benefits


This system features several investigative news feeds on the front page that change almost on the hour every hour. You stay up-to-date with your profession.

You will find announcements and a calendar of upcoming trade shows and conferences you will want to attend! We have it all layed out for you so you do not miss anything.

You will find training videos you can watch inside PEN.

A Sample of a few of members pages inside PEN! You customize them,
upload your own photos, graphics, video, music, select your own friends and promote
yourself to other NAIS members.

Resource Centers Inside PEN! Videos, Training, Links, Aids, Articles, White papersAnd More!

You can set up your own page and upload information, photos, videos, logos and links to your page.
Photos, graphics and logos uploaded to your own page often appear in a slide show on the front page. Setting up your own page is easy to do and you can select from a number of one click looks and have your page up and running in a matter of minutes.

PEN has it's own email messaging system you can use to stay in contact with other members on this NAIS network. You can pick your friends and business associates then send one email to all of them within the system.

A Screen shot of some of the advanced features on PEN. Forum discussions can be used to quickly get help,
network with other NAIS members, ask questions, find sources and stay in touch. There is a highly advanced live
chat room where you can chat with other NAIS members in either a group or go into private mode with any member.
The blog section lets you make blog posts that other members can see. These will show up in the blog box on the front page.

PEN has it's own live chat section where you can chat with other members and NAIS is planning online meetings through this system which will soon feature video conferencing rooms. You can also choose to go private with any member in chat so only you and the person you are online with can see the chat.


Join And/Or Start Your Own Forums
Screen shots above are of just three forums started by NAIS members.
You can join these valuable sources of start your own!


You can join and/or start forums and groups and these are proving to be highly popular as members can learn from each other on various subjects of investigation trade craft.

PEN features music you will enjoy. You will find a huge selection of spy and private eye music running on the front page.

PEN is an advanced system you can learn in a few minutes that is great for networking!

The Advanced PEN system is designed so you can upload your own video.


Almost 100 Training Videos Inside PEN All Free -Hours Of Online Training!
It's Like Attending A Huge Ongoing Investigative Conference Without The Expense!
Skip Trace Training Video Series - Surveillance Training Video Series
Cell Phone Forensics Training Video Series -Process Server Training Series
Marketing Your Investigative Services - Pre-Employment Investigations Training Series
Bodyguarding And Executive Protection Training Series - Countermeasures Training Series
Domestic Investigations Training Series - Interviewing Technology Training Series
Computer Security Training Series - Understanding Forensic Document Examination
Repossession And more.

Entertainment Online! Inside Pen You Will Find Hours Of TV Programming You Can Watch
Right On Your Computer On Demand.
Covert Affairs -Rockford Files - Charlie's Angles, Manhunters Fugitive Task Force,
NAIStv Live Stream, Undercovers, Chasel, The Whole Truth, Bones, Law And Order, White Collar,
Magnum P.I., She Spies, Dragnet, Remington Steel, Simon & Simon, I-Spy, NBC Nightly News
With Brian Williams, The Movie Channel! All inside PEN.

Within this advanced system you can also start your own group, have your own blog off your page, quickly contact other members within the system, review notes and have private online talks. This advanced system already is over 2000 members. PEN will is now an NAIS members only service.
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Want More Cases, More Clients And Top Inside Networking? For 38 Years NAIS Has Been Helping Investigators!
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Private Eye Network

NAIS Members Get Massive Media Exposure Partly Because They Belong To NAIS!
These are just a few samples through various media outlets that get NAIS members exposure!
If you are an NAIS member and have an interesting story, we can get it out there!

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