Julius "Buddy" Bombet


Known As The Father Of Moderm Day Private Investigation


Photo On The Right: Buddy Bommet On The Cover Of PI Magazine.

Based on accomplishments which have impacted the private investigative profession, NAIS periodically issues a Lifetime Achievement Award. We are pleased and honored to present a 2002 NAIS Lifetime Achievement Award to Julius "Buddy" Bombet. Of all the accomplishments and backgrounds of all the private investigators I have reviewed through the 20 plus year history of the National Association Of Investigative Specialists, Buddy Bombet's is the most impressive. Not only is Mr. Bombet one of the nation's most accomplished and most well known private investigators in the United States, his contributions to the private investigative profession are extensive and span over 35 years.

Vast Investigative Experience
In June of 1965, Mr. Bombet became a Louisiana State Trooper and was assigned to the photographic section. He photographed all major traffic accidents within a 50-mile radius of Baton Rouge, photographed crime scenes state-wide in conjunction with the crime lab, photographed civil disorders, prepared fingerprints, questioned documents and other evidence for court presentation. He was a uniform highway patrol man, worked undercover narcotics investigations and executive protection assignments.

In May of 1967, he became Co-owner of B & L Associates, Inc., a legal investigative agency located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which handled both civil and criminal investigations for attorneys, insurance companies and businesses nationwide.

In January of 1973, Mr. Bombet became Chief Investigator, East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney's Office. He supervised 15 investigators, supervised all death investigations. He was assigned to the Special Investigations Division, which handled a variety of sensitive criminal matters.

From September of 1977 to March of 1986, Mr. Bombet was staff Investigator for law firm of Due', Dodson, de Gravelles, Robinson & Caskey; Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

In March of 1986, Mr. Bombet started his current agency known as Bombet, Cashio and Associates, a legal investigative agency providing field services and specialized computer research for attorneys, insurance companies and businesses nationwide.

Dedication And Service To The National Association Of Legal Investigators
Mr. Bombet is past Director, Secretary-Treasurer and Regional Director of The National Association Of Legal Investigators. He has also served as editor and assistant editor of NALI's prestigious newsletter, The Legal Investigator. He has served on NALI's Certification Committee, Directory Committee, Advisory Committee, Constitutional Committee, Disciplinary Committee and Legislative Committee. He has also been in charge of numerous NALI conferences both regional and national.

Dedication And Service To The Louisiana Private Investigator's Association
Aside from his long and continuous service to NALI, Mr. Bombet has also served in various positions for the Louisiana Private Investigator's Association. He served as Convention Chairman, 1990, 1992-97 , was a member of the Board of Directors, 1991-92 and the Trustees and Finance Committee from 1991-92. Mr.. Bombet also served as editor of LPIA's Journal in 1997.

Buddy Bombet's other work experience and accomplishments include:

Louisiana Senate, Chief of Security, 1971-72.

National Legislative Conference, Assistant Chief of Security, New Orleans,1972.

Louisiana State Police, Instructor, Training Academy, Crime Scene and Traffic Accident Photography.

Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce, Chairman, Law Enforcement Committee, 1972.

Professional Photographers of America, Seminar Speaker, Atlanta, Georgia,1973, "Civil Evidence Photography and Its Relation to Traffic Accidents.

National Association of Legal Investigators, Certified Legal Investigator,

1978. U.S. Department of Transportation, Conference Speaker, Washington, D.C.,September 1979, Meeting on Heavy Truck Fatalities.

Indiana University, Instructor, Indianapolis, Indiana, January 21, 1980,Investigator's Training Program, "Planning an Investigation," and "Building a Criminal Case."

National Association of Legal Investigators, Seminar Speaker, Las Vegas, February 15, 1980, "Skip Tracing."

National Council of Investigation and Security Service, Seminar Speaker, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, April 18, 1982, "Investigators' Resource Material."

National Association of Legal Investigators, Convention Speaker, Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, June 18, 1982, "Liability from the High Seas to the Lower Mississippi--The Investigation."

Louisiana State University, Guest Lecturer, "Principles of Paralegal Studies" on the subjects of Physical Evidence, Resource Material and Techniques of Interviewing; February, 1983; January and November, 1984; January and September, 1985.

Loyola University and American Society of Industrial Security, New Orleans, Louisiana, Guest Lecturer, "Security and Police Liability," May 30-31,1985.

Louisiana Bankers Association, New Orleans, Louisiana, Guest Lecturer, "Bank Protection and Risk Management," November 24-25, 1985.

Court-qualified as expert in Evidence Photography and Collection and Preservation of Evidence.

University of New Orleans, Metropolitan College, Paralegal Institute, Plan, Develop, and Instruct a 40 hour course in "Legal Interviewing and Investigation," #14059, with William W. and Eddy Rosen, January 20-May 15,1986.

ION Spring Seminar, New Orleans, Louisiana, Guest Speaker and Panelist, "Information Sources for Investigators," February, 1989.

Louisiana State Paralegal Association, New Orleans, Louisiana, Guest Speaker, "Written Sources of Information in Fact Investigation," June,1989.

Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Guest Speaker, "The Investigation," December, 1989.

Louisiana Association of Private Investigators, Lake Charles, Louisiana, Guest Speaker, Computer Resources for Investigators, May, 1990.

National Association of Legal Investigators, Louisiana Private Investigators Association, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Guest Speaker, "Techniques of Interviewing," October, 1990.

New Orleans Paralegal Association Seminar, New Orleans, Louisiana, Guest Speaker, October 14, 1994.

LA State University Law School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Guest Speaker, August 30, 1995, Pretrial Litigation Class.

From 1984 to 1988 Mr. Bombet Planed, Developed, and Instructed a 39 hour course in "Techniques of Legal Investigations for Louisiana State University.

Dedication And Service To The State Of Louisiana
Helping with the efforts of people like Gary Hyatt and a few other key people in private investigation in Louisiana, Mr. Bombet was one of only a handful of private investigators who developed the concept of both state licensing and a state investigative association in his state. He was Appointed to The Louisiana State Board of Private Investigator Examiners by Governor Edwin W. Edwards on October 8, 1992. Elected Chairman of the Board on November 16, 1992. Re-appointed by Governor Mike Foster, August, 1996.

Awarded To:


Creating The Super Conference Concept
Through the decades of the second half of the nineteenth century, Mr. Bombet has helped organize, been in charge of and hosted countless investigative conferences for a number of investigative associations and organizations. He will forever be known as the person who developed the concept of "Super Conferences" which bring together the resources and members of many different investigative associations. When Mr. Bombet began organizing the first Super Conference concept, many in the industry through it could not be done. But Super Conferences materialized, became successful and are now a trend in the private investigative industry thanks to Mr. Bombet. The 2002 International Private Investigator's Super Conference, held in New Orleans in August was the third Super Conference Mr. Bombet has put together. The conference drew 450 people from all over the world and was sponsored by:

Council of International Investigators, CII
American Society for Industrial Security, ASIS
National Council of Investigation and Security Services, NCISS
National Association of Investigative Specialists, NAIS
Computer Online Investigators Network, COIN
National Association of Legal Investigators, NALI
Louisiana Private Investigators Association, LPIA
Mississippi Professional Investigators Association, MPIA
Texas Association of Licensed Investigators, TALI
Tennessee Association of Investigators, TAI
Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators, PALI
Washington Association of Legal Investigators, WALI
Global Investigators Network, GIN


Mr. Bomet maintains membership in:

National Association of Legal Investigators
California Association of Licensed Investigators
Louisiana Private Investigators Association
World Association of Detectives
National Council of Investigators and Security Services
Council of International Investigators
Louisiana District Attorney's Association
North Texas Private Investigators Association
National Association of Private Process Servers
Texas Association of Licensed Investigators
National Association of Investigative Specialists


His published works include:

 "Traffic Accident Photography," a Louisiana State Police Training manual, 1966."Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Specific Motor Vehicles, "Journal of Evidence Photography , Volume 1, Number 2, April 1969.
"Duplication of Lighting Conditions," Law Enforcement Communications, Volume 2, Number 2, April 1975.
The Eye Versus the Camera, Accurate Representation of Lighting Conditions,"Journal of Evidence Photography, Volume 8, Number 2, April 1976.
"Front Bumpers on 18-Wheelers," NALI Newsletter, Volume8, Number 3, February 1979.
"Working Effectively with a Legal Investigator," Trial, Volume 17, Number 11, November 1981.
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"Texas Association of Licensed Investigators Meet in Dallas,"LPIA Journal, Volume 3, Number 1, January-February, pp. 7-8.
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"The Plaintiff's Personal Injury Investigator," NCISS Business Guides, Spring, 1994, pp. 1-3.
"Railroad Information," LPIA Journal, Volume 1, Jan/Feb1996, pp. 2-3.

Above The Fray
For those investigators who have been around for a while, you are fimiliar with the in-flighting that often goes on within our profession. Buddy has always been the type of person that looks beyond all of that and finds common ground that unites instead of divides the private investigative industry. He seems to be able to bring people in our profession together in ways that no one else can. On a personal note, I feel compelled to say that the very first investigative conference I ever went to was in Orlando, Florida in the 1970s. It was a conference put on by The National Association Of Legal Investigators and hosted by Buddy Bombet. As a new investigator, Buddy made me feel very welcomed and it was one of the best investigative conferences I have attended. Buddy had urged me to join NALI back then which I didn't do. That was one of the mistakes that I made in my life. I now wish I would have joined NALI back in those early years.

NAIS feels the private investigative industry owes Julis "Buddy" Bombet a standing ovation for the outstanding contributions he has made to the private investigative profession for the past two decades!

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Website: http://www.bombet.com/


Bombet Cashio & Vara
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Other Awards

Named One of PI Magazine's Top 10 Investigators
Spring, 1998

Investigator of the Year
Louisiana Private Investigators Association, 1994

Investigator of the Year
Global Investigators Network, 1998

Lifetime Achievement Award
Northeast Super Conference, 1999

Named One of the Top 25 Investigators of the Century
National Association of Investigative Specialist, 1999

NCISS President's Award for Outstanding Service
National Council of Investigative and Security Services, May, 2000

Award for Outstanding Contribution to Professional Development
and Continuing Education
2000 Super Conference