My Hero John F Kennedy, The Man That Saved The World From
Nuclear Annihilation Flaws And All!
By Ralph D, Thomas

Cuban Missile Crisis John F. Kennedy Speech
In response to the Cuban Missile Crisis, former president John F. Kennedy
issued an order to blockade Soviet ships from traveling to Cuba.

John F. Kennedy was swept into power by the narrowest of margins of any presidential campaign in America's history at the time. A mere 100,000 votes separated the winner from the loser and many thought the election was stolen by hanky panky going on in South Texas and around Chicago Illinois. But faith and I believe a higher power put John Kennedy into the oval office and if he would have not been there during the crisis that was about to happen, the United States, Russia and the world as we know it might have very easily been destroyed with a nuclear war. I believe today that if it would not have been for President Kennedy, that would have likely occurred as you will see.

Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex

In President Eisenhower's last farewell address to the American people he made the profound statement on nationwide TV, "Beware of the Military Industrial Complex." What did he mean? No one knows for sure as we look back but there was a covert operation to invade Cuba that turned into The Bay Of Pigs which turned out to be a total disaster. American officials thought they could overthrow the Castle government with out much effort believing the people of Cuba would rise up. They where wrong. When John Kennedy became President, the powers that be informed him of the plan that was hatched under the Eisenhower administration. They talked the new President into the plan. As soon as it came off, Kennedy remarked, "how could I have been to stupid!" Something like that would never happen in his administration again. Kennedy went on National TV, took the complete blame for the Bay Of Pigs invasion, called it a mistake and that since he was the President, he takes full blame. When is the last time you heard a President do that? It takes courage and Kennedy had it! His popularity soared! Why? Could to be because he had the courage to be honest? Do you know what Kennedy wanted to do after this? He wanted to take all the intelligence and law enforcement agencies of the federal government and put them under one big command so they could be managed and so they could be controlled. Hello! This was in the early 1960's! It took until George Bush before this Kennedy vision came to be! Today it is known as The Department Of Homeland Security.

These Where The Days America Was Proud!

Official White House Photo Of
President John F. Kennedy

Kennedy's Cuba problems was not over! Another Crisis soon flared it's ugly face that was even worse. In the early 1960's U2 spy planes took photos from fly overs of Cuba showing that the Soviet Union was building nuclear missile bases in Cuba and the United States went on high military alert. Most of Kennedy's advisors wanted to attack Cuba as soon as possible. It is now known that the Soviet Union already had portable nuclear weapons that could be fired from Cuba and orders by the Soviet Union had already been given to launch them should the United States attack Cuba.

In the first meetings in the cabinet room, every advisor to President Kennedy called for a military attack on Cuba and the sooner the better. President Kennedy was almost the only other person in the room that saw that this would cause world war three and likely a nuclear war. He proceeded with caution and decided on a navel blockade of Cuba. This is likely the most dangerous time in American history as we were but a mere eyeblink away from nuclear war. Above is a video of his speech to the Nation. Below are relics, photos and old news reels from the Cuban Missile Crisis.


JFK The Man And His Human Flaws

President Kennedy, like almost all human beings was a man with flaws and weaknesses. There have been many books written on the topic. And so all the stories go he liked woman and time after time he endangered his career with secret affairs. Even as a young navel officer he had problems in this area of his life. In fact, J Edgar Hoover had a secret file he held over the Kennedy family's head with an Affair John Kennedy had with one who was believed to be a Russian spy. But Kennedy's father also knew about the personal life of J Edgar Hoover himself. Checkmate! The stories of affair after affair never leaked. While in the White House, Kennedy had a swimming pool just off the oval office where he liked to go skinny dipping with two White House assistants who's name where "Fiddle" and "Fiddle". These two young girls apparently had very little else to do at the White House other than be skinny dipping swimming companions. These stories go on and on forever. One so called girlfriend was supposed to be spying on him (maybe I mean who really who knows) secretly seeing Kennedy and then reporting back to crime boss Sam Giancana. There are documented stories about how Kennedy had the secret service on the lookout all the time as to when Jackie Kennedy would be home and wouldn't and there is the story about Jackie coming back to the White House one day and finding some ladies' underwear in John Kennedy's bedroom telling him to get rid of them as they were not hers! There are stories about affairs with Marilyn Monroe, other movie actresses and scores of others.

Kennedy was also not a very well man and had Addison's disease which is an adrenal insufficiency.JFK was basically a sick man since age 13. He also had a bad back that was so severe, he could hardly walk and used crutches a great deal of the time. Kennedy had two back operations, one in 1954 and another one in 1955 which failed. President Kennedy suffered from pain a large portion of his life and he also suffered from emotional pain as well as physical pain. He lost a brother who died in a plane crash during World War II. His sister who he was close to but slightly retarded was given an experimental operation where they cut part of her brain out and she was never right after that. President Kennedy was on chronic pain medication starting in 1955 and was on a great deal of pain medication the rest of his life. According to Doctor Ray Suarez who reviewed Kennedy's medical records, by the time John Kennedy become President, he "was on 12 medications a day. " These included, "antispasmodics for his bowel, paregoric, lamodal transatine [ph], for muscle relaxants, Phenobarbital, Librium, Meprobomate, pain medications, Codeine, Demerol, Methadone, oral cortisone; injected cortisone, testosterone, and Nembutal for sleep. " Because of the medication Kennedy was on for his Addison's disease, he often looked tanned which gave him a healthy appearance but looks can be deceiving.

Kennedy was also addicted to danger, joy and excitement. He was a man that loved life despite the fact that he was in pain most of his. There is many passages in the many of hundreds of biographies about him about close friends observing him staring out a window upstairs in the White House appearing bored and making statements that he felt as if he just would not live very long. Kennedy himself seemed to have a premonition of his own short lived life. He had the burdens of the world on him and they weighed very heavily on his mind. He loved America and wanted the best for it and Kennedy was a gift to America like we have never seen before. He was taken from us at an early age and before his business was finished by what I now believe are evil forces of the world.

Aside from bringing us back from the brink of nuclear annihilation of the world, John Kennedy accomplished much as President and hand other plans that he never got to that history now proves to be correct. He had secret plans to pull our of Vietnam after his second election because he was wise enough to know that we were in over our head and involved in a war that we could not win. Without him, America finally realized that but it took many more years and two more Presidents before we did. Kennedy started the race to land a man on the moon and return him safely to earth and if it was not for him we might not have done that because he was able to unify America in a common goal. He never lived to see this American goal achieved. Remember is was JFK who first came up with the idea of placing all of the law enforcement and intelligence agencies of the federal government under one command so they could not run amuke and not conflict with each other. He was right about that but it took another 20 plus years before that happened. Kennedy brought to the forefront the civil rights movement, wanted a minimum wage, Created the Peace Corps, started the Food Stamp program and was the first president to create aid to the elderly. Today I sometimes lie in bed awake at night wondering what kind of world we would live in today if John Kennedy would have not been shot down in Dallas. Today I believe President Kennedy will be remembered in history as America's great, it not the greatest President for the things that he saved us from (our own self destruction) and the things he inspired us to do and achieve. Yes Kennedy had flaws and he had health problems we didn't know about.

But I tell you now, it is a fact that if it wasn't for him, none of us might not be around to talk about him today. John Kennedy had leadership qualities that I don't think no mere human has had since he walked the face of the earth. They call it the age of Camelot and America longs to get that back. As a write this, it reminds me of the photograph of Bill Clinton shaking hands with President Kennedy on White House grounds when President Clinton was a very young man. President Clinton will tell you today, it was John Kennedy who inspired him to go into politics and Kennedy inspired many to do that. President Clinton had his own set of personal problems but I think today most of us can say that he too was a great President and got a lot done for the betterment of America while he was in office. The problems we have today are very different and in a lot of ways much more complex then they where when John Kennedy was President but there is not doubt in my mind that if he was in a leadership position today, he could handle them and could cut through all the BS, get right to the core of the problem and solve it like he did during the Cuban problems he had in his day. I want a man like John F. Kennedy back. Who knows if we ever will get that back again.

President Kennedy signing the Proclamation for Interdiction of the Delivery of
Offensive Weapons to Cuba at the Oval Office on October 23, 1962.

Some of The Photos Taken By U2 Spy Planes And Shown To President Kennedy
In The Oval Office Revealing Missile Bases In Cuba. Aerial U-2 spy plane photo of the San Cristobal medium range ballistic missile launch site number two in Cuban following the Cuban Missile Crisis.

John F. Kennedy Doodle made during meetings concerning what
to do about the Cuban Missile Crisis

Models Of Missiles From This Time Period



Adlai Stevenson at UN speaks on Cuban Missile Crisis; Castro builds up
defenses in Cuba; cameras installed in airplane, photos show details, MiG-21
jets, OAS endorsed US in 20-0 vote, Dean Rusk shown at this meeting;
Guantanamo base marines arrive; UN building exterior, Adlai Stevenson
speaks (complete newsreel)

Photo Taken During Meetings In The White House
Concerning The Cuban Missile Crisis

ABC News Correspondent Gets Rare Chance to Fly as Civilian in U2 Spy Plane

A Photo Of The U2 Spy Plane.

Flight Suite And Inside The Cockpit of The U2 Spy Plane

Scale Model Of The U2 Spy Plane

Another News Reel Version Of The Events Worth Reviewing
Containing The following: In the United Nations, Adlai Stevenson argues
with Soviet Ambassador Zorin at the height of the missile crisis. JFK makes
his televised speech at the end of the crisis. All set to music performed live
by Topology and Loops.

The White House October 1962 Calendar Gift
After the Cuban Missile Crisis Was Over, The Kennedy White House
Issued Each Staff Member Who Worked On The Crisis A Calendar
With The 13 Days Of the Missile Crisis Highlighted.

Click Here To read Communications Between Kennedy And Khrushchev
During The Cuban Missile Crisis

Click Here To Review White House Papers, Transcripts And Listen To
Audio Recordings Of The 13 Days In October From The JFK Library

Celebrating Over 40 Years Of The U2!

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