Pixie Subminiature Wrist Strap Camera Outfit, 1950's
On November 7th, 1957, the Federal Sales Company of Hollywood California mailed COD to an A. M. Brumfield in Hollydale, California the above PixieCam. The total with COD charges was $4.70. The reason we know this is we have the original mailing box is was mailed in with postage date stamp and COD charges. The PixieCam was a subminiature inexpensive camera that came with a wrist strap and a viewer for viewing the exposures you took. The Pixiecam claimed to be the only subminiature cartridge camera. You could take both black and white and color photos. You could then view your exposures, determine which ones you wanted processed and then send them in. For each group of photos you sent in for processing, the company would then send you FREE film. The complete marketing plan with the PixieCam was, of course; to make a profit developing the film and not selling the camera. There were a lot of camera companies that operated in this manner much like cell phone companies operate today.That is, they offer the hardware sales on the front end very low and make their money on the back end by processing the film. These camera companies made their film in a way (and on purpose) that only they could open it and process it. It actually was a camera that took good photos although it did not have the adjustment features of the high end subminiature cameras. Not a bad deal for $4.07, wouldn't you say? Below is a close up of the camera.

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