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Secure Digital Storage
1GB USB 2.0 Fingerprint Reader Flash Drive (Black)

Portable data security! This Fingerprint Reader Flash Drive (commonly referred to as a Pen Drive) features a built-in Sweep-type Fingerprint sensor to secure your data, 1 gigabyte storage capacity and a USB 2.0 interface for quick data transfers!  This Fingerprint Reader Flash Drive offers application features including web auto login to manage the entries of ID and password for the web sites you visit, user settings for fingerprint registration, password settings and fingerprint live time setting, file and folder settings to encrypt or decrypt files and folders and PC lock to prevent others from using your computer while you're away!
Amazing 8 GB Or 5 GB Pocket Portable Drive
Take All Your Digital Data With You!
This handy little device is an ideal mobile storage companion! With 8 GB of storage capacity you can carry plenty of evidence, music files, picture images, video content and data files! Its stylish, slim, lightweight design makes it easy to take anywhere! The T one portable 1-inch hard drive is great for students, and people on the GO! Simply plug into an available USB port and let the storage begin! With 8 GB of portable storage in the palm of your hand, taking your data with you just got a little more easier!
1 And 2 GB Finger USB Storage Pen Drive

 This 2.0 Flash Disk (commonly referred to as a Pen Drive) stores your valuable data, digital music and photos! The GU-P04 features a USB 2.0 interface for fast data transfers and its compact and portable design fits in the palm of your hand! Just plug it into an available USB port for instant access to your data!
1GB USB 2.0 Pen Drive Memory Stick
With MP3 Digital Player FM Radio &
Voice Recorder (Black) $69.00

Listen to your favorite MP3 and WMA files, or check out what's new on the radio! This sleek device combines an MP3 player, FM tuner and voice recorder in one unique design! This Portable MP3 Player features 1 gigabytes of internal memory, blue backlight LCD screen and integrated USB 2.0 interface. Enjoy music anytime and everywhere with this 1 GB MP3 Digital Player!

Portable SD And Floppy Drives

23- In -1 USB Memory Card Reader
Transfer images, music, or data to your computer with this 23-in-1 USB 2.0 Card Reader and Writer! It supports CompactFlash, Microdrive, SmartMemory, Memory Stick, MultiMedia, Secure Digital cards, and more. Its compact size and USB connectivity make it convenient to take it with you wherever you go!
USB SIM/Micro SD/T-F Card Reader
 Transfer data from your SIM, micro SD, and Trans Flash cards quickly with this USB card reader! This is particularly handy in many applications, including digital cameras, MP3 devices and especially cell phones - many of which now use microSD/Trans Flash memory cards. Just plug into your computer's USB port and you're ready to go!
External Floppy Drive With USB Connection
This 1.44 MB USB floppy drive is a super slim and lightweight external drive that you can take anywhere! Simply plug into any USB port and access media. Get yours today!

Portable Memory Cards

SD Memory Cards

SD card are perfect for storing audio, pictures and your video files! It's designed for most digital cameras, MP3 players, digital camcorders, handheld PCs or mobile phones! These cards feature a high data transfer rate and a built-in write-protection switch to keep your data safe! Capture, store and share with these top flight SD cards In 1.0 GB and 2.0 GB memory.


Cyber Video Eyes

New Generation Cyber-Eye
Digital Surveillance Camera That Senses An Intruder And Automatically Takes Pictures! TheCyberEye-Cam is ready to instantly and silently record up to 680 images in it's own built-in memory. Each image is time, date, and sequence number stamped. Adjustable sensitivity motion activation


CyberEye ECO Motion Activated Auto Dialer
The CyberEye ECO is a motion activated auto-dialer that will notify you via telephone and allow you to listen in and even talk back to intruders. Easy to program, dials up to 5 phone/cell numbers and 1 pager number. Ideal for use in lake houses or vacation homes.

2-Channel Digital Motion Detect Surveillance Recorder With Camera

Monitor your investments and anything valuable! This Digital Motion Detect Recorder is a digital motion pattern recognition surveillance system that takes pictures when motion is detected!

Mini USB Web Camera w/Built-in Microphone

Capture and send video from your computer, or send photos and video along with your email with this USB Mini Web Camera! It features the CMOS CIF sensor, 1/4-inch lens, and a USB 1.1 interface. The mini USB camera offers resolutions up to 640 x 482. This PC camera also has a built-in microphone. Just plug it in and go live today!

QuickCam Communicate USB Video Camera
With Software Package

Ramp up your video communication with the QuickCam Communicate high performance VGA optics and integrated microphone. Whether you want to improve your video IM or upgrade to video calling, Logitech QuickCam will make your online chats, conversations, and friendships far more compelling! The Communicate works with all popular Instant Messenger services, including AIM, AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and Windows Messenger (on XP). You´ll get ultra sharp video IM, and the STX will let you know you´re "live" with its vivid blue activity light.

Home Guard Video Capture Unit

This battery operated Home Guard Personal Digital Video Capture Camera has 128 MB ram for fast action snapshots when motion is detected. Simply place the unit in a desired location and turn it on. It is capable of capturing more than 16000 frames. Simple and discrete to use this new item is perfect for home, office or anywhere you need personal protection.

1.1" LCD Portable Digital Photo Album Keychain (In PI Blue)
Take your favorite evidence or personal photos with you wherever you go!This portable digital photo album has the capacity to hold an amazing 56 digital photos! This DPF018 portable digital photo album is small enough to be used as a keychain but large enough to view and share all your favorite photos.


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