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PV1000 Touch Screen Hi Definition LawMate Pocket Digital Video Recorder

LawMate Raises The Bar Again On Covert Video Portable Recorders!
PV1000 Touch Screen Hi Definition LawMate Pocket Digital Video Recorder
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It just doesn't get any better than this! When you need the very best law enforcement grade high definition portable digital video recorder with an instant playback review screen, the new generation PV1000T from LawMate sets the new standard and raises the bar once again! With a full 5 inch high definition recording, touch screen controls and adjustable settings, this new generation advanced portable DVR is already the talk of the covert video surveillance industry. The new PV-1000T hands you 1080P with a built-in 320GB hard drive. She also sports a micro SD card slot for more recording time! With an HDMI input/output, the new PV1000T works with many different digital video cameras! This new gemstone also features a unique per-event recording that will catch 15 seconds of valuable footage before you hit the record button! The PV1000T features adjustable frame rate modes, video ad photo modes and password protection! This is all built and designed from the ground up by LawMate is an all new brushed cast aluminum black case that offers professional grade in-the-field durability! You'll love it's ease of use and super high end results you'll obtain on your covert video recordings!

Rugged And Small For Covert Video Operations From LawMate
The new generation PV1000T is built from the ground up packing features needed for higher end covert video operations. It can function as a pocket digital video recorder with a huge assortment of LawMate grade walk around covert video cameras or be placed in a stationary covert video operational function with other LawMate grade cameras that plug into it.

Outstanding Resolution And High Capacity Memory System

Able to record up to 1920 X 1080 super resolution (Standard 1080p video quality) or other quality options in real time into a 320 GB hard Drive and a Micro SD card slot for even more memory. When you record to the SD card, it's easy to segment your video evidence onto different cards. If you need to go to a different operation, just remove one SD card for storage and insert another one.

Dual Output Power Supply For Cameras
Having additional power sources for cameras is now a thing of the past.
The PV1000T from LawMate features dual outputs in both DC5V ad DC12V which powers almost all CCD cameras you wish to plug into this LawMate invention.

Video Parameter Range Options And Custom Demand Puts You In Control
You can get the maximum amount of covert video and get is the way you want it with the video parameter range settings. Measured between quality and capacity factors and by adjusting the variety of parameter settings such as video resolution, video frame rate or video bit rate etc settings, you remain in total control.

Special Features For Law Enforcement Administration Use
There are many special features designed especially for Law Enforcement and agency administration such as multiple password settings, operational log reports, sole unit ID overlay functions, ect.

Multiple Recording Modes
You can set your PV1000T in various recording modes such as Standard mode, motion detection mode, scheduled/pre-event mode. Not only does the PV1000 operate as a super high quality walk around video pocket recorder, you can also use it for stationary covertly video operations.

Tamper-Proof Frame Counter
Watermarked with a counter indication on each frame! The recorded video files is tamper proof, a solid evidence for law enforcement and legal investigation use.

Built From The Ground Up By LawMate for Covert Video Recording
Designed for you to achieve your covert surveillance evidence gathering tasks seamlessly under the most crucial conditions with the most popular ASF video format output so you can review, play and if needed edit in any computer.

Remote Controller & Various Accessories Gear
Various optional accessories to pick from depending on the demands such as remote controller, extended long durable battery pack, slide-in video quad and full range RF receivers.

Special Features
• Six High resolution recording 320x480 to 1920x1080 at 30FPS
• Setting Adjustable frame rate
• Special Pre event recording
• Will Take still photos while recording video
• Log File (document all activity from unit)
• Law-enforcement grade DVR
• Watermark on every frame Insures your legal evidence
• Tamper-proof counter Insures your legal evidence
• Larger 5 inch touch Control screen
• Mulit-Layer password protection
• Internal 320GB hard drive
• Supports up to a 32GB SD card
• 3 hour battery life

• 5"RGB 800x480 color display
• Picture Type JPEG
• Full Frame Counter
• Date and time stamping
• USB 2.0
• Fully Adjustable frame rate: 1,5,15,25,30
• Built in 320GB HD
• Resolution:320x480, 640x480, 720x480, 1024x768, 1280x720, 1280x960, 1920x1080
• 5 recording modes STD/motion/schedule/pre-event/per-motion
• 5 Camera input

• Picture Format: Baseline JPEG
• Power Consumption: 5V 600mA Average
• Dual A/V Input: both 2.5 mm and 3.5mm AV input jacks
• DC 5V Output at 2.5 mm AV Input Jack / DC 12V Output at 3.5mm AV Input Jack
• Battery Type: Quick Swap 3.7 V/ 1.8 Amp Lithium
• Battery Life: 3 hours (including External CCD Power)
• Photo Recording: Yes
• Firmware Upgradeable

• PV1000T Super High Definition Digital Video recorder
• Hand Remote
• USB Cable
• Charger
• Earphone
• Cables for Camera
• Cables for TV
• Pouch
• Stylus
• USB & AV Output Cable
• Camera Input / Output Cable
• IR Remote Control

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With the PV1000T From LawMate: Inside Or Outside, Setting Stationary Or
On The Go, You Will Record High Grade Covert Video Every Time!

Go ahead and make your day! With this new generation covert video portable digital recorder from LawMate you'll be making your professional covert video operations end results the best they can be! You'll call this your new trusted covert video partner!

PV1000 Touch Screen Digital Video Recorder From LawMate - MAP $748.00

CMD-BU13LX LawMate Low Light HD Covert Video Button Camera Kit- MAP $210.00
LawMate CMD-BU20 Covert Video Button Camera Kit - MAP $249.00

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